Chapter 73:Healing

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***Sorry if it's boring and sorry for any mistakes. I didn't proofread. I honestly running out of ideas.***

I woke up to a bunch of wires hooked to me and a bunch of annoying beeping noises. My body felt like I had a bunch of bricks thrown at me. I looked around the room and saw nothing but a bunch of balloons and flowers.
"Hey sleepy head" a deep voice said. I didn't look at first. I closed my eyes tightly and opened them back up. I was tripping. The voice chuckled. That chuckle I loved and misses so much. I didn't even know I was crying until he wiped my tears.
"Don't cry bae. I'm here" he said. Was I dreaming or what. I had to touch him to see if this was really real. I touched his cheek and a tear cane streaming down his face. It was real, he was real.
"Que?" I managed to say as more tears fell from my eyes.
"Yea. It's me Kels. Don't cry bae. Please. You gonna make me cry." He said as he broke down in tears. We held each other. I was in shock but was so happy. He let out all his tears on me and I did the same. He kissed my neck and than my lips so gentle and passionately.
"I missed you. I thought me and the girls would never see you...oh my gosh. Where's the girls" I said as I tried to get up but he gentle pushed me back.
"There fine Kelsey. There with your moms and my pops, they just left a few minutes ago. You need rest baby. You just had surgery" he said. I gave him a confused look.
"Surgery?" I asked. He sat on the edge of my bed and held my hand.
"Yea. You was shot in your hip and in your stomach, the bullet hit your lung and punctured it. You was grazed on the side of your head" he said as he rubbed my arm. It all came back to me. Fighting her, her shooting me, the cops coming, her shooting herself.
"You ok?" Que asked me breaking me out if my thoughts. I shook my head Yea.
"What did she do to you?" I asked. He shook his head.
"We'll talk about that when you get out of here. Ok...just worry about getting better" he said as he kissed my forehead. I smiled and closed my eyes. I dreamed of the moment I saw his face again and my dream finally came true.

It's been a minute. 14 months and 8 days to be exact. I ain't gonna lie, that bitch Ari caught a nigga slipping. That day...that day, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was leaving the house to go to the club and check on shit. But right before I pulled up to my club Ari called me crying. I couldn't understand what she was screaming but I did hear her say the address. I pulled up to her apartment and her door was cracked open. Shit was ransacked as if someone jus ran up and robbed her shit. I always stayed strapped but this day was just my lucky day, I left my gun at home. I was about to leave before I heard small cries. I called out for Ari but she didn't answer until the 2 time I called her name. She came out a back room crying saying someone robbed her. She didn't know who. She started crying harder, I grabbed her into a hug and told her everything would be ok. Before I knew it I felt her stab me with something in my back. I reacted quick and slapped her. At first I was think she stabbed me until I then noticed a sering in her hand. I tried to get to her but it was like I couldn't move. She had such a evil smile on her face. I remember falling to the ground and her bending down saying something to me but I couldn't understand her. After that everything was in and out and foggy.            I remember see Kelsey that day tho. I knew it was her but my body was so sedated that I couldn't do anything. When her and Ari started fighting I tried to get up but wouldn't budge. Seeing Ari shit Kelsey is just so unforgettable. That's something I never wanted Kelsey to get mixed up with. But because of my actions she ended up shot 3 times, damn near lost her life and now is recovering from undergoing 3 surgeries. It hurt me to my soul seeing Kelsey like this. It makes me wanna go out and kill that bitches whole fucking family. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I know word getting around she dead and they probably finding out from the news that I'm still alive. Ari a sneaky bitch tho, she got me good. She lucky she dead or I would be in her ass now. I noticed I was rocking back and fault in my chair. I immediately stopped. I picked up that habit ever since. I asked the doctors about it but they said it's nothing. They said it's just a habit. Nah I think it's a sign of my ass going crazy or something. Every time I catch myself rocking back and forth I quickly stop. I didn't suffer from no neurological problems, the doctors said I have some damaged nerves in my right arm but that's about it. I'm healthy as ever. But I do find myself having flashbacks of being laid up in that room. Every time she would notice I was woke she would stick me with another needle. At times I wonder why she was even doing this. Because to be honest it seems like her intentions was never to kill me.

***Sorry if it's boring and sorry for any mistakes. I didn't proofread. I'm honestly running out of ideas.***

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