Chapter 4:Dear Mama

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I got home and texted Quanell letting him know I made it home safely. We text each other good night and I layed down. I couldn't sleep because HE was all I could think about. The way his touches made me feel, the was he kissed on me. I didn't want him to stop. He made me feel excited down there and I guess that kinda scared me so I told him to stop.

The Next Day....

I haven't heard from Quanell all day. Maybe he over slept since we didn't sleep until like 3:00am. I wonder where he's at. It was finally the end of the day and I had just one class left. Mathamatics. Quanell never showed up. I kept trying to text him but no answer. He's probably mad because I told him to stop. Whatever. After class I went straight to my apartment and layed down just think. I kept checking my phone but no text from Quanell.

2 Hours Laterr....

I woke up from my nap to my phone ringing. And guess who it was Quanell. I quickly ended his call. Now he wants to call after all day of ignoring me. Ehh. He probably was with the next bitch!! But Idc cause he ain't mine. My phone rung again and i decided to answer it.

"Yea!" I said with a attitude.

"Hey what are you doing?" he asked

"Nothing!" i said dryly.

''What wrong kels" he said. trying to sound concerned.

"Nothing" I simply said. There was a pause in the phone.

"I'm sorry I've been ignoring your text, i just was a lil busy and I really didn't wanna deal with no one today. I just wanted to be by myself." he said.

"Ok" I simply said. There was another pause.

"You wanna know what I've been doing?" he asked.

"Odviously somethink to important that I cant even get a text back" I bluntly said.

"Honestly Yes Kelsey. I've been sitting infront of Brooklyn Memorial Cemetary all day. I came to visit my mother But i can't do it. I can't!!" he said with so much emotion in his voice.


I haven't been ignoring Kelsey I just been caught p in my emotions thnking about my moms. She passed away exactly 3 years ago and I haven't visited her grave ever since her funeral. I just cant. I desided to call Kelsey and tell her that I wasn't ignoring her and I asked her if she could meet me here. "Can you please come here? I really need you right now?" i asked her. "Ok Ill be there in 10mintes" she said. Idk why I wanted her here with me. I guess because she relaxes me and I think that might help be have the courage to go see my moms. 10 Minutes later Kelsey came walking up to my car. I told her to get in. "hey" she said shyly while closing my passenger side door. "Hey" I responded back grabbing her and hugging her. Once we broke the hug i told her how I Havent been to my moms grave in a while and how i was nerous to. "You want me to come with you"? she asked. I justed looked at her. "Yes" I said in a sensiere voice. We both got out the car and headed to my moms grave, I uickly grabbed Kelseys hand whe I noticed my moms grave. Once we made it to the grave I just stood there looking at it and rubbing my hand on the engraved picture. I bent down infront of the grave. I forgot all about Kelsey satnding there and just talked to my moms. "Hey Ma, I'm good ok. I miss you a lot. Someday I sit and think asking why. You never did nothing wrong to nobody. I just wanna see your pretty face and I just wanna hold you and tell you how much I love and miss you ma." I had tears running down my face now. "I'm tryna make you proud ma. I'm in college now. Aint that funny. its fun tho I'm enjoy it. I promise I'm gonna leave these street alone. I promise ma." I said while wipping my tears. "ma I'm sorry I haven't came to seen you in soo long. I promise to visit you more often ok." I said while standing up. "I love You Ma, See You Later" I said while kissing her picture. I notice Kelsey was no longer standing there. damn hope she aint see a nigga crying. I saw her sitting in my car. I got in staring at her, She gave me a small smiled than looked away. We just sat there for 5 minutes in silence.

"Are you hungry" I asked breaking the awkward silence.

"yea kinda, Whats your favorite food." she asked.

"Pizza" I said while giggling.

"No I mean whats your favorite homecook mean" she said with a smile.

"Oh you tryna cook for a nigga." I said with a smirk "But anything, ill eat anything you make" I bluntly said while smirking. "ok bet. But can you follow me to my apartment so i can leave my car ther in ride with you. Well if you dnt mind.' She said shyly. ''Nah i don't mind come on." She got in her car and I followed her to her apartment. We pulled up to a nice apartment building. She parked her car and motioned me to get out and ollow her. once we got to her apartment she open the door and wow. "Damn this shit is nice" I said loudly. "Really" she asked while laughing. "yeaaaaa" I said back. Her furniture was all mirrors and looked exspensive af. She just shock her head and went into the kitchen. She was telling me how she made the mirror furniture herself(DIY). We left and headed to Walmart to pick up some food for her to cook.

2 Hours Later.....


Seeing Quanell cry like that broke my heart You can tell he really loved and missed his mom. That had me missing my mom so I left Quanell aline to talk to his mother and decided to call mines. I talked to my my mother for about 10minutes. My mothe lives in Virginia so I don't get to see her that often. Quanell came back to the car. I just gave him a small smile and looked away. I didn't want him knowing I saw him cry. I offerend to make Quanell dinner since i wanted to make him happy. He followed me to my apartment so i could drop off my car and rid with him. I allowed him to come in my apsrtment and he was acting like it was something special lol. he was saying how my mirror funritre looked expince. It wasn't tho. I make it my self. I spray painted a old raggedy furniture and designed it how i wanted it. Yall probably wondering what I do for a job. I baby sit this lawyers daughters. She is the top lawyer in NY so I get paid very well. They are on vaction for a mouth. They come back next week. We headed to Walmart than back to quanell aprtmrt.

"What You Making" quanell asked me while standing a lil to close to me from the back.

"Its a surprice" I said while lightly pushing him away.

"lol Ok Mami" he said while walking the the back into his room I guesss.

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