Chapter 116:I Told You So

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors. I didn't proofread!! Enjoy!!!


I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Kelsey sleep. After an hour I got bored so I decided to wake her up.
"Kels" I said. She didn't budge. I tickled her side and she instantly moved.
"Stooooppp" she whined.
"Get up man. It's almost 12 and your ass still sleep" as soon as those words left my mouth she jumped up damn near falling off the bed.
"I took them to school, I already know You was about to ask that" I said.
"Did you-"
"Yes Kelsey I made their lunch. Turkey and cheese sandwiches. No cheese on Kellies because she allergic" I said. She just stared at me than smile.
"Thank you" she whispered.
"For what? They my kids too" I said getting up.
"Where you going?" She asked.
"To the gym." I said as I grabbed my keys. She hoped out the bed.
"Wait, I wanna go" she said. I shook my head as she rushed to her room to get dressed. She didn't need to go to no damn gym, her body was already right. After having 4 kids her body was still the same as when I first met her, better if you ask me. I waited in the living room. After about an hour she walked in the living room looking all types of scrumptious. She was wearing a colorful adidas sports bra and matching shorts. Her hair was slicked in a ponytail.
"I'm ready" she said as she walk to the front door. I watched as her ass giggled with every step she took. I sighed. She looked back at me.
"I already know I'm gonna have to break a niggas neck so you better not try to stop me" I said walking out the front door. She locked the door and laughed.
"Ok I won't" she said as she got in my car. I looked at her and shook my head as I started my car.
"That's your real hair?" I asked as I touched her ponytail. She yanked away and gave me a death stare. I chuckled.
"What? I'm just asking. It looks longer" I said.
"It's called growing Que. when have you ever saw me where weave" she asked sounding annoyed. I shrugged.
"Never, I was just asking Kels." I said as I pulled off.

    "Nah bend your legs more" Que instructed as I did squats.
"Ahhhhh no I can't legs burning, fuck this shit" I said as I plopped on the floor.
"Lazy" He said.
"No, I work out every other day Que, you trying to get me to do extra shit that I'm not used to" I said. He chuckled.
"Do some pull ups" he said as we walked over to that station. He lifted me up to the bar because it was too high for me to reach. I started doing them.
"Damn ok I see you, 10 more" Que said. I giggled as I pulled my self up than down. After I was done He helped me down. As I took a swig of my water, I could feel eyes on me so I looked across the room. My heart dropped. He smiled and I quickly looked away.
"What's wrong?" Que asked. I shook my head. He stared at me than looked in the direction I was just looking. Rashad gave him a evil look, he shifted his eyes to me before looking back at Que. Que nodded his head at him and have him a smirked.
"You ready?" Que asked me. I nodded my head. He instantly slapped my butt and grabbed it as we walked off. I knew for a fact Rashad was fuming. The drive back to the house was quite.
"So I'm guessing y'all ending on bad terms since that nigga looked like a raging bull"Que joked. He laughed out loud. I looked out the window.
"Kels What happened?" He asked.
"Nothing Que damn" I said looking out the window. Once we pulled up to the house I got out and stormed inside. I went into my room and started to undressed. I needed a hot shower to clear my head.
"Get out I'm getting undressed" I yelled as I covered my exposed breast. He ignored me as he came into my room.
"You act like I never seen your tits before" he said as he sat on my bed looking at me. I sucked my teeth as I went into my closet and threw on a tank top.
"Nothing happened Que" I said as I walked up to him with my arms crossed.

"First of all just by you coming out saying that I know something happened so speak the fuck up before I go back to the gym and make that nigga speak up" I demanded. She sucked her teeth and stormed into her bathroom, I followed her. She just stood in front of the sink looking in the mirror at her reflection.
"What the fuck he do? Tell me now!" I demanded. She looked at me through the mirror as tears fell from her eyes. She put her head down as she sobbed.
"He-He." She cried.
"HE WHAT?" I yelled. She shook her head as she turned to face me.
"You remember that day at the hospital when we stayed the night. When I went back to the house to get some clothes for the kids...he was parked in front of the house. He got out and approached me. I been made it clear to him that it was over between me and him. But he said he just wanted to talk so I allowed him in. As I closed the door All I remember was him grabbing me by my neck.... and pushing me to the floor...He was chocked me...than he forced my pants down. I-I tried to stop him but he was too strong."She closed her eyes as she hit her fist on the counter.
"He forced himself in me....He raped me on the living room floor. Why you think I got the living room floor redone....Because every time I looked at that damn floor I thought of him doing that to me. I swear I told him to stop, I said no.... but he didn't listen. After he was done he just left with out a word. I laid there for an hour until I remembered I was just suppose to get the kids clothes and come back. I didn't want y'all to worry. I took a shower and just cried. After showering, I got the kids clothes and left. I stopped by Walgreens and got the day after pill. I wasn't going to take my chances...." she wiped her eyes but there was no point because more just fell.
"I remember getting back and you just looking at me, as if you could see right through me. I felt so nasty and stupid. I went to the doctors a week after just to make sure I didn't catch anything from him, I didn't thank god. I'm sorry Que, I should have told you what he did but I was scared. I was embarrassed that y'all look at me how your looking at me right now. I didn't want you to say you told me so. You told me to stay away from him but I didn't listen. I deserved it. I'm sorry." She covered her face with her hands as she cried. I grabbed my keys and left without a word.

To be continued....

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