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2 Weeks Later.....


    Its been about 2 weeks since I've be in college and I have admit I love it. Me and Quanell have become friends. We don't talk much, all we really say to each other is Hi, Hey, How you doing, How was your day, that type of boring shit. I wish we talked more but I don't have the balls to just start up a convo with him. I always catch him staring at me but she quickly looks away smiling. Does he like me? WHAT I wish! picture a nigga live him like a girl like me! Never that. Am I crushing on him??? Ewww no he ain't my type. Class started 10 minutes ago and he still wasn't here. He must not be coming idc. 5 minutes later he came rushing in saying sorry to the professor. He sat down next to me with a big smile. "Wud up Kelsey, how are you.?" He said with a big ass smiling. "Hey, I'm good and you." I asked him while smiling shyly. "I'm good" he said while looking into my eyes. I quickly turned my head and I heard him giggle lowly. The professor was lecturing us the whole class. Thank good it's almost over in 5min. Before he let us go, he told us tomorrow we will need to pair up in groups of 2 for a project. God please help me!! I could feel Quanell looking at me with a big smile, I turned my head to him smile? "Whatttt" I said slowly. "We partners, right." He said still smiling. "I guessss, if you want to be." I said. "Of course"! he said while leaning on my desk. I quickly got butterflies in my stomach and my heart started beating fast. Wtf was this boy doing to me to me. The professor let us leave and I grabbed my stuff trying to leave. Until he pulled my body to face him. "Aye see you tomorrow gorgeous" he said while looking down at me and smiling. "Ok." I simply said while walking away.


     When I pulled Kelsey into me I could  feel her body tensing up. I guess I have that affect on her. She always seems so nervous around me. Idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I can't lie I'm really feeling this lil chocolate mami. But I don't wanna rush it with Kelsey because I can tell she shy or whatever.

2 hours later.....

"Nigga...what I tell you huh?" I said to some crack head while pushing him. This nigga owes me over 2,000. I've been letting it slide because I been busy with college and shit. "Come on Que, I'll have it soon man I promise." The crack he said. "Nigga you said that last time, nigga I'm tired of you playing me, I should beat your motherficking ass right now!" I said while punching him. He laid there in the fetal position, I ain't the type of nigga to beat up on a nigga for no petty as money. Yes 2,000 is petty money to me. I left his fen ass there and jumped in my Benz. "Fucking crackhead" I mumbled to myself while blasting my music. One I made it to my condo I lit my blunt and watched the game. The Warriors was going agains Miami Heat. As I finished up my blunt I just thought about life. And how I wanted Kelsey apart of my life so bad. Damn this girl really had a nigga sprung with out even giving me no pussy. Damn.

The Next Day.....

     I walked into class feeling like that nigga. I was looking fresh AF. I made sure I got there early because I was dying the see her gorgeous face. Kelsey walked in looking like a whole snack. Mami had on these black leggings, a NWA cropped hoodie on that showed only a small portion of her sexy ass stomach and she was wearing the new velvet 1's. Damn she looked good AF. Ooouuu and don't even get me started on how far hat ass looked. "Hi Quanell, how are you?." She said in the most seductive tone. "Damn...I-I mean hey, you look good. And I'm good." I said sounding stupid AF. She just giggled and took out her books. Damn, I can't believe I just said that dumb shit I said in my head.


   I giggled because Quanell was too cute. I knew he felt embarrassed because of the look he gave me. But I was happy AF, he said that too me. I wonder if he really likes me the way I like him. Omg did I just say I liked him. Ehh I guess I do kinda like him. He's just so nice, honest, funny, and just great to be around. Not to mention he's sexy AF. I was on my phone going through Instagram until someone grabbed my phone out my hand. Guess who it was, yup Quanell. "Give me my phone" I said while grabbing for it. "Wait" he said while going through my phone. I patiently waited kinda annoyed until be kindly handed me my phone back. I rolled my eyes at him only to notice he put his number in my contacts under "Papi😍" tf! "Papi!" I said out loud while laughing. He laughed too and said "yes I'm Papi!" I didn't know if he was joking or serious. But from the look or it he was deadass serious. I just smiled and shock my head. "Here....what's your number?" He said while handing me his phone. I hesitate but just desided to give him it. I put my contact number as my name and handed him his phone. He laughed and shock his head "no your Mami, I'll change it." He said while smirking. I just shock my head.


     "No your Mami, I'll change it." I said while smirking. I put her contact down as "Mami😝" that emoji was exactly what I wanted to do to her sexy ass right now. The professor told us to get in our groups in 2. So I quickly grabbed Kelseys desk and slide it infront of mine. We was now face to face. As we worked on this dumb ass math project I couldn't help but admire her beauty. I didn't even notice that I was playing with her hair. "Why you touching my hair" she said with a confused look on her face. "Oh I'm sorry" I said while stopping. "I didn't say stop touching my hair I asked why are you touching it?" She said looking into my eyes. "I don't know..I mean it's nice. I like your hair a lot." I said while grabbing a few more strands. "It's your real hair" I bluntly asked. "Yes!" She said with a little attitude and moving back so I couldn't touch it. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it in a bad way, I just thought..." I said. "You just thought what, that I have a head full of weave like everyother black girl, foreign girls or mixed girls aren't the only ones that can have good hair!" She said with a serious look on her face. I just studied her face for a few seconds. "I'm sorry ok, I didn't mean to offend you in anyway" I said while looking into her eyes. She just nodded her head and leaned back down. I guess she leaned back down to give me a sign to start playing with her hair again so I did.


     I can't believe his ass had the nerve to ask me if this was my real hair. Of course it is TF. That kinda pissed me off. He apologize so whatever. I leaned back down on my desk trying to hint to him to continue playing in my hair. And just like I thought he did!!! I felt so relaxed as I felt is hands twirling and pulling on my curls. I never let anyone touch my hair...but Quanell he was different. After class he said our goodbyes and I got it my hair and headed back to my apartment. I got home around 3:30pm and decided to take a nape because I was really tired.

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