Chapter 16:Lit

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The next day.....
     Kelsey went home about an hour ago. We stayed up all night talking. I told her everything about my life sell drugs. Drug dealing comes with perks but than there is also the bad side....death. I had beef before, niggas tried to kill me but I ended up killing them first. I ain't proud of the shit, but I had to do what I had to do. I'm on my way to meet with my connect, his name is Miguel "Allah" Escobar. He wants to talk about expanding our operation. Allah operated the biggest drug cartel in Columbia. I pulled up to one his restaurant that he told me to meet him at. Before I walked in his security had to pat me down. Even tho I knew Allah for over 10 years he didn't trust anyone.

Allah👆🏾"Mi amigo

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"Mi amigo. Vamos, hablemos."
(My friend. Come lets talk) Allah said while sitting at the table. Allah was half Pakistani and Columbian. He was fluent in both languages. He didn't like conversations about business in English so we always talked in Spanish.
"Uiero hablar con usted sobre la expansión de su negocio."
(I Want to talk to you about expanding your business.) He said.
"Qué tenías en mente!"
(What did you have in mind?) I asked him while taking a sip of my Henny.
"Me preguntaba si usted está interesado en hacer negocios en colombia. Expandir. Es su decisión." (I was wondering if you're interested in doing business in colombia. Expand. It's your decision.) he asked me.
"Lo pensé antes, realmente lo hice. Pero Alá no creo que esté en condiciones de hacer eso. Ahora en mi vida no estoy buscando realmente expandir mi negocio, estoy realmente tratando de salir del negocio de la droga." (I thought about it before, I really did. But Allah, I don't think I can. At this point in my life I am not really looking to expand my business, I am really trying to get out of the drug business.) I honestly said to him. I really was trying to get out, I just needed time.
"Eres inteligente mi amigo, he estado pensando en eso también. Después de un tiempo, sólo te cansas de esta mierda. El único bueno este es el dinero."(You're smart my friend, i've been thinking about that too. After a while you just get tired of this shit. the only good this is the money) he said. We laughed and cheers to that. We talked for a few more minutes and said our goodbyes. I blasted French Montana"Unforgettable" as I drove to one of my warehouse. We was getting a delivery today. I pulled up and parked. I entered the warehouse and saw my workers unloading the truck. There was over $50,000 of pure white crack cocaine and over $200,000 of heroin being unloaded. After the workers unloading the truck they started cutting, weighing and packaging the product. It was going to be a long day.

The next day.....

Tomorrow spring break starts. I've decided to go visit my mother and siblings in Virginia. I haven't seen them in almost 6months and I really miss them. Quanell met them when they came up here about 6 months ago. I wish he was coming but he says he has business to handle. I'm only going to be gone for a week and a half but I'm going to miss my baby. I finished packing my suitcase.
"Bae can you help me put my suitcase on the car" I asked him. He nodded and went to get it. He put my suitcase in my truck. I was driving there since it wasn't that far, only a 10 hour drive.
"I'm gonna miss you, you know I would of came if shit wasn't all backed up." He said. He was talking about his drugs being delivered late.
"Yea I know bae, it's fine tho" I told him.
"I should get going tho, it's 12:30pm now, so I should make it to my moms by 10:00am." I told him.
"Ok bae...come here...I love you, and please drive safe...oh and please keep me updated. You know I be worrying" he told me with a said look on his face.
"I love you too. I will" I said while getting in my car. He closed the door and gave me another kiss.
"I love you" he said.
"I love you too" I said while backing out and driving off. I'm going to miss him. Virginia here I come.

It was going to miss my baby. I honestly wanted to go with her but my deliveries was all backed up because one of the trucks broke down. I'm going to be bored and lonely without her around. Hopefully this week and a half go by fast.

One week later.....
It was Friday night and I was looking to get into something lit so I called up my nigga Jay.
Me-Yooo, the fuck you doing?
Jay-Shit nigga, you?
Me-Shit, I'm tryna get into something tonight...
Jay-True me too...I heard that club in lower east Manhattan is suppose to be lit
Me-ohhh word...where it's at
Jay-let me get the address, but I know it's a roof top club so you know it's gonna be lit. I text you the address tho
Me-iight nigga
I ended the call and hoped in the shower. I got dressed in light blue ripped Balmain jeans and a black Balmain shirt. I put on my brand new pair of cream Yeezy. Jay texted me the name and address of the club and I was out. I pulled up to the club about 20 minutes later, they had valet parking so I didn't have to go through the trouble of finding a parking spot.
I walked in and the place was already lit, bottle girls was walking around serving people, music was blasting, people was smoking hookah, bad bitches was everywhere with there tits and ass out, damn...I made my way towards the bar and ordered a drink. I got a cup of straight Henny. If y'all didn't notice yet, I only fuck with dark liquor. I was sitting down enjoying myself. I spotted my nigga Jay by the balcony so I headed towards him.
"Look who wanna finally show up" Jay yelled while pounding me out. I laughed. We talked and was having a good time. A couple of our other friends was there so we was all chilling. I was now on my second cup and I way slowly starting to feel it. I had to use the bathroom but when I turned around I accidentally bumped into someone.
"Damn, my fault ma"I said.

***Quanell stay bumping into someone lmfao...who did he bump into? How do y'all like the book so far. Many more chapters to come, this is just the beginning. Thanks for reading****

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