Part II|Chapter 3:Bad Bone

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I don't proofread so if you have a problem with misspelling or grammar mistakes DO NOT READ MY BOOK! ENJOY!

***Sorry if I accidentally write "JADA" instead of "KELSEY"***


    I honestly didn't know how to approach Kali about this. I knew one day she'll be having sex but I didn't think it would be now. I stood at her door for almost 10 minutes trying to mentally prepare myself. I didn't wanna go in there yelling because that would only make the situation worst. I opened the door without even knocking. She layed across her bed not even bothering to look up, I guess she thought I was her mother.
"Kali" I called out which caused her to flinched. She looked up at me nervously with fear written all over her face.
"Hi daddy" she said innocently as she sat up.
"Put some shoes on and meet me outside...and take those fucking leggings off and put some regular pants on" I said walking out her room. I made my way down stairs, to find Jada in the kitchen cleaning. I watched her wipe over the same spot like 6 times.
"Don't you think it's clean enough" I said as I sat on her bar stool.
"You talked to her?" She asked.
"Nah I'm about to. Imma take her for a few iight." He said. Kelsey's huffed as she started back cleaning. Que watched her.
"Kels." He called out but she ignored him as she picked up the broom and started sweeping. He got up and grabbed her arm.
"Kelsey." He said. She took a deep breath before looking up at him.
"I can't do this...I feel like I'm going fucking crazy. On top of taking care of Kayci and the boys, now I gotta keep a close eye on her. Thank god Kellie is so helpful...Que I-I...I can't do this" she stuttered as she broke down in tears. He embraced her in a hug. She didn't hug him back at first but she soon gave in. As she buried her face in his shirt.
"What did I do wrong with her?" Kelsey cried. Que hugged her tighter as he rested his chin on the top of her head.
"Shh listen to me..don't blame yourself. Your doing everything right. Your an amazing mother. She acting out, why? I don't know but I promise imma find out. I'm sorry you've been feeling like this. I'll take the kids more often to give you a break. " he said. I usually takes the kids Friday and brings them back Sunday afternoon every week. And I come and see them everyday throughout the week. Kelsey nodded as she pulled away and wiped her tears as they heard Kali coming into the kitchen. She didn't bother saying or even looking at Jada.


"So who this nigga" Que asked as he gripped his steering wheel. He glanced over at Kali since she was being so quiet. She looked down at her hands that was in her lap.
"No one" she whispered as she glanced out the window. He chuckled as he ran his fingers down his beard.
"So you just having sex with niggas you don't even know. So that's what you doing? So you giving it up that easy?" He asked. She huffed.
"Kali. Save all that huffing for somebody else. Now who the fuck is the nigga" he said.
"Daquan" she mumbled.
"Daquan who? What's the nigga last name, address" he said.
"Daddy I don't know where he live" she said.
"Well text that nigga and find out. And he's 21? Huh" he asked. She stayed quiet.
"You fucking a grown ass nigga! A grow as nigga is fucking my 15 year old daughter" he said as he gave her a death stare. Still she said nothing. He dug in his pocket and took her phone out his pocket and tossed it in her lap.
"Text that nigga and ask him where he at" he said.
"No daddy. Daddy please don't hurt him" she begged.
"Do what I said. Now" he demanded.
"No because I know your gonna hurt him" she whined. Que snatched her phone away from her as they came to a stop at a red light.
"Give me your fucking hand" he demanded as he grabbed her thumb using it to unlock her phone. Kali just sat there quiet. She knew not to disobey her father.
"Daddy please" She begged. He ignored her as he sent Daquan a quick text.

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