Chapter 47:Blood Brothers

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Quanell and Jay in the pic!!


Barber dropped me back off at the Barber shop so I could get my car. He found out where both them be at. I put Jays address in my GPA. He got him a spot in Staten Island. After an hour I pulled up the block from the house. I made sure my gun was loaded and got out heading towards the house. I stopped in my tracks. K saw a lady getting out the car with a lil girl bout Kali age. The woman also held another small child in her arms. The front door opened and out walked Jay. The little girl went running towards him.
"Daddy, daddy." She yelled. I damn near lost it. Daddy? This nigga had kids. He picked her up and created the woman with a kiss. What the fuck. They soon disappeared inside the house. I made my way back to my car. I was in deep thought. This nigga was never my nigga. I knew him my whole life and now I'm starting to realize he was the enemy from day one. I sighed. I didn't wanna run up on this nigga with his family inside. The thought of him holding a gun to my daughters head just pissed me off. I got out my car and went walking towards the house. I stood in front of the door anticipating weather to knock or not. I didn't have time to think when the door came open.
He look like he saw a ghost. I held my gun to his stomach as I yanked him out the house.
"Leaving so soon?" I asked with a smirk. I quickly patted him down. He had his gun in his waist.
"What the fuck man?!..what you doing? What you doing here?" He asked nervously. I chuckled and hit him in his nose with my gun.
"Nigga don't act stupid! You know why I'm fucking here" I said while cocking my gun and pointed it at his head.
"How dare you nigga! After everything we been through. And you gonna go and do me like this. Putting Kels and my fucking daughter in harm" I said through gritted teeth. My finger was on the trigger.
"Que please man. Please let me explain...please" he begged. A little part of me still had love for this nigga. I lowered my gun.
"Talk nigga. Cause I'm about 5 seconds away from blowing your head off" I said. He sighed. He touched his bleeding nose.
"Let me tell my girl, to take the kids and go" he said. I just looked at him.
"Come on man, please....I'll tell you everything." He pleaded. I nodded. He tried to wipe his blood nose the best he could before entering the house.
"Go in there and tell them to leave. Don't tell her shit...If you try to do some funny shit. I'm gonna kill every last one of y'all" I told him. He nodded and entered the house. I ran back down the street to my car. Was this nigga out to play me? I sat in the car. Five minutes passed and the front door came open. Jay came walking out with a sleeping child in his arm. He put them in the car and they said there goodbyes. He slowly walked back to the front porch looking around. After the car was out of sight I made my way back to his house. He stood on the porch with his arms cross.
"Nigga what the fuck! What the fuck is this shit about!" He asked. I pointed my gun at him and motioned or him to go inside. He did as I said. Once we got in I patted him down again. He chuckled.
"What the fuck is funny?" I asked nonchalant. He raised his hand and sat in the couch. I stay standing.
"Why man? I wanna know why?" I asked. He shock his head.
"It wasn't suppose to go down like that Que. They wasn't suppose to be there. He told me they wasn't there....we was just suppose to go in get the money and leave. I panicked when I saw them there. I wasn't thinking when I put-when I put the gun to Kali. I swear...I'm sorry" he said. I knew he was sincere but he betrayed me.
"Than Your pops started wildin man. Grabbing on her. I told him to stop but he didn't listen. He-he killed Allah. Air I swear I didn't find out until after the fact. He set you up man" he said.
"How do I know you ain't have no part in setting me up" I asked. He sighed.
"Man you know me better than that" he said. I chuckled.
"Nah man...I actually don't know you at all" I said while looking him up and down.
"Why you do Alyssa like that?" I asked. He put his head down. 
"I heard her telling you everything. It just happened." He said.
"Why you do me like that jay. You was my nigga. You like my fucking brother man!" I said through gritted teeth. He looked me in my eye.
"I wanted you too feel the pain I felt for all these years. I wanted you to feel how it felt to be betrayed and not loved" He said. His eyes was watery.
"What. What are you talking about? I never betrayed you. I always showed love to you" I told him. A single tear dropped from his eye and he wiped it.
"OUR MOTHER QUE!!!...She just gave me up man..she didn't want me. She kept You but gave me up...why? I just wanted her to love me she loved you." He said in tears. I sat there in shock.
"Jay...I don't understand what you tryna say" I said. He started chuckling. He stood up and I did too with my gun in my hand. He went to his book shelve and pulled and envelope out handing it to me. I opened it and started reading. His birth mother listed on his birth certificate was in deed my mother...the father was unknown. I sat down slowly with my hand over my mouth. He sat back down with his head down.
"How Long did you know?" I asked him.
"Since I was 14...that's why I would always come over...she didn't know I knew. I would always try to connect with her but she would always turn me always...that's why I valued and wanted your relationship with her. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything." He said. I just looked at him.
"Here" he said while passing me a balled up tissue. I opened it and my mothers ring fell out, the engagement ring I gave Kelsey. I put it in my pocket as he stood up.
"You can kill me now.... I just wanted you to know the truth" he said while wiping away a tear. I looked at him in disbelief. I stood up and grabbed him into a hug. Everything he did, it went to the back of my mind. We both broke down in tears as we hugged each other. I couldn't believe we had the same mother, he was my brother? But why my moms give him up? Questions needed to be answered and I knew only one nigga knew those answers.

*Sorry for any misspellings I didn't proof read!! Enjoy**

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