Chapter 28:Results

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     I got Kali dressed in a cute little pink romper that had yellow flowers on it. I was bringing her to the park. I needed to get out the house. Once we got there Kali went crazy when she noticed we was at the park. She loves it her. I put her down the slide, she smiled and laughed as he sled down. Her laugh is adorable. My phone started ringing and it was Quanell. I quickly pressed ignored. I wasn't in the mood for him. He text my phone asking where we was, so I told him. He pulled up about 10 minutes later. Kali spotted him before me. She went crazy and ran toward him. I rolled my eyes. He really gets on my nerve but I love there bond. Even tho we are going through shit, he never lets interrupt him being the best dad to Kali.
"Awww my baby!" He said while picking Kali up and kissing her. I smiled that went walking towards the benches. He grab my waist.
"Hey Baby" he said to me while kissing my lips. I didn't kiss him back, he gave me a weird look and I just shook my head. He already know I'm mad. I sat and watched them play for like an hour until Kali got tired and fell asleep. We went home after. I layed Kali in her crib and went to our room. Quanell was sitting on the bed watching ESPN.
"Are we ever gonna talk about this Kels" he asked me.
"So talk than" I simply said.
"What happened to us" he asked. I can't believe he was even asking me this. He should be asking his self this question.
"Infidelity did this" I said as I tried to leave the room but he stopped me.
"I'm not cheating, Kelsey I swear I'm not" he said. I wanted to believe him, I really did but couldn't. A tear fell from my eye but I hurried and wiped it.
"So why the distances, why you come home so late, why...why you act like you don't love me anymore?" I cried. I was so sick of this shit. I've been holding this in for so long.
"Kelsey that's what you think? Don't ever think I don't love you. I always did and always will" he told me while caressing my face. He wiped my tears.
"I just want things to go back to normal, what's going on with you than?" I asked. He hugged me and kissed my neck.
"Nothing's going on with me.....I promise, everything will be back to normal soon" he whispered in my ear. He kissed my lips and left the room. And just like that he had me rapped back around his finger. It was like he had a spell on me. I acted clueless knowing he was doing me wrong. And I was stupid enough to believe his lies.

The next day....
      We drove in silence. Me, Bria and Jaiden was was our way to the DNA center. We got there and went to the front desk.
"Hi, umm I have a 2:30 pm appointment" I told the receptionist.
"Ok, please feel out this paper" the receptionist said. She handed me and Bria a paper. We had to put all out info on it. We handed the the papers in than we was called the the back. They took a mouth swab and blood from all three of us. They said it will take 48 hours for the results to come it. I dropped Bria off at her apartment. Once she got out and got Jaiden I just left with out saying a word. After patiently waiting 2 long days, the DNA results was finally in. Bria sat in the chair bouncing Jaiden on her leg, I just sat across from them texting. I'm just ready to get this over with. Was I the father, or not. The doctor enter the room and gave us both big smiled. Wtf Im the father?
"Ms. Myles and Mr. Hernandez. So you came and took a DNA test for the paternity of Jaiden Myles..." Ok, the results came back and Mr. Hernandez was proving not to be the father of Jaiden Ms.Myles. I'm sorry" the doctor said while leaving the room. Bria broke down crying. I was happy I wasn't the father but I felt bad. Not bad for Bria but bad for Jaiden. I drove Bria back to her apartment in silence she just kept crying. Once we got there she asked if she could talk to me.
"Quanell...I never meant to hurt you. I really thought he was yours" she said. I wasn't really hurt.
"Nah it's cool. It's good we know the truth now" I told her. She just nodded. I dug in my pocket and passed her $1,000. I just felt sorry for Jaiden.
"Iight Bria, take care." I simple said than pulled off. I was happy. She was finally going to be out of my life for good. Everything is going to be back to normal with me and Kels. I was finally about to have the little perfect family. I pulled up to our home and went in. I could hear Kali playing, she was in her room in her play pen. I kissed her.
"Hey daddies baby" I said to her. She smiled showing her two teeth. I walked down the hall to our room and opened the door. Once I walked in all I felt was a stinging sensation on my cheek. Wtf. I kind of blacked out a lil until I realized what just happened. I held my cheek in shock.
"What the fuck Kels" I yelled while charging towards her.

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