Chapter 57:Mind Playing Tricks On Me

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      Kellie Marie Hernandez was born September 26, 2016 at 6:44am. She was 6lbs 1 oz and 16 1/2 inches long. She was a month premature but still healthy. She looked just like Kali when she was born but Kellie was way lighter. She was so alert to be premature. I couldn't stop staring at her, she was so beautiful and precious. I kissed her cheek. My phone rung and I ended it without looking at it. It rung again.
"You can answer it bae. It's probably work." I stood up and handed her Kellie. I kissed Kali and Kels before leaving the room and answering my phone.
"Hey, did you make it in time?" It was Ari.
"Yea. She actually just gave birth. But thanks for checking up on me." I said. She giggled.
"Your welcome...that what friends are for, right" she said. She put empathy on friends.
"Yea....uh I'll see you at work later" I told her.
"Ok see you than.bye" she said before hanging up. I sighed and ran my hand down my face. I need to get my shit together. I have 2 daughters and a fiancée. I'm not even gonna go there with Ari tho, she cool people but nah. My phone rung again but this time it was my pops/Barber/Ace.
"My plane leaves in an hour. I should be there in 4 hours" he said.
"I'll pops, I'll be there to pick you up" I told him.
"Ok, what did y'all decide to name her and how big was she?" He asked.
"Her name is Kellie. With a ie not y. She was 6lbs 2 oz. she's kinda small but healthy. She wasn't crying when she first came out but she good now. I can wait for you to see her pops. She also has my moms eyes, it's crazy." I told him. He giggled.
"I can't wait to meet her" he said. We talked for 5 more minutes before we hung up. I walked in the room and Kali was sleep on Kels lab as she held the baby.
"You super mom already huh" I said while sitting down. She laughed.
"My pops just called. He on his way, should be here in a few hours" I told her.
"Ok. Bae you look tired." She said while looking at me. I really was.
"Shit I am, but I'm good" I said.
"You can go home if you want, my mom and sister are about to come back up here anyway. Go home and get some sleep. Take Kali with you so she can take a bath and change her clothes." She said.
"You sure? I don't wanna leave y'all tho" I said as I took Kellie from her. She just watched in awe.
"I'll be fine...How does it feel to have two daughters?" She asked me. I squinted my eyes at her and we both laughed.
"I'm gonna have to kill a motherfucker, why they had to be so damn beautiful" I asked as I laughed. She laughed.
"Shut up. They get it from they mama"
1 week later....
      It's been a week since Kelsey gave birth. They both just came home yesterday. I've been spending all my time with Kali and going back and forward to the hospital to see Kels and Kellie. I haven't been to my club since. Ari tries to call and text me but I just ignore her. I don't need that distraction in my life right now. My family is more important. I feel guilty for chillin with Ari but we didn't do anything. I hurt Kellie crying. When I got to our room Kelsey was picking her up.
"Baby lay down and rest, I got her" I told her. She ignored me and still held her.
"I'm fine Que" She said. I kissed her lips. Her stitches tore so the doctors had to redo them. The doctors told her to take it easy for the next week but she hard headed.
"Yea I know you fine, but the doctors don't want you moving so much. You gonna tear these damn stitches." I said. She giggled and playfully rolled her eyes.
"Where's Kali?" She asked. I took Kellie from her and just stared at her.
"She's down stares hungry?" I asked her. She shook her head no.
"Why you looking at her like that?" She asked. I quickly shook my head and laughed.
"I'm just shocked I have another daughter. Im bout to go bring Kali up here" I told her. She nodded and I handed her Kellie as I headed down stairs to get Kali. My phone rung and it was Ari. I sighed and went in the backyard and answer it.
"Hey" she softly said. I paused for a few seconds.
"Uh hey. What's sup?" I asked her as I pulled at my beard.
"I haven't heard from you in a while. You haven't been to the club. I was just making sure you was ok" She said.
"Um yea I'm good. Just been busy and shit. I'll be at the club tonight tho. Thanks for checking up on a nigga tho" I said with a slight giggle.
"Ok, well I'll see you than. Talk to you later." She said.
"Iight" I said before hanging up. I put my phone back in my pocket and tilted my head up to the shy. Fuck.
"You ok?" Kelsey said. I looked at her, did she hear me in the phone.
"Yea...what you doing out of bed" I said while walking up to her. She sucked her teeth and walked back inside to the living room. Kali was playing with her toys, and Kellie was in her bassinet sleeping.
"I'm not crippled Que, she said don't be moving so much, I can get out of bed." She said while plopping down on the couch. I just shook my head at her and sat next to her.
"I need to go to the club tonight, check on shit. Make sure shit is still running smoothly. I haven't been there in a week" I said while looking towards her. She nodded her head. She laid her head on my shoulder.
"Go I'll be ok..I'll get my mom to come over so I could just have an extra hand" she said. She smiled and kissed my lips.
"Thanks for understanding" I told her. She nodded.
"Anything for you" She said.
"I love you more" I told her. Kellie started squirming around. I picked her up and laid her on my chest. I just watched her sleep. I looked at Kali than back at Kellie. She was so much lighter than Kali. Shit she was lighter than me. In the back of my mind I kept thinking. Was my mind playing tricks on me?

***sorry for any mistakes and misspellings, I didn't proofread!!! Enjoy!!!

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