Chapter 63:Quiet B4 The Storm

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      Quanell just would never get it. He don't get that he caused everything that's going on between us. That day at the park I was mad. Not because another bitch was talking to him but the simple fact that he steady talking to this hoe in front of me and our daughter knowing this is part of the reason we not together. He's so disrespectful and he sees nothing wrong with that. He wanna tell me how he wanna get back together and all this bullshit. He's full of shit. I've just been focused on myself and my daughters. I'm almost finished with college. I had put that on hold when I first got pregnant with Kali. I only had a semester left when I had to leave school. I finally finished and will be graduating next month with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I'm so proud of myself. I was currently in The Children Place looking for some clothes for Kali and Kellie. I felt a light tap on my shoulder.
"Hey...I didn't expect to see you in here" I said. We hugged.
"I was actually walking by and noticed you" he said. Who's he? His name is Darius. He was the guy I went to dinner with a few weeks ago. No we not dating or anything! We are just friends.
But don't get me wrong. Darius is FINE! He's the definition of Tall Dark and Handsome. He stood about 6'2, athletic built, chocolate skin. He was gorgeous.
"Oh ok. I'm just trying to find my daughters some more clothes. So what have you been up to?" I asked him as I continue looking through the racks.
"Cool..but I just been working. I just got back from Texas from visiting my family. But I'm actually glad I ran into you. You wanna have lunch treat" he said with a smile. Mmmm his smile was so beautiful. I was kinda lost for words at first.
"Uh um shit. I actually have to run a few more errands. How about dinner. My treat" I asked him. He giggled.
"8:30 sharp. And it's always my treat sweetheart" He said. I blushed.
"Ok it's a date.. I'll text you my address later." I said. He tilted his head back at me.
"A date?! I like the sound of that. It's a date than. I'll call you later sweatheart." He said. We hugged and he left the store. Damn.

        Today the girls are staying the night with me. Kelsey has been distancing herself from me. I hope she ain't tripping about Ari talking to me at the park. It was our idea to break up so. Me and Ari just friends tho. Yea we flirt and shit but we ain't fuck or nothing..yet. If been trying to behave myself for the sake of Kelsey, but it seems like she don't want a nigga back so I'm about to do me. I know I hurt her and I'm was man enough to admit that but how many times do she want me to apologize. But honestly I can't see myself not being with Kelsey. It feels like I need her in order to function right. I've been drink and smoking to numb the hurt, I even started doing other shit just to take my mind off shit. But I don't that shit when I have my girls tho. Kelsey is finishing her last semester of college and graduates next month and surprisingly she invited me. I'm honestly proud of her. I know she was kinda upset when she had to leave college and part of me blamed myself. We recently sold the house and we both got our place. She got a 3 bedroom home and I got a 2 bedroom condo.
I sat on my couch with Kellie sleep on my chest and Kali laying across my lap watching cartoons. They're true daddy girls. My phone started ringing. It was Kelsey.
"Yea?" I said answering the phone. She was quiet for a few seconds. I already know she pulled the phone from her ear and was grilling the phone because of the way I answered.
"Who answers the phone like that?" She asked.
"Me. What do you want?" I asked. I didn't wanna be bothered with her after she was acting funny toward me recently.
"I called to check on my kids. You good with them?" She asked. I sucked my teeth.
"Our kids! Of course I'm good. You act like I don't know how to take care of them." I said catching an attitude.
"First of all did I say you can take care of know what, whatever. I was just check on them" I said.
"Well they good, so stop checking up on them" I said. She giggled.
"Whatever" She said. I heard a guy say something to her and she said something back.
"Who the fuck was that?" I asked sitting up on the couch.
"None of your business. Talk to you later" she said.
"Kels..." I yelled but was met with the dial tone.
I looked down in my lap and Kali was knocked. I picked her up with my other arm and brought them into there room. I turned on the baby monitor and walked into my room into my balcony. I tried calling Kels but it just wrong. I tried to call again but than she kept sending me to voicemail. I still had GPS on her phone so I looked up where exactly she was. She was at this upscale rooftop restaurant called Perch. I lite my blunt and took a pull. I closed my eyes as I slowly blew the smoke out. Even tho Kels and I wasn't together, I still considered her mine. My adrenaline was pumping. I dialed Kels mom number. I told her it was a problem at my club and I need her to watch the girls. She agreed with no problem. After I dropped them off I drove in complete silence. I was tryna calm my self before I went in there like a crazy lunatic. I pulled up in no time and I hurried and found I parking spot. I opened up my wallet and took out a $20 bill and rolled it. I opened up my glove department box and pulled out a little white baggy. It was cocaine. I poured a line of coke on a piece of paper and sniffed it. I poured two more lines and sniffed it. Shit hit me hard. I laughed as my eyes watered and my head titled back. I felt like a new man. Shit got me hyped but also relaxed me. I did 2 more lines. I lit my blunt and sat in my car waiting until she came out.


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