Chapter 87:Mi Amor

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Y'all comments be funny AF I swear lol. Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error. I didn't proofread!! Enjoyyyy

"What if the girls need me. We can't do this." I said trying to put my bra back on but he stop me.
"Nah they good...I'll go check on them to see what they doing." He said getting up going out the room. I laid back on the bed covering my boobs with one hand and running my hand through my hair with the other.
"Kelsey what are you doing?" I asked myself as I looked up at the ceiling.
"They sleeping." Que said coming into the room. He locked the door behind him. I just stared at him. He huffed and sat on the edge of the bed.
"Kels we don't gotta do shit if you don't want to." He said with his back facing me. I stayed silent with my hands still over my boobs. I took one of is pillows and covered my boobs as I sat up.
"Que.." I said lowly. He looked over his shoulder at me.
"This isn't gonna fix our problems" I said looking down. He turned his whole body so he was facing me.
"What you mean." He asked. I looked him in the eyes.
"This, us having sex. Ever since we first got together. We would argue, breakup, have make up sex, than we back together. I don't wanna keep doing that shit. If we gonna be together I wanna be together. No breakups. No cheating. We both stay faithful. I'm tired of repeated this breakup to makeup shit." I said looking at him. He nodded.
"I hear you" He said.
" you really hear me Que. Sex ain't gonna always fix shit. Yes we thought sex fixed it in the pasted but it really didn't. We never really talked about the shit. The shit that led up to all the breakups and arguments. We really need to sit down and talk out all our problems...I been reading. And I'm not asking you to go I'm telling you your going if we wanna make this work. Not just work for us but for our girls Que. I know you was hurt and I was hurt but I never realized how much this shit was hurting them-" I paused.
"Kels-" Que tried to say but I stopped him.
"No let me finish Que. All I though about was how I hurt you. How I betrayed you. But I never really realize that it hurt the girls just as much. I wanna see a therapist Que. I want us to see one. I think that's what we need in order to really get through this shit. I'm in this for the long run. I'm just hopping you are too?" I said. My eyes was glossy. A tear fell from my eye. And I wiped them.
"If that's what we need in order to make our family work than I'm all in. I never wanted our problems to affect them. We should have handle this situation differently instead of being selfish." He said looking at me. He grabbed my hand massaging my ring finger where my ring is. He smiled.
"You never took it off?" He questioned. I shook my head no.
"No...was I suppose to" I questioned with a giggled. He smiled kissing my hand.
"I love you Kelsey. I swear I do" he said as his voice cracked. You could tell he was getting emotional saying that. I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked him in his eyes.
"I love you too Quanell" I said. He pecked my lips as we never broke eye contact.
"Kels. I heard everything you said about sex not fixing our problems but-"
I giggled kissing his lips.
"Shhh make love to me" I whispered.

     And that's exactly what I did. I made love to her. I can honestly say that was the best sex of my life. Not because her pussy was good, which is was. But because I truly and deeply loved Kelsey. Tears streamed down her face as we made love. It felt like our first time again. I wasn't even worried about busting a nut. I was just worried about pleasing her. And marking sure she was satisfied, which she was. After we made love we just held each other and looked in each other's eyes. It felt good, shit amazing. So to answer y'all question, yes we are back together. But this time we promised each other where gonna do it right this time. I'm not gonna move back home right now cause we taking baby steps. I wanna take her on dates, and show her how much I really love her. I wanna do things for her like I used to do when we first met. Kelsey started moving around in her sleep. I watched her as her face scrunched up. Her hair was wild af but she still looked beautiful. She groaned covering her face.
"Why don't you have a curtain on that big ass window." She said with her eyes covered.
"I don't know." I said. Damn sun was beaming but I'm used to it.
"You need one. Sun bright as hell" she said grabbing fur her clothes.
"Where you going?" I asked grabbing her arm gentle.
"To go see if the girls are awake" she said.
"I just check on them like 10 minutes ago, they was knocked out" I told her. She nodded and I got back under the blanket.
"When did you get that?" I questioned.
"Get what?" She said with s stupid expression on her face. I laughed.
"Get what" I mocked her.
"This." I said pulling the blanket down pointing at her hip. She giggled moving my hand. It was a tattoo in small cursive. It said. Quanell Mi Amor (Quanell my love) with a small heart.
"A few months ago" she mumbled. I laughed.
"I love it" I said looking at the ceiling.
"I love it too. But I love you more Mi Amor" she said as she kissed my lips.

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