Chapter 125:Regular

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread! Enjoy!!

     I sat outside my dads house with a ice pack to my eye. She really blacked my damn eye. My lip was tingly too but it wasn't busted. I had a few scratches on my face too. I didn't want the kids seeing me like this but I had to pick them up. I got out and rung the door bell.
"Hi Quanell...oh my god. What happened? Are you ok?" Angie my dad girlfriend said to me. She was a nice looking older Spanish lady. My dad appeared at the door, he sighed.
"Yea I'm ok. Sup dad" I said as I closed the door behind me. Me and my dad just stared at each other.
"I'm going to leave y'all two alone. I got the kids" she said as she disappeared upstairs. I could her them upstairs laughing and playing.
"What happen to your face man?" My dad asked as he walked into the kitchen, I slowly followed him. I sighed shaking my head.
"Me and Kels got into a lil fight" I said.
"A lil fight. Do you see your face? Damn man, she fucked you up" he chuckled covering his mouth. I sucked my teeth.
"Pops it ain't funny. She pregnant....I was figured she was but was just waiting for her to tell me. She told me this morning. We got into it because she was talking bout getting a abortion. I hit her" I said looking down.
"What I told your ass about that shit..HUH!" He yelled. I could see in his eyes he was disappointed in me.
"I'm sorry, I apologized to her. But I ended up leaving to handle some business. I came back a few hours later, she was sleep but I ended up finding a Consent to abortion paper....pops I lost it. I felt betrayed. I ended up man handling her and chocking her a little." I paused and looked at him. He shook his head.
"She said she didn't go through with the abortion...we still kept arguing. She started hitting me and shit. I pinned her down telling her to stop cause she pregnant. She told me she hate me and spit in my face. I told her I hate her ass too. I didn't mean that shit, I just..." I cover my face with my hands.
"I think you deserve everything she did to you. No I'm not taking her side but did you ever think why she wanted to get an abortion." He asked. I looked up at him.
"She said she was tired of doing everything by herself. I know I'm not there all the time but I'm just trying to provide for them" I said. My dad put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it.
"'s not always about providing for them. Yes that's part of it. But she needs you. Y'all have 4 kids about to have 5. She needs you physically there to help raise them. She needs you to have her back. When she's not feeling good one day she wants to know that you would be there to step up and care for your kids." He said looking at me.
"'s time for you and Kelsey to grow up. Y'all have 4 beautiful kids together and by y'all arguing, breaking up and getting back together ain't making shit better. Y'all need to sit down and talk about y'all problem like adults instead of always yelling and getting fucking physical. Quanell I swear if I find out you even laid a finger on that girl again I swear we squaring up. I'm dead ass." He said with a straight face.
"How would you feel if a nigga did all that shit you do to Kelsey, to Kellie or Kali? HUH? Ohhh...y'all be ready to kill a motherfucker." He said. I listened to my father as He continued to talked. He wasn't speaking nothing but facts. After talking for another hour he suggested he would drop the kids off to Kelsey. I was going to stay the night over here so I can clear my mind.

2 week later....
I stood in front of the stove cook me and the kids breakfast. I was making eggs, bacon, sausage, and French toast.
"Kali and Kellie turn off your iPads and come eat" I said as I sat their plate at the kitchen table. The boys sat down at the table eating their eggs. I kissed there cheeks as they giggled.
"Mommy can I have some apple juice?" Kellie asked. I nodded going to the fridge for it.
"DADDDY!!" Kellie squealed. I looked over my shoulder and locked eyes with him. I quickly turned my head as I grabbed the apple juice out. He kissed and hugged the kids. I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks. Seeing him made me have a flutter feeling in my stomach. I poured Kellie her apple juice.
"Hey Kels." Que said. He was sitting next to the boys eating some of their food.
"Hey" I simply said putting the juice away. We've been keeping our distance since that day. I would drop the kids off at school and he would pick them up from school and drop them off later on. He's been staying at his dad house. I was going to sit at the table but didn't want to be around him. I stood at the counter with my back to them as I age. My stomach fluttered again as I ate some eggs. My mouth instantly watered and I felt the need to throw up. I covered my mouth with my hand and rushed to the garbage throwing up.
"Mommy what's wrong?"
"Mommy are you ok?"
Was all I heard as I kept throwing up.
"Go up to y'all room. Mommy fine. Daddy be up in a minute to check on y'all" Que said to the kids. I bent over further as I threw up again. I felt a hand rubbing my lower back.
"You ok?" Que asked. I nodded as I held onto the garbage. More throw up cane out as I gagged. He continued rubbing my back.
"Here." He said passing me some water. I took it rinsing my mouth out and drinking a little.
"Thanks" I said. He nodded. I sat down at the table and he sat down right next to me as he continued rubbing my lower back.
"They didn't give you nothing to calm that?" He asked. I shook my head as I drunk more water.
"No, my doctor said if it don't stop by my next appointment she'll prescribe me something. I've only been taking my prenatal pills." I said. I looked up at him. His eyes looked so sad but deep in them I saw a spark of joy.
"You had a appointment already?..why you ain't tell me?" He asked as he placed his hand on my stomach.
"Yea it was 2 days ago...I don't know. It wasn't a sonogram just blood work" I told him. He gave me a small smile and nodded.
"So you're like 15 week now right?" He asked. I looked up at him and smiled.
"Yea. Tomorrow. Basic 3 and a half months." I said. He smiled as he rubbed on my little growing stomach.

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