Chapter 127:Dead End

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This is what y'all all been waiting for lol don't be mad at me lol Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread! ENJOY!!

         Kelsey stood in front of him with her arms crossed. Her 8 month big belly poked out from her lose fitted maxi dress.
"I'm gonna ask you once and once only Quanell....Who the fuck is Shawanda" Kelsey asked with an attitude. She looked down at him with rage.
"What the fuck are you talking bout? I don't know no one named no damn Shawanda. Now move from in front of the tv" he lied as he gentle pushed her from in front of him and continued playing call of duty. He knew exactly who she was tho. She was the same girl he bumped into when they was at Chick-fil-A just a few months ago. He been fucking her for the past 2 months.
"Nigga don't fucking lie. Who the fuck is Shawanda. And think smart about what you say." She said. He sucked his teeth standup. He towered over her.
"Kels I don't know who Shawanda is" he said calmly as he looked her in the eyes. She reacted quick slapping him across the face. It didn't faze him tho. He smirked as he sat back down. She went threw his phone this morning, and found countless messages. He even told the bitch he loves her but what hurt the most was that she is pregnant. Almost 2 months. Than he has the nerve to say how happy he was and how he can't wait to start their family. That shit cut Kelsey to the core.
"Liar!" She screamed in his face. He sucked his teeth getting irritated with her.
"Kelsey get the fuck out my face before you be crying" he calmly said as he kept his attention on the tv. Kelsey let out a sarcastic laugh. She went into her closet and came back out a few seconds with her pink switch blade.
"Make me!!! Who the fuck is Shawanda nigga." She yelled in his face. He shook his head chuckling as he tossed the controller on the bed.
"What the fuck You gon do with that..stab me. Before you even swing that your ass will be knocked the fuck out" he yelled.
"How Long you been fucking her. And is she really pregnant by you?" She asked. She held the knife at her side.
"2 months...yes, she's 6 weeks pre-" Que didn't have a chance to finish his sentence as Kelsey swung the knife at his face cutting him. He gasp as he held his face. He had a deep cut from his ear to his chin. He pulled his hand from his face and it was covered in blood. A rage came over him. Que grabbed her by her neck picking her up a few inches from the floor. And slammed her into the wall. Her body slammed so hard against the wall that it made a hole.
"You fucking bitch" he said. She gasp for air as she tried to punch him. He looked down at her stomach and quickly let go.
"Stupid fucking bitch! You lucky you fucking pregnant" he said as he walked into their bathroom. Rage filled him as he looked at the deep gash on his face blood was everywhere.
"That's exactly what you get nigga! After everything we been threw! Your sorry as ain't never gonna change." Kelsey said as she stood in the door way. He ignored her wiping the blood off and that just pissed Kelsey off. She was heart broken and she wanted him to feel the same way.
"I fucked Jay while you was locked up. At first I wasn't sure if him or you was Kellies dad" Kelsey said. It was a lie, Jay only gave her head but they never had sex but she knew that would set him off. He didn't play when it came to people bringing Jay up or bringing up his kids. She giggled.
"I guess we even huh?" She said as she shrugged her shoulders. He slowly looked back at her before charging at her. All she felt was a hit to her face that made her fall back on the bed.
"You stupid bitch!" He yelled as he punched her in the face again. She tried to fight back put his hits was coming faster and they was stronger.
"This what you wanted right! Huh?!" He yelled. He was fighting her like she was a random nigga on the street.
"Ahhhh! STOOOP STOP IT!" She screamed as she tried to block his hits. He dragged her off the bed. When she hit the floor she slightly hit her stomach.
"AHHHH QUE STOP!" Kelsey screamed grabbing her stomach but he didn't. He was beating her ass as if she was nothing to him. He made sure he didn't hit her stomach as he continued beating her ass. She wasn't only his wife but the mother of his 5 kids. But that shit didn't mean a damn thing to him.
"Stupid(punch) bitch(punch)Fucking(punch) hoe" with every word he punched her. Every punch hit her in the face. He dragged her body across the carpet by her hair. She was screaming. He was still punching her as he dragged her. She saw the blade she sliced him with and took it as her opportunity. She grabbed it and held it tight in her hand. He grabbed her by her hair and forcefully brought her face to his.
"You wanna know why I always cheat.....because you was never good enough and you never will be. Your worthless. All your good for is laying on your back and having kids" he said with a grin. Hearing those words hurt her but she didn't let him see the hurt.She had blood dripping from her mouth. After the beating he just gave her she was still conscious, surprisedly. She laughed as she spit in his face.
"And you still hit like a bitch, your better off dead just like your whore of a mother!" She said. He grabbed her hair punching her. As he pulled his fist back about to punch her again she swung the knife nipping his nose. She swung again slicing his arm. He screamed out as he let her go. She swung it again slicing his arm again. She sat up and swung it again put miss.
"Give me the fucking knife." He yelled. Kelsey swung it again making him jump back. After managing to stand up of the floor and sat on the bed. She still held a tight grip on the knife.
"Kels give me the fucking knife" Que said as he walked up to her.
"Nigga get away from me. I advise you to get away from me before I kill you" Kelsey said in a calm voice. She groaned rubbing her stomach.
"Stop acting stupid so fucking stupid. Give me the fucking knife" he said. Tears started to fall from my eyes.
"I can believe you just fought me like I was a nigga. I'm your fucking wife, the mother of your kids! I'm fucking pregnant Que! What the fuck!" She cried. She was feeling so much pain in her stomach but as she felt around her stomach she felt no movement. The baby wasn't moving. That made her cry harder.
"Kelsey, I'm sorry. Just give me the damn knife." He said. She looked up at him with one hand on her stomach and the other holding the knife.
"Nooo fuck you! I hate you! I swear on my kids I hope you fucking die and burn in hell." She cried. But she mean every word. She covered her eyes with her hand as she cried. She saw Que trying to slowly walking up to her. He reached trying to take the knife. She snatched away raising her arm and slamming it down in his stomach. She quickly pulled it out.
"Ahhhhh, kelseyyy!" He groaned as he stumbled back. She stood up. He tried to block her but fell to his knees. She stabbed him in his chest. She tried to pull it out but couldn't. He grabbed a hold of her hand she snatched away as she slowly walked backwards until he fell on the bed. He pulled it out quickly.Blood gushed out. Her eyes widened.
"Ahhhhhhhhh uhhhh!" Kelsey screamed laying back on the bed. She clutched her stomach and squeezed her legs together as an intense pain shot threw her stomach.
"AAHHHHH HELP ME." She cried out. She tried to sit up but failed. She arched her back as she let out a loud scream. It held so much pain.
"AHHH AHHHH HELP ME. QUE ." She cried. She felt wetness between her legs.
Another sharp pain came.
"AHHHHHHHH MY BABY! AHHH QUUUUEEE" she cried. Somehow Que managed to standup. He was loosing a lot of blood from the stab wounds but hearing Kelsey scream for help made him gain strength.
"Sit up Kels" he said in a low voice. He was in a lot of pain. He was leaned cover clinching his stomach.
"I can't, my baby she's not moving Que. somethings-AAAAHHHHHHHH OWWWW" she cried out as she felt pain in her stomach again.
"FUCK!" Que said as he looked down at Kelsey. In between her legs was bleeding. He quickly picked her up ignoring the pain and weakness he felt. She needed to get to an hospital. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if she or their baby died. After struggling to go down the steps he finally made it outside to his car. He laid her in the back seat and jumped in the driver seat pulling off. Que was loosing a lot of blood. He held pressure on his wound as he drove but it wasn't stopping the blood. He was starting to feel light headed and weak. Kelsey cried out as she experienced another sharp pain. She was experiencing the worst pain she ever felt in her life. Her right eye was black and swollen, her lip was busted, and she had a gash on her forehead. Her arms and hip had black and purple bruises and she had a few rug burns from being dragged around the carpet.
"Kelsey?" Que said in a low voice.
"Kels" he said as he looked back at her. She was crying as she held her stomach.
"I'm sorry ok...I don't know what was going threw my mind to make me start spazzing out like that. I ain't mean to hurt you like this. I ain't mean to hurt the baby. Did I hurt the baby?" He asked. He was crying. Kelsey sniffed.
"I don't know, she's not moving Que, I don't know" Kelsey cried. He punched the steering wheel as he speed threw another red light.
"Somebody broke into the house....they stabbed me, they beat don't hardly remember....ok"Que said looking back at her.
"Ok" Kelsey said in a low voice. He reached his hand in the back grabbing a hold of hers. They locked hands. It was a lie but what else was they suppose to tell the hospital. No She wasn't protecting him. She would love to tell the cops he beat her ass and have them arrested his sorry cheating no good ass but what about what she did. She would most likely be charged with Attempt to murder according to the wounds she inflicted. That was her motive tho, she was hurt. Once again he cheated and got the girl pregnant. And he finally confessed why. She was was never and never will be good enough for him. She believed him when he said she was only good for laying on her back and having kids. She closed her eyes as tears fell. She was so hurt and scared. She didn't wanna loss her baby. 12 years of her life down the drain. He was her first kiss, first love, first everything. She loved Que more than anything. But she loved herself more. She didn't know why she didn't leave him years ago. I guess it was love that made her stray. But she finally made up her mind. She was done with him for good. At this point she didn't even want the kids to be around him. She felt the car jerk to the left. She gripped his hand tighter but when he didn't do the same, she already knew why. The horn beeped. And it never stopped. She closed her eyes tighter as she gripped the seat. She heard a loud crash as the car jerk forward. She screamed as the car flipped over 4 times before it stopped with a loud BOOM. Her eyes fluttered open and than they slowly closed. The pain she was experiencing went away as her heart started beating fast and her body went numb. After a few minutes her heart beat slowed down. Until there was no beat at all.
All these years she thought she was the only one but if you think about it she was just another bitch to his list. She just got lucky by having his kids and getting married to him. It took her 12 years painful long years to find out the love she gave to him didn't mean a damn thing to him. She loved him too much and that was the problem. Don't ever think your his One & Only, because in the end your really just another bitch.

***The End***

To be continued.........

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