Chapter 121:Effect

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2 days later....
      The sun made me groan and throw my arm over my eyes. I heard movement around me.
"Que....Que get up." I heard Kelsey say. I groaned as I opened my eye and threw a pillow at her. She dodged it and giggled.
"Que I'm serious get up, we leave in 3 hours and I wanna walk on the beach before we leave." She whined. I groaned as I sat up. She was already fully dressed. I eyed her attire.
"What you don't like it? I look fat or something?" She asked as she rushed to the mirror.
"Nah, you look perfect. I love it." I told her as I got up kissing her cheek. I was still butt ass naked.
"Thank you...hurry up and shower" she said as she gentle pushed my chest. I nodded walking into the bathroom. The walk on the beach was much need. It was peaceful, and gave me time to think over some shit. All you heard was birds chirping and the waves crashing.
"What you thinking about?" Kelsey asked. She was smiling looking up at me. I looked down at her admiring her chocolate skin glowing. I didn't answer her I just admired her beauty.
"Your thinking about the shipment? And how your going to move that much product?" She said reading my mind. I chuckled looking at her. She smirked.
"What....I've been with you too long to not know what your thinking" She said smiling. I let go of her hand and put my arm around her shoulder.
"Yea I was think bout that, but I got everything handled. Stop worrying bout that shit iight" I told her as I kissed her forehead. She nodded as we continued our walk on the beach.

1 weeks later....
I took a bite of my taco as I watched law & order SVU on our big 60inch tv in the living room. It was a new episode. Olivia's son got kidnapped while at the mall with his grandmother. I shook my head while watching it, shit was getting good. The door opened and Que walked in with a bag of McDonalds. I rushed towards him taking the food.
" hey how you doing, no kiss? Greedy ass" He said as he threw his keys on the side table and sat next to me. I glared at him.
"Just for calling me fat, fuck a kiss, and a how you doing" I said as I grabbed my food out the bag. He sucked his teeth digging in the bag for his food. I grabbed the bag from him. I sucked my teeth and stared at him.
"What? I got you your damn Big Mac, fish sandwich, 20 piece and damn strawberry milkshake." He said as he took a bite of his burger. I felt like knocking that shit out his hand.
"Noooo you forgot my damn Mac sauce Que. I told you not to forget it and you do just that" I said in the verge of tears.
"Damn my bad Kels...I know you ain't bout to cry over no damn Mac sauce?" He asked with a slight giggled. I rolled my eyes getting up going into the kitchen. I wiped my eye as I opened the fridge. Yes I was crying over some damn Mac sauce. I like to have a side of Mac sauce so I can put extra on my burger and I like to dip my nuggets in it. I took out some mayonnaise, French dressing and some ketchup and made me some homemade ghetto Mac Sauce. I went back into the living room and Que was leaned back on the couch texting on his phone. I sat next to him as I started eating. He tried to stick his hand in my food trying to reach for a nugget. I smacked his hand.
"Uh Uh What you doing nigga" I said as I moved my food away.
"Kels give me a damn nugget" he said.
"NO, you should of got your own" I said. He looked at me funny as he laughed.
"You play too much" He said as he reached again but he then noticed I was serious.
"Kelsey. You really not gonna share" He asked sounding hurt.
"Que..I'm hungry damn." I said as I stuffed a chicken nugget in my mouth. He looked at me shocked as he shook his head.
"You wonder why you getting thicker" he said as he kissed my lips.
"I'm bout to shower" he said getting up stretching. I ignored him just staring at the tv. He sucked his teeth.
"Kelsey...I'm not calling you fat. Yeah you getting thicker but I'm not complaining. I like it" He said as he kissed my lips and went upstairs. I sighed as I continued eating. I was getting fucking fat. I hardly go to the gym anymore because I be so busy with work or the kids. I looked down at myself. My stomach was still flat but it wasn't as flat as it was, my thighs was getting bigger too. I sighed as I continued watching Law & Order.
2 weeks later...
I woke up out of my sleep and ran to the bathroom. Chunks of throw up came up and I gagged over the toilet. I rinsed my mouth and looked at myself in the mirror.
"You ok?" I jumped. Que stood in the bathroom doorway.
"You ok? I felt you jumping out of bed" he asked rubbing his eye as he looked at me.
"Um Yea I'm ok, I just had to pee really bad" I lied as I walked passed him and got back in bed. He got back in bed as I checked the time. It was 5:22am. I got under the covers as Que cuddled me and dozed back off. I jumped up out of my sleep again. This time I didn't make to the toilet. I threw up on the bathroom floor. I rushed to the toilet and gagged as clear colored fluid poured from my mouth. I slid to the floor as I rested my head on the toilet. More throw up just kept coming and coming. After throwing everything up I sat on the bathroom floor holding my stomach. I prayed I had the flu or a stomach virus but I already knew deep down inside what was the cause of this.

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