Chaper 40: Don't Walk Away

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"Good evening Ms. Murray. I'm District Attorney Micheal Bernard and I'm the lead prosecutor on Quanell Hernandez case. Did you know a man by Miguel "Allah" Escobar? "
"I don't know him personally but I heard of his name before" I said.
"From who?" He asked me.
"People....people around." I said.
"People like who? Quanell?" He asked.
"No, I've never heard Quanell mention no one of that name." I said.
"Do you know where Quanell was the early morning of Sunday April 16th 2016?" He asked me. He was now standing right in from if me looking down at me. I looked him back in his eye.
"How would I know, that was over a year ago but if I could remember correctly me and Quanell wasn't together at that time?" I told him.
"Together...What do you mean by that" he asked.
"We wasn't together meaning we was not in a relationship at that time." I said.
"And why was that?" He asked.
"Relevance?" Barber said.
"I'm getting there". Bernard stated.
"So why wasn't you and the defendant not in a relationship at that time?" He asked. I looked down than back up at him.
"He cheated on me" I said low.
"Speak up Ms. Murray." The judge said.
"He Cheated!!" I yelled. Tears started to poor from my eyes. I quickly whipped them.
"The sad part about being hurt is that it comes from the person you least expect." Bernard said.
"I bet it hurt when you found out....he's a great liar and he's good at bending the truth but I'm sure you know that already can you live with a man who kills people? Innocent people. What hurts more....Being with a man who constantly cheats on you, lies to you, neglects you. Or would it hurt more not ever being able to see the man you love so much ever be free?" He asked. I was in tears. I kept trying to stop from crying but couldn't.
"I don't know." I said. He handed me a box of tissues.
"I bet you don't know that a female is pregnant by him right now" he said. I froze and looked up at Quanell than back at him.
"W-what! How dare you stand there and lie" I said. I was pissed.
"Lie? The only person that's lying to you is Quanell. Your fiancé. I hate to be the bad guy but I'm just letting you know, he lied to you enough." He said. I looked over at Quanell and he just put his head down. I stood up.
"Quanell tell me he's lien? HUH!!!!." I yelled to Quanell.
"Ms. Murray please sit down." The judge said. I slowly sat down.
"He threatened to kill her and their unborn child because she didn't want to abort their baby, she threatened to tell you and he panicked...he paid her $20,000 to up and disappear, that was 7 months ago." I just sat there lost for words. How could he. More tears fell from my eyes and I couldn't control them. I broke down in front of everyone.
"Court is adjourns we will continue tomorrow morning. You can step down Ms. Murray"The judge said before getting up and leaving. I wasted no time storming out of the court room. I heard Quanell and Barber call my name but I ignored them. Fuck him and fuck this trial.

1 week later.....
I sat in my cell with my head in my hands. If it's not one thing it's another. It's been a week since that shit at court. I haven't seen Kelsey since. Everything was true tho. I fucked around and fucked this bitch named Alexis and she ended up pregnant. She refused to get an abortion and threatened to tell Kelsey. So I paid her $20,000 to stay the fuck out our life, her and that baby. That was about 7 months ago, right after I recovered and started walking again. I was interrupted by the guard opening my cell.
"You have a visitor" the guard said. I nodded and he cuffed me. He uncuffed me when we reached the visitor room. I stop in my tracks. This was the last person I expected to see. She was already seated. I slowly walked to the table and sat down. I just stared at her. She rolled her eyes and sighed.
"What the fuck you doing here Kels...huh? What I told ya ass. Don't fucking come up here." I said. I was pissed. Not at her but because she went against what I said and came up here, I didn't want her nowhere near this hell hole.
"Don't ask me no stupid ass question. And how dare you fucking talk to me like that." She said. I sucked my teeth.
"Go the fuck home. Now." I said.
"Fuck you! After all these years. After everything. After all I did for your ass, you do me like this." She said. I could hear it in her voice that she was about to cry. I sucked my teeth and shook my head.
"Man I ain't tryna hear none of this shit right now" I said.
"Fuck what you ain't tryna hear. You see that's all you do is fucking think about yourself and what you want. After everything I did for you. I waited on you hand and foot. I nursed you back to health, not no one else me!!! I was there every fucking day. I was there a physical therapy encouraging you. ME!!!!" She said. She was in tears. I just sat there feeling stupid.
"This will be the last fucking time you ever in your fucking life sit face to face with me. Fuck you and the last five years we spent together. The only thing I thank you for was giving me my daughter. She's the best thing that ever happen to me. " she stood up.
"Oh and your daughter is doing great if you happen to care. Goodbye Quanell." She said before walking out of the visitor room, out of the prison and out of my life....forever.

Sorry if there any mistakes or misspelled words I didn't have time to proofread.

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