Chapter 48:Lies Underneath

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**Author Note: This book will be coming to an end soon🙁 I think I might go up to 60 chapters. I'm also thinking about writing the second book with this book!! I hope y'all are enjoying it!! I'm trying to be creative and my imagination just be going crazy lol. I really don't wanna end this book because I'm so in love with the characters 😍 😝😘 Hope y'all enjoy this chapter even tho it's kinda boring lol ohhh and follow me on Instagram @ KrazyKoolKeasiia if y'all ever wanna stay connected!!! Muahh xx **

We drove in silence through Brooklyn. We was on our way to see my pops. I wanted to know why he would betray me. Set me up for murder, and disrespect my family. We pulled up an apartment building. You saw nothing but lil petty drug dealers and hookers hanging around outside. I opened my glove department box and handed Jay back his gun. He looked at me and than took and placed it in his waste band.
"You good?" I asked him while looking at the people starting to approach my car. I guess they wasn't use to seeing nice ass cars around this hood.
"Yea I'm good. Let's go" he said while hooping out the car. All eyes was on us as we made our way towards the door. I guess they recognized us because they started nodding there heads. I returned the gesture.
"You know what apartment number?" Jay asked as we entered the elevator.
"Yup" I said nonchalant. The elevator takes us to the 10th floor and we get off. We make our way down the hall until we reach his apartment..1057. I stood in front of it debating weather to knock or just knock the door down with my gun blazing. I sighed and knocked on the door. I stood to one side of the door and Jay stood to the other side.

"Who?" My father said from the other side of the door? I motioned for Jay to say something.
"It's me...Jay. Open the door nigga!" Jay said. I heard my father chuckle and the locks being undone. I quickly pull out my gun and cock it. As the door creeks open. I kick it catching him by surprise. He falls flat on his back. Shock is what he was. I stood over him with my gun point straight at him. Jay came in and closed the door.
"The fuck is this shit!" My father kind of yelled. I grabbed him up by his shirt and patted him down. He was clean. I dragged him by his shirt and through him on the couch.
"Why!!! That's all I wanna know?" I said.
"Why what Que!!!" He said. I just grilled him.
"Why I set you up? Why I robbed you?..because your an ungrateful motherfucker that need to be taught a lesson!" He yelled.
"I'm ungrateful!! Your ass his ungrateful...all you do is think about yourself. How could you do that to me pops. I'm your fucking son man" I yelled. I slowly shock his head from side to side.
"And why you never told me Jay is my brother man!! You fucking knew and didn't think that was important enough to tell me!" I yelled.
"That wasn't my fucking job to tell you shit! Your mother decided to give him up!" He yelled. I paced back in forth.
"So are you my father too?" Jay asked. My father sighed and shook his head.
"No man....I'm not your real father either Que" he said lowly. I stopped pacing and looked at him.
"What?!" I asked.
"You head me man! I'm not your father." He said.
"What do you mean? I don't-I dont" I started to say put he cut me off.
"Your mother lied to you. She lied to both y'all. When she got pregnant with you Que. We just started dating. I maned up and took responsibility as your father. Your real father was a no good bum ass nigga....after a year after she had you she was brutally raped while in a public bathroom. Jay she didn't wanna look at you and be reminded of that man who did that to her. I begged her to keep you. But she said she couldn't. Her best friend Joyce adopted you. They promised never to tell you. But she still wanted y'all to know each other" he said.
"I don't believe you" jay said. My father looked at him like he was crazy.
"Don't than. She probably lied about it anyway. She was a lil hoe back in the day anyway." he said. And chuckled. I lost it and hit him across the face with my gun. Blood gushed from his nose. That did faze him. He chuckled and wiped the blood from his nose.
"If you didn't have that gun I'll beat your ass" he said. I laughed and put my gun back in my waist band.
"So what's up nigga." I said. He tackled me to the ground and we started fighting. Blow to blow. He was a big guy. He punched me a couple times before I regained me strength. I pushed him off of me. And gave him fatal blows to the face. Blood started gushing out his mouth. He picked me up and slammed me against the hard ground. I groaned in pain. I think I lost consciousness for a few seconds because when I opened my eyes he was holding my gun to my head. I laid there looking at the barrel of my own gun. I closed my eyes and prayed. My mind wondered to Kels and Kali. They begged me not to leave but I didn't listen. That they I got shot up and almost died flashed through my mind. I guess it was my time. I opened my eyes and the guy I knew as my father my whole life smirked down at me. He spit blood on me. And cocked my gun.
"Say hello to your mother for me" he said.

**Sorry for any misspelling or grammar mistakes! I didn't proof read!

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