Chapter 5:Don't Stop

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I finish cooking and started to make my and Quanell plate. I made fried chicken, bake Mac n cheese, cornbread, potato salad and rice in beans.
"Quanell! It's done" I yelled to him since he was still in the back in his room.
"Ok" he said while jogging into the kitchen "
"Whe....where is you shirt" I asked while trying not to stare at his 6 pack. Damn I didn't know he was built like this and those tattoos omg.
"Oh my bad Mami, I just got out the shower...damn this shit look good AF" he said while looking at the food. I just smiled and handed him his plate.
"Thanks Mami" he said while kissing me on my cheek. I just smiled. We ate in silence. Quanell just kept moaning and telling me how good the food was. We finished shortly after. "Damn...that shit was good AF. " he said while rubbing his chest. I just laughed and went to the living room. Is it a bad that Quanell was kinda turning me on? Nahhhhh.
"Yo you wanna watch tv or a movie" she asked while walking up to me.
"Yea sure what you wanna watch?" I asked looking up at him.
"IDK come on pick s movie, they in my room" he said while pulling me up off the couch. I didn't resist I just followed behind him. We got to his room and I was surprised, it was so big and cozy looking. He's bed looked so soft which is was. He layed back on his bed watching me. I made it to his closet and my mouth almost hit the floor." Wow Quanell you have a lot of clothes and" I was honestly amazed. It looked like the Nike store how everything and how every sneaker was on the shelfs.
"Come here" he said while patting the bed.

"Come here" I said to her while patting the bed. She gave me a small smile and sat on the edge of the bed. So I lend up and grabbed her by the waist sliding her next to me. We was now in a spooning position. "No I meant right here" I said to her while kissing the back of her neck. I continued kissing on her neck. She started to breath hevey so I stopped. "I'm sorry Kels, it's just so hard to resist you." I said while pulling her closer into me. Now her ass was right against my dick but she didn't move. We laid like that for about 10. She got loose from my grip and moved over. "Nooo...come herreee" I said. She giggled and shook her head no. I just stared at her admiring her beauty. I moved closer to her bear hugging her from the back. "Quanelllllll" she wined. "Yes" I asked while turning her on her back and getting up off the bed. She just layed there staring at me. Idk what I was feeling at this moment. She sat up and just looked at the floor. "What's wrong?" I asked her while lifting her head with my hand. She just strugged her shoulders and looked away. "Nah for real what's wrong? Did I do something to make you feel uncomfortable." I asked her while sitting next to her. "I-I just never felt this way before Quanell" she said nervously. "I never.........I never been with a guy like that." She said in almost a whisper. "I know...I can tell by the way you carry yourself. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable Mami. I honestly am. Your so shy...I don't want you to be shy around me tho..I want you to trust me. I said honestly. "Ok." She simply said with a smile. I just stared at her. We both was lost in each other gaze. I really liked her, everything about her. I loved that she wasn't easy like these other females. She was special. I was so lost in our gaze that I couldn't help myself. I slowly leaned down and kissed her lips. A smile appeared on her lips. I kissed her again, I bit on her bottom lip and watched her breath hevey. Damn. We kept kissing and I added a lil tongue and she did also. I could tell she doesn't know how to really kiss, but I'm willing to teach her everything. I stood up and layed her back while still kissing her. She started to play with my hair and that just turned a nigga on. I was laying on top of her but her legs was closed. I felt here wiggling under me and notice she was trying to open her legs, so I lend up and allowed her to. I slowly rested my body back on hers. As we continued to kiss the heavier her breathing got. I touched on her breast through her shirt and grabbed her ass a few times. I didn't want to do to much so I made sure I didn't have my dick to close to her. But a nigga was getting hard. Shit was getting heated. I took off her shirt and just stared at her breast. She just stared at me with a small smile. I didn't remove her bra because I wasn't sure if she wanted me too. I just placed small kisses on on her breast and sucked on them. We continued kissing and than she wanted to do the unthinkable to a nigga. She wrapped her legs around a niggas waist. Damn. We was tongue kissing and she had her legs wrapped around be so I took it appond myself to slowly grind on her. I slowly pushed my dick into her area. "Uhh" she lowly moaned. I was shocked AF. I kept doing that as she lowly made sounds. I lent up. I took of my basket ball shorts and was just in my boxers. Kelsey looked up at me with a shocked look. I just smirked at her lent down and kissed her. "Can I taste you" I asked her. "Huh?..what do you mean?" She asked with a confused look on her face. I giggled while shaking my head because she's so innocent. "I mean can I please lick and suck on your vagina Mami?" I asked while smirking. She nodded and layed down. I removed her pants and gently started to kiss down her stomach. I slowly removed her panties and it was a beautiful sight. Nice and shaved, chocolate with pink lips. I slowly opened up her pussy lips and gave her one good lick. Damn. She tasted better than I thought. I started to lick on her clit and that made her gasp and sit up. "Ohh my gosh. No stop" she said while trying to close her legs. I just stared at her with a confused look. "Does it feel good? Don't be scared because it feels good. Ok?" I said to her. She nodded and layed back down. I continued doing what I was doing. "You want me to stop?" I asked while looking up at her but still sucking on her clit. She looked down at me and said "No...Don't Stop!" So I didn't.

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