Chapter 71:Risky

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Sorry it took foreverrr for me to update lol I was so lost and lost track of what to write. But I'm back and I'm betterr. Sorry if it's boring and sooty for any mistakes. I didn't proofread.

It was a picture of Que blood dead body. He had blood all over him and bruises all over his face. Mel pick up the phone and before I knew it I heard three shots. I instant screamed ass Mel body jerked and hit the floor.
"Don't you fucking dare!" Ari yelled as she pointed her gun at Ace.
"Put it down!" She demanded. He didn't budge. She pointed the gun at me and cocked it.
"Alright!" He said as he sat his gun on the floor.
"At least you listen. Unlike that sorry as son of yours." She said with a giggled. Ace charged towards her but before he made it to her she shot him twice in the stomach. I screamed and ran out the room.
"KELSEY!" Ari yelled. I ran down the stairs. I looked behind me and she was in my tail.
"STOP! I'm not gonna fucking hurt you" She yelled. I kept running until I felt something hard hit my head. I fell to the ground. My head started pounding and I grabbed it. I felt something warm and wet. It was blood. Blood poured from my head into my hands.
"ASSHOLE. Why you fucking hit her." I heard Ari yell. She was talking to someone but I couldn't see who. The blood started to fog my vision.
"Damn I didn't know I hit her that damn hard." The guy said. She sucked her teeth.
"Help me carry her back up stair. She bleeding real bad." She said. I was still conscious but my head was pounding so bad. Her voice sound so caring. I felt the guy pick me up and that's all I remember.
I woke up to the smell of strong cigarette. I opened my eyes to Ari standing above me puffing on a cigarette. I looked at my surroundings. It looks like I was in a basement.
"You ready?" She asked as she flicked the cigarette on the floor and stomped on it. I looked up at her.
"What...ready for what?" I said lowly.
"Come.... It's time." She said and she gently pulled me up. I felt my head and noticed it was bandage up.
"Sorry bout that, he can be kinda rough sometimes" she said with a small smile. I just stared at her blankly. This bitch is crazy. She guided me up a bunch of stairs and down a long dim hall. After walking for which felt like forever we made it to this big steel door. She pulled out one single key and unlocked it.
"What are you gonna do to me?" I whispered as tears feel from my eyes. She put the key back into her pocket and looked at me.
"It's almost over...I promise." She said as she opened the steel door and stepped in. She reached out and grabbed my hand. It was freezing. I wrapped my arms around my chest trying to get warm.
"Cold huh?" Ari asked. I stayed silent. She just eyed me. That once caring look in her eyes turned cold, and evil.
"Imagine being in here a whole day, weeks, even months. Imagining being her for a year." She said. She started laughing obnoxiously and eruditely stoped. She shook her head.
"I'll do anything in this world to see my brother again. I just wanna hug him and tell him I loved be him but I can...I can't. Don't you wish you could just see Quanell one last time....DON'T YOU!" She said. I shook my head. She opened another steel door with her key and pushed it open.
"This is your last chance..." she said. I looked at her and into the room. I couldn't see much but I saw someone laying in a bed.
"What...what are you talking about? Quanell..He..he's dead. Quanell's dead" I said in anger. She shook her head.
"I don't know how much longer he has." She said. I ran to the room. A man laid in the bed with his back towards me. I took a deep breath and slowly turned the guy to his back. My heart dropped. It was Quanell. His body was so cold and stiff. His face was so skinny and had dried blood all over it. His body had scratches and what looked like heeled knife marks all over it. I pulled the blanket up to his neck. He was looking at me but he wasn't really there.
"He most likely doesn't recognize you. He's been through a lot" Ari said as she sat in a chair inside the room.
"What did you do? What did you do to him!" I yelled.
"'s horse tranquilizer. It relaxes his muscles, and sedates him so my job would be easier. It's been slowly eating away at his organs, heart and brain." She said. My hands started shaking uncontrollably I felt a light squeeze on my hand I looked down at Quanell. I don't know what took over me but I jumped up and charged at her. I caught her off guard so she didn't have time to pick up her gun. We both fell on the floor and I instant started punching her in her face. Blow after blow after blow. She got a hold of my hair and landed a few punches but I had the upper hand.
"Get the fuck off!" She yelled. She started scratching at my face and clawing at my eyes causing me to stop punching her. All I heard was her gun click and two big booms. Everything went in slow motion. I felt a warmness run down my face. I fell to the floor and felt the side of my face. I was bleeding. My chest heaved up and down. I grabbed my stomach because I felt a burning sensation. I was shot. Ari slowly got up with the gun in her hand. I reached out for her but she kicked me.
"Please...please, my girls, my girls need me." I begged. I was beginning to feel so weak. I shut my eyes and just screamed. Screamed for help, screamed for hope, screamed for mercy on my life.
I once read, "life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all cost, and that is the risk of doing nothing...." but I did all I could do and in the end it's all up to god...RIGHT.


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