Chapter 70:Eye 4 Eye

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"When did you find out. How-How did you find out?" Ace asked.
"I confronted her at the club. She told me the reason she was with Que that day was because they was fucking him...I felt like beating the shit out her but composed myself. I fired her and she left. Mel must of over heard her because he came out when she left and told me Que said he didn't do anything with her. We got on the topic of talking about her and he said how he's been looking through her Instagram and stuff. I asked him to show me her Instagram. And as I'm going through her pictures I spot this picture and than this one." I told him as I showed him the screenshots of her and Allah. His face was so angry.
"She was texting Mel and is basically tryna chill with him. She was stupid enough to give her her address. I have to meet Mel there in a few"I said. I stood up but Ace stopped me.
"NO. Your not going anywhere. You stay here. I'll handle everything." He said as he tried to walk off. I ran after him.
"NO! Fuck that! I'm going. I've made it this far. I'm not giving up. I just. I just wanna know what happened. I just want...I want closure." I said as a tear fell from my eye. He put his head down and grabbed me into a hug.
"I know Kelsey. I just want closure too. For the longest I've been thinking he'll be back. But as months went back than year... I had to face the fact that he's finally with his mother." He said. He pulled away from me and whipped is tears. These few years I've Know Ace, I've never seen him cry.
"Yea. It's hard to believe that he's really gone. I've accepted that a few months ago. I'm glad he's finally at peace with is mom and Jay." I said.
30 minutes later we pulled up to this Old Ranch house in the middle of no where. We parked down the block where jay car was parked. He got out and got in the backseat of my car.
"Sup Ace. Kelsey. Y'all ready to do this shit?" He asked as he loaded his gun. I stayed silent. Ace took out two guns and loaded it. He handed me a gun.
"What's this for." I asked.
"Protection. It's has a silencer on it. If shit go down shot. Que taught you how to shit right?" He asked. I nodded my head.
" ok" Ace asked.
"Yea I'm good. Let's go." I said getting out the car but he grabbed me.
"Stay behind me the whole time. If shit go down...if me or Mel get! Don't look back just run. You got that?" He said. I nodded my head quickly.
"Ok." I said. Jay nodded his head. We got out and made our way to the house. Jay put the code in and the doors unlocked. He entered first checking the surrounding before signaling for us to come in. Mel and Ace check the lower level and it was no one in sight. We heard a loud stomp come from up stairs. We slowly made our way upstairs. We heard a female talking on the phone. She was talking in another language. He stood in the hall listening, even tho I couldn't understand you could tell she was arguing with whoever it was. I stepped back not knowing a glass vase was behind me. It shattered in a million pieces. Ari got silent in the phone. You heard moving around in the room and yelling in another language. The door went flying open.
"SHIT! MEL! What the fuck! Don't sneak up on me like that" Ari said. She help a gun in her hand. Me and ace stood in a closet.
"My fault give. Give me this damn gun. You was gonna shot a nigga or something." Mel said. She laughed and pulled him to her a kissed him.
"Nooo. Come on" She said pulling him bye his jacket. He signaled his hand telling us to come out. Once we made it to the room she was already half naked tryna take Mel's shirt off. I stood in the door way until she noticed me. She nearly had a heart attack.
"What the fuck is this shit Mel? What the fuck are you doing in my fucking house you stupid bitch!?" She yelled. Mel did an evil laughed as he slowly pulled her own gun in her. She looked confused and scared at the same time.
"What the fuck is going on?" She asked as Ace appeared. She looked scared and confused.
"Bitch don't play dumb. Get the fuck on the floor." Mel demanded. She giggled and spit at him.
"Fuck you!" She calmly said. I was getting mad at how calm and unfazed she was. I ran up to her and hit her in the nose with my gun.
"GET THE FUCK ON THE FLOOR!" I yelled. She screamed and held her leaking nose. She slowly got on the floor.
"Yea bitch on your knees. I'm sure your used to that." I said with a smirk.
"Yea..your man would know" she said as she blew me a kiss. I punched her in the face.
"Lying as hoe" I said. She giggled and struggled her shoulders.
"If your can behave yourself, maybe we can go ask him ourself." She said. She started laughing louder.
"What took y'all so long? You didn't see the resimulancw? I thought Que would but he was to busy looking at my tits or ass!" She said with a giggle.
"Why. Why. He had a family. He didn't have nothing to do with Allahs death." I said.
"Duh! I know he had nothing to do with his death. Jay and his fake ass father did! But when they died I went with the next best thing...QUE.." She said. He phone started ringing and she quickly looked at it.
"I have to answer that" she said nodding towards the phone.
"NO YOU DONT" I said. She squinted her eyes.
"Yes I do. I have something that belongs to you." She said with a small smirk.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Mel asked.
"If you let me answer my phone I'll tell you." She said. Mel hesitated.
"Igght. Answer it! Talk in fucking English. Don't be dumb I'll waste no time blowing your fucking brains out." He said she nodded and answered her phone.
"Hey. Send me a picture" she said and just hung up.
"Who the fuck was that?" Ace asked. He phone lit up and she opened a message. She looked up at me.
"It's for you"She said as she handing me her phone." I hesitated but quickly took it. My heart broke I'm a million pieces as I looked at the photo.
"NOOOOOOOO" I yelled as I collapsed in a fit of tears.

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