Chapter 49:Ain't Shit

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**I'm getting too emotionally attached to these characters. I sheded a few tears writing this chapter.**

I sat in my living room watching Kali play. I was physically there but my mind wasn't.  Quanell hasn't called all day. We usually talk in the morning than at night. He didn't call not once and it was going on 10pm. I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. I picked up my phone and called him again. It went straight to voicemail.
"Fuck!!" I yelled. Kali jumped and began to cry. I hurried to her and picked her up.
"Come Here baby..Mommy sorry" I said as I held her in my arms. My mom walked in with a worried look.
"You ok?" She asked.
"No!!! I'm worried. He's not answering. He-he usually calls in he morning than at night. He didn't call...he didn't call ma. Something's wrong. I just know it." I said on the verge of tears. He rubbed me back.
"Just calm down Kelsey. He's fine I'm sure he is. He'll call baby. Something might of came up and he lost track of time" she tried to tell me. I thought about what she said and said ok. Where are you Quanell, I thought as I laid my head back on the couch with Kali in my arms.

I opened my eyes and see my father holding his chest. He drops the gun and falls to his feet. He's gasping for air. Jay stood in front of him with his gun still pointed at him. Before I could say anything else Jay let off two more shots
I watched the man I once know as my father gasp for air. He soon stoped trying. His eyes slowly closed and his body relaxed. I looked at Jay in disbelief. I think I was in shock. I started to hear sirens. They got closer and closer. I heard someone yell but couldn't make out what they was saying.
"QUE!!! You need to get out of here man. GO!!" Jay yelled.
"Nah man I'm not leaving you, let's go" I said while trying to grab his arm.
"Nah man. It's time I face the truth. I ain't shit and ain't never gonna be shit." He said.
"Jay fuck what you say. We need to leave now. The cops are going to be up here any second." I told him. He shook his head no. I heard the front door creek open. It was them. I looked towards the hall way and saw there shadow.
I looked towards Jay.
"I'm sorry man. I'm sorry for everything. I never meant to do you like this." He said as tears streamed down his face. He slowly raised the gun to his head.
"JAY NO!!" I yelled. He shook his head.
"All my life I've been a fuck up....tell my kids I love them. And I'm sorry I couldn't be the dad they needed....tell Kelsey I'm sorry, I'm sorry" he cried.
"Jay none of that shit matters man. I forgive you. I forgive you man. Just please put the gun down jay. Don't go out like this." I begged as tears streamed down my face. He lowered the gun for him head.
"He forgive me?" He asked. I nodded my head.
"I forgive you man. I always will. I love you" I said.
"I love you too" he said. Everything happened so fast. He put the gun back to his head and pulled the trigger.
"NOOOOOOO!!" I yelled as his body hit the ground. Blood was spattered everywhere. I dropped to my knees and and held him.
"Jay...get up man. Jay come on man open your eyes. Please man" I begged in tears. I didn't even notice police rushing towards us. They pulled me away and checked his pulse.
"Jay get up...jay, JAY!!! JAY!!" I yelled as a cop pulled me away from his lifeless body.

The next day....
I woke up in the hospital. They said I went into shock and lost it. I sat on my bed rocking back in forth. I killed a couple people in my life, I saw plenty of dead blood bodies. But when it's someone you know, someone you love, that's different. Seeing him shot himself in the head fucked myself up. I heard a knock on my door.
I cleared my throat.
"It's open" I said. I didn't bother to look to see who it was.
"Quanell Hernandez" they asked. I turned towards them. It was two detectives.
"Yup" I said nonchalantly.
"I'm sorry about your lost" one said. I just nodded my head.
"Can you tell us what led up to the events of yesterday?" He asked. I nodded. They took a seat and pulled out a notepad"
"What was relationship to Jaysons Graham?" He asked. I looked up at him.
"My best friend, my brother?" I said.
"Was he your blood brother?" He asked. I chuckled.
"Yesterday..I found out he was indeed my blood brother. We had the same mother" I said. He wrote something down on his note pad.
"What was your relationship with the other victim, Andre Johnson" I shook my head.
"All my life I knew him to be my father, yesterday he told me he wasn't my birth father" I said. Both detectives looked at me weirdly.
"What was you doing at Mr. Johnsons home?" He asked.
"To talk." I said.
"To talk about what" he asked.
"About a year ago I was charged with Murder. All charges was later dropped. He set me up. I went there to ask him why. We started arguing and he made a comment about my deceased mother. We started fighting...he pulled a gun on me and Jay shot him in self defense." I honestly said. He wrote more stuff down in his notepad.
"Did you intent on killing him or harming him in anyway." He asked. A tear streamed from my eye.
"No...even after he did that to me. I-I still love him as my father" I said as I wiped my tears.
"Do you know why Jayson would kill his self?" He asked.
"He betrayed me. When I confronted him he told his side and told me about us being brothers. I think he did it because he had some inner demons. He was hurting...the last think I said to him was that I forgive you and I love you. He was happy I forgave him. He told me he loved me than he just shot himself. Everything happened so fast." I said. They asked me a few more questions than left. I thought about everything that just happened in the last 24hours. We grew up as best friends. Than come to find out we really brothers. I don't know how I'm gonna cope. I lost my best friend and brother.

**Sorry for any misspellings I didn't proof read! Enjoy!!**

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