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Self Righteous by destaniisrad
Self Righteousby destani
The Nobles, that's what everyone who had a heartbeat at Mentorist High called them. They were the definition of superior and undeniable beauty. A boy, no a man, who exud...
  • urban
  • bwbm
  • talkthepoc
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His Purple Heart by LadyAltagracia
His Purple Heartby Lady Altagracia
Debra doesn't need anyone to tell her that going from one relationship straight into another is never a good idea. Despite knowing this, she finds herself staring at a c...
  • romantiek
  • featured
  • ptsd
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LEILANI by africangoddesss
LEILANIby africangoddesss
Everywhere she went people would stare at her. Some in awe, jealousy, and confusion. But she never took much notice of it. She would tell those who asked that it was her...
  • gambian
  • african
  • white
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Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize)by no_one_u_know
April is a big girl who knows how to handle herself. Growing up with two older brothers she learned you either fight back or get pushed over. Her kind heart and boyish w...
  • plussized
  • thick
  • curvy
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YOU WAITED... by jolante424
YOU Yolanda Jolante
#1 Ignored. 18/01/2019. #1 Committed 19/02/2019 He stood in front of me, held my face between his hands and stared down at me. I waited, once again, I did. For what? ...
  • billionaire
  • kind
  • committed
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The Wrong Sister (BWWM) by DamnNyla
The Wrong Sister (BWWM)by DamnNyla
I wrapped the bandage around his hand carefully making sure not to hurt him. "Okay done." I said placing down his hand. Packing up the medical box I felt eyes...
  • love
  • marriage
  • drama
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Genesis by Keylie144
Genesisby ✨
"What the fuck. I'm about to throw up." I gagged. I was freaking out. There was a bleeding man standing on my porch. Looking down I saw the blood dripping on...
  • bwwm
  • heated
  • truelove
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His Black Assistant by helenakaye
His Black Assistantby helenakaye
She's black and bold. She doesn't accept trash from anybody. Not even from her boss. He is Henrik Wright. The CEO of Wright's corporations. A billionaire, every woman's...
  • love
  • lovable
  • black
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Too Nice  by Eldah_Tee
Too Nice by Eldah_Tee
There is nothing wrong with being nice. Go ahead and hold the door for the old lady. Nothing's stopping you from giving a dollar to the boy who wants candy. I won't judg...
  • violence
  • bwwm
  • drama
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Perspective by how_to_be_awkward101
Perspectiveby Ya girl
~•~•~•~ Chase Ryder knows exactly what kind of person Asher Bradley is. He's popular, athletic, a player, and Chase's friend's boyfriend's best friend. It's that simple.
  • babies
  • player
  • frenemies
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Fifty Shades Of Interracial Love by QueenBianca_
Fifty Shades Of Interracial Loveby Bianca King
A Fifty Shades Fan-fiction! Destiny Langston has dealt with nothing but heartbreak her entire life, but she never let that define her as a person. After one incident dur...
  • love
  • bdsm
  • fiftyshadesofgrey
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I'll Run to You by NikkiVale
I'll Run to Youby Nikki Vale
After the ultimate betrayal, Evelynn Woods had managed to move on with her life. Graduated College: check! Procured a good job: check! Found a place of her own: check! F...
  • erotic
  • lovechild
  • bwwm
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Class Rebels by SickestKids
Class Rebelsby SickestKids
Jennifer Hills, is your typical high school student: pretty good grades, pretty cool friends; an all around okay life. Only one problem: Her locker is right next to Dann...
  • cute
  • labels
  • scars
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That Foreigner  by tiitt4tat
That Foreigner by 🖤
  • asiandoll
  • ghetto
  • teenlove
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His innocent Doll by Painshallows
His innocent Dollby Painshallows
After years of not seeing each other he finally had her, after years not being there for her he finally had her. He made sure to make every moment count for them, soon s...
  • mafia
  • possessive
  • wmbw
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SAFE :: ZAYNby mama chief
in which a homeless father finds shelter in a woman he wishes he could give the world to. remake -- not really -- of Silver Lining bc that was trash ;copyright © 2016. t...
  • bwam
  • interracial
  • zayn
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High Risk (urban/bwwm) book 1&2 by kiaralotts
High Risk (urban/bwwm) book 1&2by WTFDUDE
(Completed ) Meet Candy she looks as sweet as her name but has more thorns than a rose. After ending things with her unstable boyfriend she's ready to move on to the ne...
  • stripper
  • forbiddenlove
  • forbidden
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104 Nights of Summers (BWWM) by Jalesia_
104 Nights of Summers (BWWM)by Jalesia_
"Well maybe I don't make six figures like the men you may be used to, but I promise I can show ya a good time darlin'." his blue eyes stared back into mine. N...
  • interracial
  • cowboys
  • wmbw
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A Man For Mommy #Wattys2018 by OneFnger_2wrds
A Man For Mommy #Wattys2018by Aviaonna
Twenty-five year old Destiny Jameson lives alone with her six year old daughter Elizabeth after the man she thought loved her left after she broke the news to him that s...
  • interracial
  • swirl
  • chicklit
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Bonnie and Clyde (Bwwm)  by Summerthecreator67
Bonnie and Clyde (Bwwm) by Summerthecreator67
You'll have to read to find out
  • mafia
  • love
  • dangerous
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