Chapter 64:Raging Bull

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       After an hour I spotted Kelsey walking out. A guy was with her. It was the same nigga from before. I took one last pull of my blunt and put it out. I put my hood over my head and pulled the strings. I reached under my seat. I was hesitant at first but went with my gut. I cocked the gun and got out my car. They was standing in front of her car. I slowly walked towards them with my hand in my waist band resting in my gun. My mind was everywhere. "Do it...No, don't do it. Think about you girls."
"Who the fuck is this" I said. Kelsey jumped and turned my way. She looked like she saw a ghost.
"Que...w-what are you doing here? Where's the girls?" She asked trying to walk up to me but she stoped once she spotted my gun.
"Que..." she started to say. I laughed and rubbed my head.
"Who's this?" I asked. She stepped in front of him.
"He's no one Que. Lets go home" she said. I grabbed her by her throat and pushed her against the car.
"WHO IS THIS?" I yelled. She started crying. She tried to cover her face with her hand but I forcefully pulled them away. This nigga had the nerve to try and walk up on me. I pointed my gun to his head.
"Que no. Please don't. Please!" She begged. I shook my head at her. I struggled my shoulders.
"Why not" BOOM. Everything happened so fast. Kelsey I stand tatted screaming at the top of her lungs. I didn't notice what I did until I saw blood all over Kelsey. I looked on the floor. He was dead. Blood was everywhere. I grabbed Kelsey and rushed to my car. I pulled off. As I drove down the block a bunch of police and an ambulance went rushing past. I watched in the rear view mirror. I looked over at Kelsey and she was crying, hugging her knees. Once I pulled up to her house she went in and I followed her. She got straight in the shower. She took damn near an hour. She came out with sweats on and her hair soaking wet.
"Why are you still here...get out!" She yelled. I ignored her.
"Nah. Who the fuck was that" I asked her. She shook her head as tears streamed down her face.
"He's dead! Why should If fucking matter. He didn't deserve. And right in front of me." She yelled. I stood up and walk towards her.
"It was an accident. My hand just hit the trigger. I didn't mean it" I told her. I grabbed her waist and she slapped me. She started swinging and swinging. She at least punched me twice in my jaw. I swung back. She fell to the floor. She broke out in tears holding her eye.
"SHIT!" I said as I picked her up. Her eye started to swell up immediately.
"I didn't mean to hit you. I'm sorry. I swear." I told her. She just cried. I kissed her.
"I hate you. Ahhhh how dare you! How dare you hit meeee" she cried. I just continued kissing her as she cried. I slowly laid her down. My hand roamed her body. I started to get that urge. I got off her in went in the bathroom locking it. I slid down on the floor with my head in my hands. I could still hear Kelsey crying. I dug in my pocket, I had two more badges of coke. I stood up and poured both them on the counter. I sniffed a total of 8 lines. I laughed. I looked at myself in the mirror. My mind was running crazy. I was hallucinating. I found myself pacing back in forth in the bathroom.
       I opened the bathroom door and Kelsey was still laying in the same spot I left her but balled up.
"Stop that crying shit man. You hitting me and expect me not to put my hands back on you?" I asked her.
"FUCK YOU!!" She yelled as she through a flat iron at me. It hit the side of my head. I went charging towards her. I had her penned down as I chocked her. She grabbed at my chest and scratched me. I pressed harder. I started to notice her lips turning purple so I quickly let go. She gasped for air.
"You wanna prance around and act like a lil hoe with that nigga huh....Ima treat your ass like a hoe than." I forcefully pushed her dress up and ripped her panties down. I pulled my pants down and rammed my dick in her. She tried to fight but was too weak. After a while she got tired of fighting and just let me have my way with her. She just laid there the whole time with tears coming down her face. After an hour, I got my last nut. I pulled out and my dick was bloody. Her thighs was all brushed from me forcing them open. All between her legs was also swallowing was bleeding. She just looked at me and balled her self in a ball and cried. My high slowly faded. I started to come to realization. Everything started to hit me. What the fuck did I just do....I ran out the house and jumped in my car. I don't know where I was going but I need to get far away. I was speeding down the highway going 95mph. I saw red and blue light flash behind be. That made me speed up. I watched the cops in my rear view mirror. As I looked back at the road my heart dropped as I pressed on the breaks but it was too late. I slammed in the back of a 18 wheeler truck. My body went flying through the windshield than everything went black.


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