Chapter 96:Whoop That Trick

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This chapter kinda boring. Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread! Enjoy!!


"Que who is this...who are you?" I asked looking at Que than her. She giggled shaking her head.
"Racheal leave" he demanded.
"No stay Racheal! Who is this Quanell?" I asked walking up to him with my arms folded.
"No one Kels" he said as he clinched his jaw at the girl.
"So now I'm no one? I wasn't no one when you was fucking me on your office desk now was I?" She yelled. My neck damn near broke.
"WHAT! You lying ass hoe. Kels She's fucking lying-" he tried to say but my fist swung. I punched him dead in his face. He held his jaw and looked at me in shook. I turned to that girl and walked up to her. She swung first missing. I punched her in her face and grabbed her by her hair slamming her to the ground. I was giving her straight punches to the face. Calling her all types of bitches, hoes, sluts, thots. She got a hold of my hair and tried to swing but kept missing. This bitch was really tugging at my hair hard tho. Like bitch this shit is real. Shit was making me madder cause she had my hair. I started smashing her head against the floor and she let go quick. I kept punching her in the face until I saw blood. That's when Que yanked me off her. I swung at him again missing hitting him in his shoulder.
"FUCK YOU!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU" I screamed as I stormed into the house.
"Mommy I'm scared." Kali and Kellie said as I came in.
"Don't be scared. Come on." I says bringing them into my room. The boys was still sleep. I dug in the back of my closet where I had a shoe box. I pulled out my glock 43 9mm and loaded it. I hid it under my shirt as I closed my room door. Que was still outside arguing with this bitch.
"You still here hoe? That ass whopping wasn't enough I guess" I said as I pulled out my gun pointed it to her. Her nose was leaking. And lip was cut. Some of her weave was laying in our grass.
"KELSEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Que yelled. I pointed my gun at him.
"Shut the fuck up" I saw Racheal run to her car. I let off two shots. One went through her back window and the other shot the back bumper on the car. She screamed.
"You crazy fucking bitch" She screamed as she pulled off. I pointed the gun at Que.
"Kelsey. Give me the damn gun. You tripping right now" he said. I waved and pointed the gun at him as I talked.
"Fuck you Que. you ain't nothing but a lying ass bastard. After everything and you cheat AGAIN!!! HUH!! What was that shit You was talking about before...about us being together forever no more lies, cheating, or breaking up." I said.
"Kelsey I didn't fucking cheat. That bitch is lying I swear." He said.
"Whatever will forever be a liar and a cheater-
My mouth dropped as I realized what just happened. I didn't mean to pull the trigger. Que stumbled a little. He looked at me in shock. He held his shoulder as blood started to soak his white t shirt.
"Oh my gosh!!" I yelled running to him.
"You really shot a nigga" He said.
"I didn't mean to Que...I was just trying to scare you. I swear I didn't mean to." I said as tears fell. He chuckled.
"Your ass crazy man I swear." He said. I looked at his wound. He wasn't shoot just grazed by the bullet but it was still bleeding bad.
"Does it hurt?" I asked him. He shook his head no as we heard sirens. I looked around in a panic.
"Hurry go inside! I gotta get the shell casings" Que said as he jogged to pick up them. He jogged back to the house just in time as two cop cars pulled up in front of our house.
"Fuck!! Que they coming. I'm bout to go to fucking jail" I said.
"Be quiet. Go upstairs." He said as he grabbed a coat out the coat closet and put it on to cover is bloody shirt. The bell rung twice as I ran up the stairs.

       The cops came and left. I sat on the bathroom counter as Kelsey stood in bewtween my legs. She put pressure on my wound to stop the bleeding.
"You sure you don't wanna go to the hospital?" Kelsey questioned as she held my shoulder.
"I'm good Kels. It's just a graze right. And plus I don't wanna be questioned by the damn cops on what happened" he said looking down at me. She looked like she was about to cry.
"I'm sorry. I swear I am." She said. I knew she was sorry I just can't believe she actually knows how to shoot, shit I was impressed.
"I know. It ok" I told her. She removed the bloody bandage and looked at my wound.
"So you lied? You did fuck her?" She questioned as she opened a bottle of alcohol.
"Kelsey I swear on my kids that my dick never touched that bitch." I said. She just stared at me.
"Liar" She said as she pour some rubbing alcohol on my wound.
"AHHHHHHHH FUCK!! KELS WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled. She just stared at me.
"Why you always gotta lie?" She questioned.
"Kels I'm not lying damn. Why you using alcohol. You not suppose to use that shit." I said. She giggled.
"Duhh Que. I don't have the disinfectant soap they use to clean gun shot wounds so I used the next best thing" she said as she poured more alcohol in my wound. I screamed out from the burning sensation. I knocked the alcohol on the floor.
"Stop Damn. You making it worst." I said.
"Shut up before I just leave it like that" she said. I sucked my teeth. After 10 minutes she had me wrapped up.
"Does it hurt?" She asked with a straight face.
"Not really" I said. She handed me a pill. I looked at it and than back at her.
"It's an antibiotic stupid! If I wanted to drug you trust me I would of been did that." she said cleaning up the mess.
"Kelsey I didn't cheat on you." I said. She looked up at me with tears eyes.
"I want to believe you but I can't Que. why would she come here making that shit up huh? How she even know where we live?" She asked as tears fell.
"I don't know how she know where I live. Believe me Kels please. She fucking lying" I said. She was rubbing her knuckles.
"They hurt?" I asked as I took her hands in mine. She nodded. I chuckled.
"I didn't know you could fight like that Kels. Shit I thought you broke my damn jaw for a sec" I chuckled. She just shook her head.
"She had it coming. And don't think I was fighting over you because I wasn't. I beat the hoe ass because she got the nerve to show up to my damn home..where me and my kids rest our heads. And bad enough I have anger built up since my mom just passed away. She got me fucked up" she said. We heard the boys crying on the baby monitor we rushed out. They was wide awake.

To be continued....

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