Chapter 68:Missing Pieces

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MIXED UP CHAPTER NUMBERS! This is the newest chapter as of November 1, 2017.

It was going on 2:30pm. I dropped Kellie off at my moms. I drove down a long road. All around was trees and mountains. I saw a couple cars parked up a head. I pulled over and got out. Ace came walking towards me.
"Is he? Is he in there?" I asked referring to Que. He shook his head quick.
"No. Me and was just driving around until I spotted a car in that wooded area that looked like Ques." He said. I nodded my head and walked up to the car.
"You opened the door?" I asked him.
"No..don't touch nothing yet. I got my forensic team coming. They'll check for any prints or....blood." He said. I nodded. Ques driver side door was half way opened. The keys was still in the ignition. I spotted a peace of paper laying on the passenger floor. I went to the passenger side and got a closer look through the window. It was a speeding ticket. It said the date he was last seen and the time on the ticket said 11:57am. That was about 2 hours after I last saw him.
"ACE!!" I yelled. He came rushing over.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"Que was pulled over for speeding that day. It's a ticket on the floor" I told him. He pulled out his phone.
"Who are you calling?" I asked. He put is finger up to silence me. After 10 minutes he hung up.
"Who was that?" I asked. He huffed.
"It was a friend of mine. He works for the police department. He's gonna check and see who was the officer that pulled him over and issued the tickets." He said. He looked worried and scared in the face.
"You-You think he did something to Que?" I asked. He sighed.
"No. He would be stupid if he did. Why issue him a ticket than?" He said. His phone rung again and he picked it up on the first ring and walked away. He hung up after a few minutes.
"He spoke to the cop who pulled him over. He got pulled over for speeding, doing 90mph in a 55. He said he pulled him over a little before 12noon. He was, he was with a female. He said he's sending her picture over." He said. I looked away and nodded.
"You ok" ace asked while rubbing my back. I nodded.
"Yea. I just wanna know what happened." I said. My voice cracked. His phone blinged notifying him a a message. He opened it and his eyes widened. I snatched his phone out his hand and my eyes widened too.
"Ima fuck her up" I says through clinches teeth. I rushed off towards my car but not before being pulled back by ace.
"Kelsey. Let me handle it. Do you understand me! Leave the shit alone. I'll handle everything" He said. I pulled away from him and got in my car slamming the door. I sped off. My phone instantly started ringing.
"WHAT!" I cried into the phone.
"Kelsey calm down please. I'm going to handle everything. Don't go and do nothing stupid. Go home to my grandkids and I'll call you if I get anymore information." He said. I stayed silent.
"Kelsey? Are you there?" He asked.
"Ok! Ok I hear you ace. Cal me when you find out anything else" I said before hanging up. I'll be damn. I don't have time waiting on people. I waited around for over a year and this is the closest I've ever been to finding out what really happened to Quanell. This bitch forgot to mentioned she was basically the last person to see him. That shit was fishy.
I pulled up to Quanell's club Kali Dream. I turned off my engine and walked inside using my key. Mel, Ques best friend has been managing the club. I think I judged him before getting to really know him. I can't lie he's been doing great with the club. Que would be so proud.
"Sup Kelsey I didn't know you was coming through." He said as he stood on a ladder hanging lights up. I slowly walked towards the stage.
"Just came to check up on things. Who's here?" I asked him. He nodded.
"Um Arnell, Big Mike, Tae, Em, and Ari." He said. I nodded and walked to the back where everyone was. When I walked in everyone said hello and I greeted them back. I could tell Ari was rolling her eyes in her head. She always had this stank as face whenever I was around.
"Um Ari can I please talk to you." I said with a face smile. She looked up at me than everyone else. She gave a fake smile and slowly stood up.
"Sure" She said while grabbing her phone and purse. We walked outside the club and out to the parking lot.
"So what did you have to talk to me about?" She asked. I could tell he had a attitude but was tryna cover it with her fake ass smile.
"Well. They just found Quanells car." I told her. She looked like she saw a ghost when I said that but she kept her composure.
"What? Re-really? What he in there? What did they find?" She asked.
"Yes, really. No he wasn't in there. They found one thing tho. A speeding ticket." I said. She nodded.
"These guys know they love to speed." She said with a slight giggled. I squinted my eyes at her. I didn't find shit funny.
""Uh Yea but anyway. The officer who gave him the ticket said he was with someone." I said. She turned her head and ran her fingers through her head.
"Who?" She asked. I leaned closer to her and whispered in her face.
"You" I whispered. She squinted her eyes and stepped back.
"You was the last person with him. So what the fuck really happened Ari?" I asked. She shook her head.
"Whoa! Wait a minute so are you accusing me? Of doing something to Que?" She asked.
"Who the fuck else is there to blame! YOU was the last one with him! YOU!" I said. She shook her head.
"I swear. I didn't have shit to do with nothing. I-I?" She said.
"I-I What? Huh? You what?" I yelled.
"I fucking loved him! Your fucking happy? We was seeing each other? I promised him I would never tell." She yelled. I cover my mouth in disbelief. My eyes started to water but I refused to let this hoe see me cry.
"I'm sorry Kelsey. I'm so sorry. I never wanted to come between y'all. It just happened." She said.
"That day. That day he dropped he off at home. That was the last time I saw him. All I know is he said he was going to Oakland. I don't know what for, that's all I know I swear. He was suppose to come back to my house that night but never showed up. I figured he was home with you since he wasn't answering my calls." She said. I left her standing there and walked to my car.
"Kelsey..." She yelled. I stopped in my tracks and turned to her.
"Get off my property! Your fired" I told her. She simple nodded and walked to her car and pulled off. I sat in my car and broke down. All I could think was why he stay doing be dirty. I knock on my window made me jump. I looked up and it was Mel.


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