Chapter 39:Please Let Me Testify

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2 weeks later.....
I was still pissed about what Barber told me two weeks ago about my father and shit. The DA subpoena Kelsey. They was trying to get my baby to crack and go against me. I wasn't worried tho, cause Kelsey has always been loyal to me. Barber sat across from me going over my case with me. We was interrupted by the door opening. In walked District Attorney(DA) Micheal Barnard and Assistant District Attorney(ADA)James Perez.
"Barnard, Perez....what brings you two in today?" Barber asked while crossing his legs.
"Plead guilty to drug trafficking and Man 1(1st degree manslaughter) and I'll drop the distribution and Murder 1(First Degree Murder) chargers." Perez said.
"No! Fuck that" I yelled. Barber grabbed my shoulder to calm me down.
"Gentleman that's a no go." Barber stated while struggling his shoulders.
"Listen... I'm trying to help you. You wanna go home to your fiancé and daughter? You wanna see your daughter graduate high school...Right. Take the deal. If you bring this to trial your going to be found guilty." He said. I sighed. I looked up at Barbara. He shook his head no.
"No. I'm not taking it." I said while leaning back in my seat. They shook there heads.
"Well I guess we'll see y'all at trial" they said before leaving. I banged on the table and laid my head down on it.
"Calm down Quanell" Barber told be while placing a hand on my shoulder. I struggled his hand off of me and stood up.
"Calm down? Nigga you really saying this to me. They got fucking evidence on me that's not mine! I'm being ducking set up! I haven't seen my fucking daughter or fiancé in months and I'm most likely going to be looked up in this fucking hell hole for the rest of my life and you talking about some fucking calm down! No fuck you!!" I yelled before tapping on the window to be taking back to my cell.
"Do you trust me?" Barber asked while looking me dead in my face. The guards put me in my shackles.
"Should I" I asked him while looking him back in his eyes. He sighed.
"Come on man. How long we knew each other? 10 fucking years. Your like a fucking son to me Quanell. Trust me and take my word. Have I ever lied to you?" He asked. I shook my head no.
"Exactly. Please trust me and believe me. I'm going to get you out of here if it's the last thing I fucking do." He said before hugging me.
"Thanks man" I said before being pulled away to my cell.
2 months later.....
I prayed everyday hoping this trial goes good. I wanted revenge on the man I called my father for the last 26 years....I wanted to hunt him down a watch him suffer. It's been two months since the trial started. The DA stated their case and my attorneys stated our case. Half of the DA's evidence was ruled out because if was tampered with. Today was the day Kelsey testifies. She hasn't been present the entire time at trial because they didn't want that to intervene with her testimony.
"The District Attorney calls Kelsey Murray to the stand." The court officer said. The big wooden doors came open and in walked a scared looking Kelsey. Her eyes was red and puffy, I could tell she was just crying. When we caught each other eyes she stopped and just smiled. I smiled back and mouth I Love You. She shook her head and smiled.
"Place your left hand in the Bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me....Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" The court officer asked.
"Yes I do" Kelsey said before taking her seat on the stand.
ADA James Perez stood and approached the stand.
"Please state your name and relation to the defendant for the record." Perez said.
"My name is Kelsey Murray and I am Quanell Hernandez Fiancée" Kelsey said.
"How long have you and the defendant been together?" He asked.
"I've know Quanell for over 6 years but we've been together for a little over 5 years" she said.
"Ok, where did you meet the defendant, it seems like y'all come from two walks of life." He said. Kelsey squinted her eyes at him and giggled.
"Two walks of life? No. But we met when we was both attending NYU" she said.

This Perez guy was working my last damn nerve asking me stupid ass questions that he obviously knew the answers to. He had a slick as mouth.
"So did he start selling before, after, or during his time at NYU?" Perez asked. My eyes bucked.
"Your honor irrelevant?" Quanell Attorney Barber said while standing.
"I'm getting to it your honor." Parez said.
"So get to it....Ms. Murray please answer the question" The judge said.
"I don't know what your talking about there was never no selling going on." I simple stated. Perez quickly turned to me.
"You have no recollection of  YOUR FIANCÉ selling drugs" he asked walking to the stand.
"My memory is great. Quanell was not selling anything before, after, or during the time we attended NYU Sir" I said. I saw Barber smirking from the corner of my eye.
"Ms. Murray, how old is Kali?" He asked. My neck snapped to his direction quick. Barber jumped up quick. I could see the anger burning in Quanell eye.
"That question is Irrelevant your honor. There daughter shouldn't be brought up in this" Barber said.
"It's relevant to this your honor" Parez said. The judge motioned for me to speak.
"S-she's 2." I stated. He nodded his head.
"That's the best age. They grow up so fast. One day there 2 the next day there 21. How time flies" he said while smirking at me. I just looked at him.
"Do you want him to miss out on her first day of kindergarten, father daughter dance, middle school graduation, high school graduation, maybe even college graduation?" He asked me. My eyes started to become glossy.
"No." I said. He shook his head slowly.
"So tell the truth Kelsey, if not for yourself than for Kelsey" he said. I just nodded my head.
"Do  you know Quanell is a Kingpin? He runs over 75% of drug distribution in the east coast. How you think he could afford the big house, fancy cars, designer clothes, expensive trips. Where you think you got your Audi from?" He asked me. I shook my head.
"I don't know what your talking about" I told him. He laughed.
"Kelsey! Your a smart girl! You knew and you know now. You was in on it huh? That's what it was. Modern day Bonnie and Clyde. " he said.
"NO! I don't know shit. Wasn't no Bonnie and Clyde shit going on. I wasn't involved in shit because there wasn't nothing to be involved in." I said. He smirked and shook his head. He took a seat and DA Micheal Barnard stood up fixing his tie.

I know it's kinda boring......

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