Chapter 74:Getting Even

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Sorry it took foreverrrrr to update but I honestly didn't know how to continue this book. But now my imagination is going crazy. Somebody said I should end the book here and do a book 2 fast forwarding it 5-10 years. Idk tho because I still have more ideas for this book Enjoy!!

6 months later....
"Noooo...those boxes go in the kitchen. I labeled the damn boxes for a reason." I yelled to Que and his cousins. He just recently met his  2 first cousins on his dad side and they've been glued ever since. They names are Justin but everyone calls him Just and Joshua but everyone calls his Josh. Even tho they only 19 and 20 and Quanell is 26 they have grew very close quick.
"Kels...I got this man. Go outside with the girls" he said with and slight attitude.
"No. The girls are fine, your dad is watching them. It's obviously your ass need watching since you can't follow simple fucking directions" I said. He ran his hand down his face and sighed loudly. I crossed my arms over my chest and squinted my eyes at him.
"What!" He asked sounding annoyed.
"Uhh I can't stand your yellow ass!" I yelled as I stormed out the room heading outside. He laughed.
"I love you too!" He yelled. I was beyond stressed. We just moved into our new home. And our wedding was in two months and I was beyond stressed the fuck out. I went into our master bedroom and blooped on the bed face down. I screamed into the pillow and started crying. Why? I really don't know. I just want everything to go perfectly but it's not. I felt the bed dip. I knew it was him. He rubbed my lower back but I moved his hand.
"Kels don't be like that" he said. I sat up with tears in my eyes and just looked at him.
"Like what?" I asked with an attitude. He sucked his teeth.
"Man..stop that shit. You stressing for no fucking reason." He said.
"I have plenty of reasons to stress. I just want everything to be perfect but it's not...I just know it's not." I cried. He giggled. I looked up at him with a straight face.
"My bad Kels. I didn't mean to laugh. everything is going to be perfect ok" He said. I just looked away.
"Look at me...look. Your going to have the perfect home, family and wedding. I promise. Stop stressing yourself our bae. I got you trust me right?" He asked. I smiled a little as I nodded my head.
"Yeaa. I trust you." I said. He smiled and pecked my lips.
"Ok, just trust me iight. I love you." He said as he pecked my lips two more times.
"I love you more" I told him as I bit his bottom lip. He smiled and deepened the kiss and eased his tongue in my mouth. He laid me back on the bed and grabbed on of my legs wrapping it around his hip.
"Mmmm" He said into my mouth. I removed his shirt. He broke the kiss and kissed my jaw than my neck leaving wet kisses. I felt his hardness through his jeans. He rocked it against me. I arched my back and rubbed his waves as he sucked on my neck leaving love bits. He made his way back to my mouth sucking on my tongue. He slid his hand in my shirt trying to undo my bra.
"MOMMY!" Our door came busting opening. I pushed Que off me as I pushed my shirt down. Que took a pillow and sat in on his lap trying to hide his erection.
"What I told you about entering a room without knocking Kali. Next time knock" I told her as I took her out the room. I looked back at Que and he looked a little disappointed.
"Lotion is in the bathroom cabinet" I says with a wink. He gave me a death stare and chuckled.

Lotion my ass. She thought that shit was funny. I laid in the bed until my shit went down. I was so close but I ain't mad. We hardly have sex. The kids either interrupt us or Kelsey don't be in the mood with her moody ass. I got up and headed back down stairs. Kelsey, Kali and Kellie was in the kitchen eating pizza.
"Daddy you want pizza?" Kali asked. I kissed her than kissed Kellie.
"Yea. Kellie you gonna share with daddy?" I asked Kellie. This girl know she can eat. She so damn greedy.
"No daddy" she simply said. Kelsey started laughing.
"Please" I asked Kellie.
"No no no daddy" she said while trying to guard her pizza. That made Kelsey laugh more.
"That shit ain't funny..she get that shit from you." I said. She just struggled her shoulders and laughed.
"All done daddy. You eat it" Kellie said as she handed me the crust.
"You foul..but thank Baby. Daddy still love you" I said as I ate her crust.
"Where my dad and them niggas at?" I asked.
"Store to go get stuff for a barbecue " She said.
"Barbecue?" I question.
"Yea, it was your dad idea. It just gonna be us tho. No one else." She said I nodded. These last 6 months has been crazy af. It feels like me and Kels relationship is on rocks and I don't know how long we can hang on. All we do is argue. She knit picks at any and everything I do. I try to do everything to make her happy but it doesn't work. The wedding is in 2 months and I don't know if we will even make it up to that point.
5 hours later....
The barbecue is now ending and my pops had to leave a little early because he had work.
"Y'all ready?" I asked my cousins Josh and Just, they brothers btw. I was giving them a ride home. Josh license was suspended so he wasn't driving no time soon and Just car was in the shop until tomorrow. Kelsey came down stairs with her coat and keys in her hand.
"Where you going?" I asked looking at her attire. She was wearing a place fitted dresses and black thigh high boots. She sucked her teeth.
"You forgot...I told you my job was having a party at the hospital for the supervisor since she's retiring" she said.
"Damn I forgot. I gotta bring the girls with me than" I said. She sucked her teeth.
"No don't wake them, I just finally got Kellie to sleep...I'll just drop them off. Well if you and them don't mind" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders.
"Don't matter" Just said and josh just shrugged.
"Ok let's go" she said as they followed her.

I pulled up to Josh apartment he shared with his girlfriend.
"Good lucks On the ride Kelsey" I smiled.
"You're welcome. Tell Bianca I said hey" I said referring to his girlfriend.
"I will. See you later nigga" Josh said to his brother. The dabbed and I pulled off. Justin got comfortable in his seat and leant it back. I rolled my eyes. His house was 20 minutes away. I bounced my leg as I drove. I had to piss like a motherfucker.
"The hell wrong with you?" Justin asked me looking at me weird.
"I have to use the bathroom" I said. I turnt into his apartment building and parked.
"Can I use your bathroom?" I asked. He did a thinking face. I sucked my teeth and hoped out. He laughed and lead me to his apartment. He opened the door and I rushed in going to the bathroom.
"The fuck" Justin mumbled. After peeing and washing my hands I came out.
"Thanks I need to be going now" I said. He chuckled and stood up walking to me. He pushed me against the wall and slid his hands in between my legs.
"You can stop acting now" he said. I smirked and kissed him. He lift me up and sat me in the counter. I unbuttoned his pants without breaking the kiss. He ripped my thong off and looked me in my eyes.
"FUCK ME" I demanded. He pushed himself in me with no warning. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as he gave me rough long strokes. He pulled my dress over my head throwing it. My tits bounced as he fucked me harder.
"I bit my lip enjoying every second.
"Uhhhh fuck. Right there and there baby. Mmm" I moaned thrusting forwards. He held my waist and went faster.
"Mmmm baby...I'm bout to cum. Harder please." I moaned. He did as I said. He bent down still pounding in me and sucked on my tits. He started sucking fur two long so I pushed his head away.
"No hickies" I said as I bit my lip. My body lifted a little and I screamed as I cummed on his dick. Justin pounded in me and soon quickly pulled out cumming on my stomach. I layed on his counter trying to catch me breath. He lend down kissing me passionately.
"I love you" I said.
"I love you too" He said. He picked me up.
"Let's Get You clean up." He said.We took a shower together and fucked again. Yes I was fucking my soon to be husband cousin. No I didn't mean for it to happen, it just happened. Do I love him, yes. We been sleeping together for 3 months. And to be honest I don't regret it. Justin makes me feel how Que made me feel when we first met. He gives me that spark I needed and wanted. And gives me the attention and love I deserve. I never thought of it as cheating. I just thought of it as getting even since Que cheated on me for years with multiple woman.

OMG WHAT!!!! Kelsey cheating on Que!!! With his own damn cousin. Sorry it took me so long to update. I honestly didn't know how to continue this book but now I have plenty of ideas.

Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error. I didn't proofread!! Enjoy

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