Chapter 108:Leading

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1 week later....
    I opened the door and Que stood there.
" can come in." I said. He shook his head.
"Nah I'm good, they ready?" He asked. I was taking back a little.
"Um Yea..." I said as I called for them. They came running to the door with their backpacks.
"Daddy!" The boys said running to him. He smiled picking them both up. I quickly hugged the kids and said my goodbyes. I guess Que was finally letting go. I ended up taking a nap after I woke up Rashad texted me asking if I wanted to go out for dinner and a movie. I agreed since we haven't been out in a while.
We went to a quiet restaurant and ate. It wasn't nothing fancy but it was real nice and chill. After the dinner we went and watched the Cult Of Chucky. The ride back was quiet. I wasn't really in the talking mood.
"You enjoyed the movie?" Rashad asked me as he glanced from the road to me. I smiled.
"Yea it was ok but the original Child's Play will always be the best" I said. He chuckled.
"I agree" he said as he pulled up to my house. We sat in front of my house in silent.
"You ok?" He asked placing his hand in my exposed knee. I put my hands over his.
"Yea I'm good. Just got a lot on my mind" I told him. He nodded.
"Your husband?" He questioned. I squinted my eyes at him and gentle moved his hand.
"Where separated." I said growing annoyed about what he said. He chuckled.
"I didn't mean it like that Kelsey. But how you think I feel? I wanna be with you but you don't act the same way. Why don't you just sign the papers and divorce him already" He said.
"It's not that simple Rashad. You don't understand" I said.
"Well make me understand Kelsey. I want you and only you but you clam he can't let you go but it seems like you can't let him go either. If you wanna be with me just be real, don't lead me on"
"I'm not leading you on. It's not like that between me and Que. We have damn near 12 years of history together you can't expect me to just forget him like he's not my kids father or like he wasn't my damn husband. Gosh" I said running my hand through my hair.
"Kelsey...I never asked you to forget him. I'm just asking you to not lead me on. If you wanna be with him than tell me." He said sounding upset. I stayed silent looking out the window.
"If I wanted to be with him, I wouldn't be still sitting here with you. I want this Rashad. I want us" I told him. He smiled kissing my lips.
"I love know that right?" He asked. It felt like my throat closed.
"Yea I wanna come in?" I asked him. We got out the car and went inside. He's only been inside my home a few times. I lead him to my room and immediately started undressing. He removed his shirt and pants. As I stripped out of my clothes all my mind could do was think about Que, I know I hurt him by what I said to him last week. Rashad pulled my body to him kissing on my neck and on my exposed breast. His lips connected to mine and I felt his tongue exploring my mouth. He guided me to my bed, gentle laying me down. I reached in his pants pocket pulling out a condom. He ripped it with his teeth and slipped it on his full erected penis. He placed my legs in the air and slightly spreads them. I felt the head of his penis enter me slowly, and soon I felt him fully in me. He gave me wet kisses on my legs as he started to thrust inside me. I bit my lip trying to contain my moans but couldn't.
"Tell me how good it feels?" He said. I ignored him. I hated when he tried to do that dirty talk shit, it was awkward doing it with him.
"Tell me how good my dick feel in you" He said thrusting harder. I knew he wasn't gonna give up.
"It feels so good" I moaned. He trusted harder in me as I moaned loaded.
"Fuck..." he said as he put my legs down guideline them to wrap around his waist. We was now I'm missionary. Our skin made clapping sounds against each other as he sped up. I felt my walls tighten and knew I was reaching my peak. I arched my back and screamed out as I orgasmed. I breaths was hard as I came down from my high. He still thrusted in me trying to get his nut. He bit is bottom lip looking down at me as he buried his face in my neck.
"Damn baby.." he moaned. He grunted and sucked my neck. He leaned up looking me in my eyes.
"Tell me you love me" He said. I just looked at him. Nothing came out my mouth.
"Tell...Me...You...Love..Me.." He said as he thrusted harder and harder at every word he said. I pushed his shoulders because he was getting to rough. He chuckled shaking his head. After a few more thrusts he came. He collapsed on me with his penis still in me. I nudged him.
"Can you get up please" I asked him. He looked at me that got up.
"What's up with you?" He asked. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes and rolled my eyes.
"Nothing is wrong with me, I just didn't want you laying in me." I said. He chuckled shaking his head as he slipped his boxers on.
"Nah I ain't talking about that, I'm talking about you joy saying it back. Why you ain't say it back?" He asked looking at me. I shook my head and got up heading to my bathroom but he grabbed me roughly by my wrist.
"Answer my question" he demanded with venom in his voice. I snatched away.
"Maybe you should go" I said grabbing my rob and covering up.
"I didn't mean to grab you like that. I just feel like I'm being lead on. If your not ready to say it that's all you had to say" he said standing up. I tightened my rob and crossed my arms over my chest.
"I already told you I'm not leading you on." I told him. He nodded.
"Ok, I enjoyed you tonight" he said grabbing my waist and pulling me to him. I gave him a small smile and he kissed my lips.
"I'll see you tomorrow" I said. He nodded getting redressed. I walked him to the door and he kissed me but this time he slipped his tongue in my mouth, I just went along with it.
"Goodnight beautiful" he said.
"Goodnight Rashad" I said as he walked off. I closed the door making sure to set my alarm and lock it. All of a sudden I wasn't so tensed.

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