Chapter 23:Second Chances

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I replayed that day in my head. Hearing Kelsey say she had a miscarriage broke me down. I was hurt, I know we wasn't ready for a baby but it broke my heart so bad knowing it was taking from us. I wouldn't want nothing more than to have a child by Kelsey, but I guess God knew we wasn't ready. Me and Kelsey talked. Talked about EVERYTHING! We told each other how we both felt and we talked until we made sure we was on the same level. I told her how sorry I was. Not only sorry for cheating, but sorry because I wasn't here to help her deal with this pain. We are back together. Im happy she believe in second chances. I promised her I will never hurt her in that way again. And I won't! Kelsey is the only female I really ever truly loved. I wanna be with her and only her. I wanna marry her. Christmas is in 3weeks. I wanna take her on a vacation, so she can clear her mind and just relax. We decided to Roatán, Honduras, it's a small Caribbean bay island in Honduras.

A couple days later.....

We woke up at 2:30am, our flight leaves at 5:00am but we gotta be at JFK airport by 4:00am so we can check in. We showered and got dressed. We called an Uber and was on our way. We checked in, and soon after boarded the plan. Kelsey never been on a plan so she was scared. She soon relaxed. The flight was 7 hours long. Once we got there we had to take a small plan to the actual island. We made it to the resort at 1 in the afternoon. We was tired from the long flight so we checked into our hotel room and fell asleep. The room was beautiful tho. Big bay windows, nice wood furniture and the view was amazing. We woke up at around 6:00pm. I woke Kelsey up and told her to get ready because I wanted to take her out for dinner. I showered and got dressed. Of course Kelsey took forever. She came walking out and I could feel my dick getting hard. I haven't had sex since me and Kelsey broke up and even tho we got back together about a week ago she still hasn't giving it up to me. She was teasing a nigga. Her hair was in a high bun. She had on this two piece dress that was skin tight and showed off all her curves...the curves that I missed. She looked sexy as fuck, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.
"What? You don't like my outfit or something?" She asked while looking in the mirror.
" you look beautiful" I told her.
"I do...thank you" she said with a giggle. We walked hand and hand down stairs. Our ride came and we got in.

Kelsey's Outfit👆🏾KELSEY(POV)       The drive was about 20 minutes long

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Kelsey's Outfit👆🏾
The drive was about 20 minutes long. I started to see water. Where was we going, where was the restaurant. The car stopped and the driver opened our door. Quanell helped me out.
"Where's the restaurant?" I asked him. He just gave me a small smile and walked me down the board walk.
"Where are we going" I asked him.
"To have dinner" he simply said while still guiding me down the board walk.
We made it to the end of the board walk where a small boat was.
"Where is it...I don't wanna get in a boat." I told him. I have a fear of drowning.
"Come on..I ain't gonna let nothing happen to you" he assured me. We got in the boat and took off. Quanell kept smiling at me and rubbing my hand. There was nothing around but water, was he tryna kill me or something. I started to see light...we got closer and I noticed it was a little teepee looking thing or a small looking house. We pulled closer to it and the boat stopped. It was so beautiful. It was breath taking. Quanell helped me out, he unlocked the glass door and we walked in. I was amazed, it was beautiful. There was a small kitchen, a dining room with food already made in it, there was a big bed with a bunch of roses on it. Someone was tryna get some tonight.

"You like it" he asked while hugging me from the back and walking me to the dinner table

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"You like it" he asked while hugging me from the back and walking me to the dinner table.
"I love did you do this, all of this" I asked. He laughed.
"I have my connects, this place is ours until tomorrow." He told me while kissing my lips. He pulled out my seat and I sat down. We ate, talked and laughed together. After we was done we decided to play some music. He blasted Future and Kodak black for a while. He turned it off.
"Dance with me?" He asked.

"Dance with me?" I asked her.
"What song are we suppose to dance off?" She asked with a confused look. I thought for a lil than the perfect song came to mind. A Puro Dolor(Purest of Pain) by Som By Four, that was my mothers favorite song. I typed the song on my phone and pressed play. ***PLAY VIDEO***
Sorry didn't mean to call you but I couldn't fight it
I guess I was weak, couldn't even hide it.
And so I surrendered, just to hear your voice.
I grabbed Kelsey by the waist and pulled her close to me. She rapped her arms around my neck. And we just danced. She rested her head on my chest. I rocked her back and forth slowly, moving to the beat of the music. This song meant so much more to me. I listen to every word of the song, it related to me and Kelsey so much. I just held her tight. The song soon ended and we was still holding each other.
"I love you Mami" I whispered in her ear. She pulled away from me, she touched my face. She kisses my lips and I accepted it. She broke the kiss and just looked up at me. I caressed her face.
"I love you" she said. She gave me that look that told me everything. She wanted me as bad as I wanted her. I kissed her and picked her up. She rapped her legs around my waist. I slowly walked to the bed and laid her down. She just stared at me. She wanted it just as bad as I did.

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