Chapter 43:Daddy's Home

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"Kelsey?.." the familiar voice said again. Tears instantly started falling from my eyes. I was lost for words.
"Quanell. " I managed to say. I heard him sigh. The line went silent for a couple seconds.
"Don't cry Kels. Everything is going to be ok. I promise." He said.
"But I'm scared." I said through my tears. He sighed.
"Kels, don't be scared. I'm here now and I'm not going no where. My plane leaves in a couple hours. Your mom is bringing me to y'all." He said. I nodded my head as if he could see me. Tears kept falling.
"Kels you heard me." He asked.
"Yea.....Ok." I said
"Ok. I love y'all. And I'll see you soon." He said.
"Ok...We love you too" I said.
"I'm sorry for everything. I'm gonna make it right...I promise" He said.
"Ok" I said. We hung up and I buried my face into my hands.

I over heard Alyssa telling Quanell everything. My blood was boiling. This bitch loyalty was suppose to be with me. I held her down when she ain't have shit. If it wasn't for me she would of never met Kelsey and Quanell. I pulled out my gun and cocked it. I heard foot steps coming down stairs. I stood up and placed the gun back into my waist band.
"Hey...The food is done. I made your favorite. Chicken, cabbage and rice and beans." She said while plopping down on the couch. I just stared blankly at her with my jaw clenched.
"W-what's wrong." She asked while stand up. She tried to grab my hand put I forcefully pushed it away. She scrunched up her face.
"What the fuck? What's wrong??" She asked. I chuckled. I pointed my finger in her face.
"You playing stupid now huh? I told you to keep your fucking mouth shut!" I yelled while mushing her head. She slowly started backing away.
"This is all your fucking did this!!" I yelled while pulling my gun from my waist band. She gasp and tears immediately started falling from her eyes.
"Jay...nooo...pleassses. I didn't say anything I promise." She said. I grabbed her by her shirt and slung her on the ground. She cried out in pain.
"You lying fucking bitch! I heard every thing. You think I'm stupid." I said while standing over her. I slowly raised my gun. Pointed it straight at her head.
"No I'm sorry!!! Please baby. Please don't. I'm so sorry please......I'm-I'm pregnant Jay" she cried out. I squinted my eyes at her.
"Lying bitch! I loved you. But you let me know who you really loyal too." I said.
"Jay I love you. Don't you love me. Please NO!" She begged.
"Yes, I love you. But sometimes love will make you do some crazy shit... BOOM BOOM BOOM. Her body twitched until it finally went numb. I bent down by her body. Her eyes was open. Blood poured from the gun shot wound from her stomach and the two in her skull. I shut her eyes.
"I loved you more than y'all ever know." I said before standing up and disappear into the night.

I sat on the plane with a million things running through my mind. Will my baby girl remember me, is Kels mad at me, why my pops set me up, how could Jay betray me I thought he was my nigga. I ran my head down my face and checked the time 7:02pm. Alyssa said she will call me at 6:00pm so I could know she's ok but still nothing. I hope she fine. The plane is suppose to land at 7:30pm and I couldn't be happier.
"You ok honey?" Kelsey mother Sharlene asked me.
"Yes I'm fine Ms. Sharlene. Just got a lot on my mind" I told her . She nodded her head and patted my leg. I woke up to Kelsey's mother tapping me.
"Hey sleepy head...the plane just landed" she said. I stood up and made my way off the plane. About time we got our luggage and caught an Uber it was going on 8:30pm. I sat in the uber anticipating seeing my daughter and Kelsey. The Uber pulled up to a gated community. Shit was secured like a mother fucker. They checked our ID's and saw that we was on Kelsey list of visitors. The gats opened. The houses was beautiful. Green ass grass, nice ass cars in every drive way. Kelsey was doing good for herself. The Uber finally pulled up to this big beautiful brick 2 story house. I smiled. This was the type of home Kelsey always dreamed of having.

 I got out the Uber with my bags in my hand and just stood there

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I got out the Uber with my bags in my hand and just stood there.
"Come on honey" Kelsey's mom said while guiding me through the gate and to the front door.
"She's gonna remember you" Ms. Sharlene said before ringing the door bell. My eyes became watery instantly. Why was I nervous tho. I heard a little girl laugh. That shit just hit my heart hard. I hear buttons on an alarm system being pressed and heard locks being turned the door open. And there stood Kelsey. It felt like I haven't seen her in forever. It felt like my heart fell out my chest. He hugged in greeted her mother. We locked eyes and I could see the hurt but happiness in her eyes. She gave me a small smile, a tear ran down her face. And then more tears came. I grabbed her and brought her into a hug. She broke down. Tears started to pour from my eyes but I kept it together.
"Don't cry" I whispered in her ear. She just hugged me tighter and kept crying.
"I'm here now Kels. And I promise I'll never leave y'all again" I told her.
"I missed you so much. I needed you and you wasn't there" she cried into my chest. She pushed me and punched at my chest. I let her do it because I knew she was mad.
"I was so promise to protected us. Your promised. Promise me Quanell. Promise y'all never leave us. Please promise me" she cried. I gently grabbed her face. I caressed her cheat.
"Kels I promise never to leave y'all again." I kissed her cheek.
"I promise I'll always be here...I missed you and love you so fucking much Kelsey." I said before kissing her lips. It's been so long since I tasted her lips. She finally calmed down and we made our way inside.
"Where my baby girl" I asked her. My heart was beating fast. Do she know who I am? Will she remember me? All those questions went through my head. I haven't seen my baby girl in almost a year. I missed out on her 3rd birthday and that shit still fucks me up to this day.
"She's in the living room watching Elmo, come on" Kelsey said while leading the way. I couldn't help but look at that ass. Damn, shit got fatter.
"Kali...look baby" Kelsey said. Kali turned her head to me and I nearly broke down in tears.

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