Chapter 17:Cheater

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"Damn, my fault ma" I said. i bumped into this chick by accident. Her drink spilt on her dress and spilled on the floor.
"It's fine"she simply said while wiping the wet area of her dress. I couldn't see her face tho. Her head was down ass she tried to wipe the brown liquor off her pink tight dress. She looked good AF tho. She had long black silky shines hair. She was a fare completion and she had ass.
"Damn, it's not even coming off..I'll pay for the damaged I caused on your dress" I said. She giggled and looked up at me. She shared a gaze. Damn she was beautiful, she looked to be maybe some type of Hispanic. I smiled at her and she did the same.
"It's was honestly on sale at forever 21" she said with a giggle. Her laugh was cute.
"So, I'll still pay for it. Let me buy you a drink since I kinda made you spill it on yourself" I said. She a agreed and we headed to the bar.
"So what would you like?" I asked her.
"Uhh I'll just take a Long Island Icetea." She told the bar tender.
"I'll take a cup of Henny" I told the bartender. The girl I spilled the drink on gave me a look.
"What" I asked with a smile.
"You drinking Henny straight" she asked. I smiled and shook my head yes.
"Damn you gonna be fucked up" she said while laughing.
"Well that's my plan" I said while sipping on my drink. We made it back to the balcony area but it was now empty. I just stood there in silences for a couple of minutes.
"You never told me your name" I said to her.
"Well you never asked me...but my name is Jasmine...and you are?" She said with a smirk. I laughed.
"I'm Quanell but everyone calls me Qúe" I told her. She nodded her head.

 She nodded her head

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"Ok, so how old are you Qúe" Jasmine asked while sipping from her drink. Is it wrong that I think she's sexy as fuck.
"I'm 25. You?" I asked
"I'm 23" she said while flicking her hair over her shoulder.
"Iight that cool. Where you from." I asked her.
"My parents are from Colombia but I was born and raised in Harlem...what about you" she said. I knew she was Hispanic.
"I'm from Brooklyn, but my moms is from Puerto Rico, and my pops is from here he's black" I said. We both laughed. We talked more. Is it bad that I'm feeling her, I love Kelsey but she's been gone for a week and I've been horny AF. Rihanna work came on and she started dancing. She rocked her hips back and forth and twirked a lil. I just sat back and enjoyed the show.
"You like what you see or something" she asked while still dancing. I smirked.
"Yes" I simply said. She turnt to me and smiled. She grabbed my hands and pulled me towards her.
"Let's dance" she said while grinding her ass into my dick. We danced the entire night. She kept grinding on my dick, I was loving every minute of it. I know I crossed the line but what Kelsey don't know won't hurt...right. It was going on 2:00am and the club was starting to get empty. Jasmine kept trying to call her friend she came here with but she didn't answer. I told her I'll take her home, she agreed.
"You hungry?" I asked her while driving.
"Yea, just a lil" she said. She
Wanted McDonald's so I got it for her. We parked and ate in the car. We was talking and eating. We finished and I got out and threw out the trash. I got back in my car and saw I had 3 missed calls from Keksey and 5 unread messages from her. It was late so I didn't bother to text her back.
"So you tryna chill tonight" I asked Jasmine. I don't know if it was the liquor talking or what.
"Yeaa...want me to come back to you crib" she asked. Her hand touched my beard. I just smiled.
"Yea, if you want" i said while licking my lips. She agreed. We pulled up to my apartment. I unlocked the door. It was dark. I grabbed her hand and guided her to my guest room. I wasn't bout to bring her into my room. That would be straight disrespect to Kelsey.
She walked in and layed across the bed. I sat on the small couch in the room and just watched her. She rolled on her back and sat up.
"Come here" she said in the most sexiest tone ever. Damn she was turning a nigga on. I walked up to her and he gently rapped her arms around my neck and pulled me on top of her.
She kissed my lips. I kissed her back. All I kept thinking of was Kelsey.
"You want me" she asked while placing small kisses on my lips than my neck.
"I want you" she said while removing my shirt. I let her. I was so deep into this shit that there was no going back. She got up and pushed me on the bed. I was laying in my back. She removed my pants And boxers. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was Kelsey so I wouldn't feel so guilty. It felt so good...too good. She was deep throating me. She stopped and told me to throat Fuck her so I did. She got on her knees as I stood in front of her. I guided my dick back in her mouth. I held her head with both hands and deep throat fucked her until i nutted in her mouth. I put on a condom and tore that pussy up. After we fucked, I called her a cab and sent her ass home. I took a shower and layed in my bed. Thinking about how I just cheated on Kelsey. I felt stupid and guilty AF. Idk why I even did it it the first place. I guess because I was horny. I was mad at myself. My mind wasn't there when I was fucking that girl, my body was.

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