Chapter 81:The F

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error! I didn't proofread! ENJOY!!

     My heart was beating so fast and I felt sick. But I needed to tell him about me cheating.
"Que...I ch..I changed my birth control last month and I think I'm pregnant. That's why I've been acting like this" I said. I could say it. I could tell him I cheated and caught a STD so I just blurted out anything. He just looked at me and a small smile creeped on his face.
"Why didn't you tell me? That's why you been acting like this?" He questioned. Tears fell from my eyes. I slowly nodded.
"I'm not sure if I'm pregnant tho. Im moody and been acting different so I'm assuming I am" he smiled hard. I smiled back feeling like shit for just lying like that. He kissed me and pulled up my shirt rubbing my flat stomach. I tried to gently push his hand away.
"Que I'm not sure yet. I don't won't get our hopes up and it turns out I'm not" I said.
"I don't care. I'll be happy either way. Damn I love you Kels" he says kiss my lips. I felt like the scum on my shoes. Tears fell from my eyes.
"I love you too" I told him. We fell asleep in each other arms.
         I woke up to Que kissing my stomach.
"Que...stop" I said. He smiled kissing my lips.
"I can't help it. My baby pregnant with another one of my babies. I know it's a boy" he smiled hard.
"Que. we talked about this. I might not even be pregnant" I told him.
"I know. But let's just hope you are. Hurry get dress you have an appointment in a hour.
"What! You made an appointment?" I said jumping up.
"Yea. I thought I'll do it for you. What's wrong?" He asked. I looked away trying to think of something.
"Um I I already made a appointment" I lied.
"When is it?" He asked going into the bathroom. Think Kelsey think!
"Um tomorrow at 2" I said. I knew he had a meeting at the club with someone. He sucked his teeth coming out the bathroom.
"Damn Kels. Why didn't tell me earlier. I got a meet then." He said sounding disappointed.
"I know I'm sorry. I'm just going to get a pregnancy test. I'll call you when I find out" I said.
"Ok. And I better be the first one you tell when you find out if you are or not" he kissed my lips. I nodded. He went back into the bathroom turning the shower on.
"Come on?" He yelled from inside the bathroom. Shit! Hopefully he doesn't try to have sex with me. I walked in and he was already naked getting in the shower. I took of my pajamas and got in with him trying to stay far away. I noticed his Penis was erected. He chuckled.
"Why you acting like you scared of it" he said still laughing. I playfully rolled my eyes.
"Come here" He said.
"For what?" I asked already knowing what he was trying to do. He chuckled.
"Girl come here" He said grabbing my waist. He turnt me so my back was to his chest. I felt his penis poking my back. He leant me forward and tried to enter me but I stood up and moved.
"What you doing?" He asked sounding confused. I just looked at him. I didn't want to have sex with him because even tho I'm almost treated I still don't wanna take the chances of him catching it from me.
"Shhh...let me take care of you" I told him as I got on my knees. He watched me. I grabbed his erected penis and kissed the mushroom head on it. He bit his bottom lip and smirked. I slowly slid it in my mouth swirling my tongue around it as I sucked and sucked. He let out low moaned making me go quicker. After 5 minutes he let out all his seeds in my mouth. I swallowed what I could. He helped me back to my feet. I got under the shower water rinsing my mouth. Felt his hands travel in between my legs. He started play with my clit. I closed my eyes leaning my head on him as he pleases me. He stool two fingers in me. Even tho it was a little uncomfortable because I was still suffering from the symptoms I still enjoyed it. I came after a few minutes. He pulled his fingers out of me and sucked them clean. He can't catch shit since I'm almost cured. I turnt to him and smiled.
"Mmm you taste good" he complimented. I smiled and hugged him. He pecked my lips.
"Mommmyy?" We heard a little voice say. I opened the shower door and Kali stood in the doorway rubbing her eye.
"What's wrong baby?" I asked reaching for my robe and stepping out.
"I'm scared." She whined. I picked her up and brought her back to her room.
"Don't be scared. Mommy here ok. You hungry?" I asked. She nodded her head. I check on Kellie. She was knocked out. I smiled at the sign of her. Both of them are my world. Que too.
I finished showering and got dressed. I had some runs to make and needed to be on time. I went down stairs and Kels and Kali was sitting at the table eating cereal.
"Hey beautiful" I said kissing Kelsey she smiled kissing me back.
"Hi my princess. Where's my other princess?" I asked after I kissed Kali.
"She's still sleep" Kelsey said washing out her bowl. I nodded.
"Well I'm bout to head out. Call me if you need anything. I love y'all, and give Kellie kisses for me" I said.
"Ok. I love you. And please be safe" she told me as she kissed me.
"Always. " I told her.

2 days later....
Jada got back a results and it said she wasn't pregnant. She seem like she didn't care. To be honest I cared and I was kinda pissed that she wasn't. I was outside in the backyard smoking. The girls was at Kelsey's mom house for the night. Kelsey was upstairs in the room. She's been avoiding me like crazy. After smoking two blunts I headed up stairs. She looked at me and rolled her eyes.
"Fuck wrong with you?" I asked her as I plopped on the bed.
"Leave me alone" she mumbled storming into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on. Her phone started ringing. I ain't the type to go through her phone but something was up. I looked at her phone and it said. Unknown. But I recognized the number. I looked through my phone and was looking at the number in my phone to the number in hers. What the fuck is Justin doing calling her, I thought. It stopped ringing than it started ringing again. It was Justin number again. I chuckled and shook my head.
"Nahh" I said. I tried to unlock her phone but it kept vibrating that it was wrong. Why the fuck she changed her code. We both knew each other code. But now she changing shit, that's sneaky af. After thinking long and hard I finally figured out her code. It opened to a text thread. Justin???? I scanned through there messages and they seemed like they was arguing about something. Something cough my eye. I had to blind a few times to really comprehend what I was fucking reading. Kels texted him
You gave me Gonnorhea.
I didn't even notice the shower cut off. I just kept reading it over and over again.
You gave me Gonnorhea.


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