Chapter 100:Us Against The World...

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THIS CHAPTER IS KINDA STUPID BUT I'LL GET TO THE GOOD ISHHH NECT CHAPTER!!! Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread!! ENJOY!!

2 week later...
      We was currently in the Bahamas. It was peaceful and the people was so kind. We been here for a few days and are staying another week. Que said he has an surprise for me. He's been acting weird ever since we got here. We took the kids and is letting me get pampered. My hair was straight and my hands and feet was freshly painted. I walked into our hotel room and found the room with white roses everywhere. A big smile creeped on my face as I admired all the roses. On the bed I noticed a light pink Michelle Mason back less dress. Beside it was a pair of matching heels. I smiled.  I slicked my hair into a tight bun anc put a little bit of makeup on. After slipping the dress on and I admired myself in the mirror. He has good taste.

A knock on the door interrupted me

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A knock on the door interrupted me. I opened it and it was Belle the owner of the hotel.
"Hello Ms. Kelsey. Quanell requesters that I except you to your next destination" she said in her strong accent. I grabbed my phone and followed her. What the fuck does Que got up his sleeve I thought as we got into a lemo. She passed me a note. I opened it. It smelled just like Que. It said,

To my love,
I know right now your wondering what I got up my sleeve but just sit back and relax. Trust me, today will be a day y'all
                 Love you forever & always,
                              Que Kali Kellie Jeadon Jaeson

I smiled at the letter as I closed it. After a 10 minute drive we pulled up to another hotel. The driver helped me out.
"Quanell wanted me to put this on you" She said. I looked at her crazy. She giggled passing me a letter. It was from Que. It said, Put the damn blind fold on Kelsey! I rolled my eyes as she gentle put the blind fold on. She guided me as we walked for a good 3 minutes. She suddenly stopped.
"Finally!" I said trying to yank the blind fold off but she stopped me.
"No no no. Not yet" she said. She helped me take a few more steps.
**Start Music**
I heard music playing and immediately recognized it as Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You". The blind fold was gentle pulled from my eyes. I had to blink a few times because I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me. The room was decorated with white roses. I saw Que dressed in a white suit and the boys had the same thing on as him. The girls wore matching white poofy dresses.I slowly brought my hand to my mouth. Tears fell from my eyes. Que held both boys in his hands and the girls stood right by him. I shook my head in shore. Everything was like it was going in slow motion. Belle passed me a bouquet of white roses. I took them and smiled I slowly started to walked down the isle. I giggled and cried as I walked down the isle to them.  Whitney played and the words spoke to my soul. When I finally made it to him I smiled. Tears fell from his eyes. I kissed him than the boys, I kissed the girls and wiped my tears. The pastor came we said our vows and sealed it with a kiss. My heart melted when the pastor introduced us as Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez. Damn near 10 years. Almost 10 years and we finally got married. Through all the lies and heartache, we made it. It was us against the world. Well that's what I thought.

1 week later......
     This vacation was much needed. I left California Kelsey Murrel and came back Kelsey Hernandez. I couldn't believe we was finally married. Our plane landed in California 20 minutes ago and we was now in baggage. Even tho the Bahamas was great I just wanted to lay in my own bed. I watched Que as he got our suitcases. Kali and Kellie stood by me holding hands and the boys was in their double stroller. Ever since we landed I've been having this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. It feels like fear. Like something bad was going to happen. I swallowed hard and look around at my surroundings.
"What you looking for?" Que questioned.
"Nothing, you ready?" I asked. We walked through the airport and our Uber was sitting out front waiting. The ride home was peaceful but I still had that feeling in my gut.

     We pulled up to the house and I noticed two black cars with tented windows sitting across the street. I got this nervous feeling in my stomach but quickly ignored it. We went inside and unpack the kids fell asleep quick. I noticed those 2 cars was still outside. I watched them for a good 5 minutes until another car pulled up. The person got out. He was wearing a suit but what really caught my eye was his police badge that was on full display. The people from the the other cars got out. It was a white woman and a black man both wearing badge.
"The fuck" I mumbled heading down stairs. They started banging on the door.
"Quanell Hernandez? We have a warrant for your arrest." They yelled. I froze. The fuck I do. I questioned.
"Que? Why is the police here?" Kelsey questioned as she stood on the bottom step. The started banging louder. I opened the door and their guns was already drawn on me.
"HANDS UP HANDS UP!" They yelled as I did what they said.
"What's going on?" Kelsey cried as she tried to rush to me but one of them pointed their gun at them.
"BACK!!" They yelled.
"AYE don't be pointing your fucking gun at her. What the fuck I do?" I yelled gettin pissed as they pin me to the floor cuffing me. The woman cop walked up to a crying Kelsey.
"Are you Kelsey Murrel?" She question. Kelsey shook her head yes.
"We also have a warrant for your arrest please turn around and put your hands behind your back" she said.
"WHAT!!! A WARRANT FOR WHAT! NAHH MAN! WHAT THE FUCK WE UNDER ARREST FOR" I said trying to get up but the cop pushed me back to the ground. I watched as Kelsey had a shocking look on her face.
"A warrant for what?" She questioned as shook her head and backed away.
"Miss please don't make this worst than it already is. Put your hands behind your back." They instructed. They cuffed her.
"My kids are up stairs" Kelsey cried.
"Do you have anyone who can come get the kids." She asked Kelsey. Kelsey gave them my dad number and he was here in 10 minutes. More cops came into the house and handed Que dad a paper.
"Fuck" he mumbled.
"Hey!! Is that fucking necessary!" My dad yelled as they knocked pictures of the side tables.
"Sir don't invade in a police situation. Quanell Hernandez you are under arrest for the rape, assault and attempted murder of Racheal Hall!" The cop said.
"WHAT!!!! I didn't touch her!" I yelled . This shit had to be a dream. I heard Kelsey cry out.
"You have the right to remain silent anything you do or say will and can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney if you can not afford one ones will be appointed to you. Do you understand your rights Mr. Hernandez" they asked.
"Fuck you!" I told him. He yanked me up dragging me out the house.

"Que I'll be up there. Why is she being arrested." Que dad asked the cop. The lady cop patted me down and stood me to my feet.
"Attempted Murder of Racheal Hall" they said as they read me my rights.

To be continued.....

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