Chapter 78:Drunky

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"Move!" I says through gritted teeth.
"Nah, Why you been ignoring a nigga." He asked.
"You know why. Justin I'm done. We are done" I said. He chuckled.
"Nah. I know you miss me..I know you miss how I made you feel." Hecsaud grabbing my arm. I pushed him off.
"It doesn't matter. I can't do this" I said.
"Can't or won't?" He asked.
"Both" I said. I put my head down.
"I love you tho" Justin said. I looked up at him.
"You love me? I know you do." He said. I looked away and a tear fell.
"I loved you...passed tense." I said. He walked closer to and and I stepped back bumping into the wall.
"So why you crying?...hmmm. You love me and you miss me. I miss you baby." He kisses my neck and I let him.
"You miss him too...don't you" He asked slipping my hand in his jeans. I bit my lip and grabbed it. He smirked.
"I missed this.." he said placing his hands between my legs feeling how wet I was. He smiled feeling between my legs.
"I knew you missed me." He said crashing his lips into mine. I tried to not kiss back but I coukdn't I kissed him with so much force and passion. He placed with my wetness between my legs I I stroked his dick through his pants. He pulled away unbuttoning hug jeans dropping them and his boxers. His penis was fully erected. I got a grip of it and stroked it. He turnt me around unzipping my dress and helping me get out of it. I stood in front of him with my bread out and In a soaking wet thong I took my thong off. He smiled placing kisses on my breast and neck.
"I missed you" he whispered. That made me smile.
"I missed you" I admitted. He turnt me around and bent me over. I held onto the tissue rack for support. I felt him ease into me making me let out a little moan.
"Mmmmm Justin" I lowly moaned. He pushed all himself in me. He slowly thrusted his hips forwards and back. I grabbed my right breast as they bounced. He sped up his pace as he gripped my hips tighter.
"Fuckkk" I moaned lowly. I heard someone come into the bathroom. I tried to stand up and push him off but he wasn't having it. He kept pounding in me. I said fuck it. Fuck it if they hear.
"Mmmmm shit right there....fuckkkk oh my gosh" I moaned as he pounded harder and harder.
"Tell me you love me" he demanded ponding louder.
"I love you" I moaned half meaning it as my walls tightening and knew I was about to cum and he knew too. He put is hand over my mouth just in time as I came. His hand muffled my loud ass moaned. I was out of breath and he was still fucking me. He slapped my ass and gripped my hips tighter. I threw my ass back on him as and pounded faster.
"Fuckkkkkk...shiiit" He said. Two more thrust and I felt warm liquid fill me. I was high off the sex as I just leant in the tissue rack with him still in me. He pulled out of me and I slowly stood up straight. Is comb dropped down my leg. He chuckled. I glared at him.
"It's not funny. You should of nutted somewhere else" I said wiping my self.
"You on birth control so it's not a big deal" he said. I rolled my eyes as I put my thong back on.
"Whatever. It doesn't matter. Next time pull the fuck up. Wait what the fuck am I saying. There ain't gonna be a next time." I said sliding my dress back on. He chuckled. Like what the fuck was funny. He buckled his belt.
"Don't call, text, or come by my house. Goodbye." I said walking out the stool. I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror.
"Yeaaa iight" He said chuckling as he left the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and looked at myself I the mirror. KELS WHAT ARE YOU DOING. I thought looking at my reflection. A tear fell from my eye and I quickly wiped it. How can something so good feel so wrong.
        After getting myself together in the bathroom I Made my way back out. I guess Que never noticed I was gone because he was still in deep conversation with Josh and another guy. I noticed Justin was no where around. He must have left, good. The rest of the night I drank until I was drunk I wanted to forget what I just did. Que had to carry me to the car that's how drunk I was. Once we got home I threw up everything. Que held my hair the whole time. I'm glad I was drunk because I wasn't trying to have sex with Que knowing I just fucked his cousin a few hours ago. After throwing up he helped me shower and brush my teeth. He helped me get in bed.
"You ok now?" He asked. I nodded my head.
"I'm never drinking again" I said, he chuckled.
"You said that shit last year and the year before that. You a light weight Kels. Leave the liquor for the professional" he said. I laughed. I felt something coming up. I jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet throwing up. He came in the bathroom.
"Next year don't drank so damn much" he says. I managed to laugh.
"I wont" I told him. That whole night I ran back and fault to the bathroom throwing up all the liquor I drunk. But part if the reason I was throwing up was because I felt so nasty for fucking Justin. How could I. Shit made me sick to my stomach just think about it. I was getting the day after pill bright and early. Even tho I was on birth control I could take my chances.

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