Chapter 104:Selfish...I Want U All 2 Myself

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***sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proof read.ENJOY!!***

1 week later....
The door bell rung and I damn near ran to the door. Once I opened it I was bum rushed with hugs and kisses.
"Mommmmmyy" they said as they greeted me. I smiled hugging and kissing all over their faces.
"I missed y'all!" I said in excitement.
"Hey how you doing?" Que asked me as he closed the door behind himself sitting their bags on the ground.
"Hey. I'm good you?" I asked.
"I'm good. He said sitting on my couch. I looked at him weird. Why this tryna get comfy.
"Y'all hungry?" I asked them.
"They just ate before they got here" he told me. I nodded.
"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Que asked. I nodded and sent the kids up to their rooms to play. I sat down across from him.
"I also need to talk to you about something too." I told him.
"Talk to me bout what?" He asked.
"You go first" I says crossing my legs.
"Nah you go" he said. I rolled my eyes. I didn't have time for Que back and forth games.
"Ok...well. I've been seeing this guy-" he cut me off.
"NOPE-HELL NO" He yelled. I jumped from his loud outburst. I crunched up my face.
"What! You ain't even let me finish" I said getting annoyed.
"You don't need to finish, the answer is no....what you even doing fucking around with another nigga anyway?" He asked sounding mad. I chuckled. This nigga.
"Excuse me. First of all I'm not fucking around I'm actually dating. Been dating this guy for over a year." I said. His face grew hard like he was pissed. He chuckled shaking his head.
" you been fucking this nigga for over a year and I'm just now finding out?" He questioned. I giggled.
"Quanell first of all who I'm fucking, dating, or doing whatever with doesn't concern you." I told him.
"It does concern me when your fucking a nigga when you should be taking car of my kids. Not entertaining a nigga" He said I jumped up.
"Fuck you! Don't you ever imply I'm not taking care of my kids. How dare you... You know what Que...get out. I try to sit down with you and have a civil conversation but we can't even do that because you so damn ignorant." I said standing up with arms crossed.
"Nah sit the fuck down we talking. That's your issue, you always running" he said.
"Fuck you! I'm done talking. Say what you got to say and get out my house" I said annoyed. He chuckled.
"Kels...I think this is my house just as much as it's yours. Last time I check I pay the bills and I'll be damn if you let some punk as nigga in my shit thinking he bout to play daddy to my kids." He said.
"And you choose to pay the pills Que! That's all you good for is throwing shit in my face. Bragging saying  you do this and that for me but I ain't never ask you too. I don't need you paying our bills, I make more than enough money to pay for my own shit so fuck you and your dirty ass money! I'll do what I want. I try to talk to your ass and get you approval but Nah. You can leave now." I said walking to the door opening it. He walked out with no other words exchanged. I closed and set the alarm. I sat on the couch with my head in my hands. Why you always gotta make shit so difficult.
"Mommy?" I looked up and Kali was standing in front of me. I smiled grabbing her to me.
"Hey, You ok?" I asked her. She nodded.
"You and daddy mad at each other?" She asked. I moved her wild curly hair out her face.
"Yea we kinda mad at each other." I told her. She was 10 and far from stupid. She but her lip.
"He got another girlfriend mommy, that's why y'all was yelling at each other?" She asked looking sad. I just looked at her. Girlfriend?
"Daddy has a girlfriend?" I asked her. She crossed her little arms and nodded her head.
"Yeaaa. I woke up from my nap and saw them downstairs kissing. She said I love you and than daddy took her outside and she left. I thought daddy only was suppose to love us" she said. I didn't know what to say to her. So this nigga getting mad at me meanwhile he got his lil hoes around our kids. And now our daughter sitting her upset.

My blood was boiling as I gripped my sterling wheel. I already knew what she was gonna ask. Taking bout she's being dating some guy. The fuck type of shit is that. My phone rung. It was Kelsey.
"Yea" I said trying to remain calm.
"So why you tripping out on me for wanting the kids to meet my boyfriend but you bring your little hoes around them?" She questioned. I looked at the phone than put it back to my ear.
"Oh so that nigga your boyfriend? Who is he? And what hoes? I don't bring no one around them." I said.
"Don't worry about who he is. Why you bring females around my kids but I can't bring no one around them? That's selfish Que" She said.i sucked my teeth.
"I ain't bring no one around them. Yea some girl I talk to came to the house when they was sleep but I told her how she had to leave because they was here." I said.
"Whatever, after you left Kali told me she saw you kissing some girl. She was upset about that" she said. I heart sank. That's why she was acting like that.
"Really?" I questioned.
"Yes Que! She said she thought you was only suppose to love us. She confused, she doesn't really understand what's going on" she said.
"I know...she wasn't suppose to see that" I said.
"But she did. We need to sit her down and talk to her about everything so she can understand. Kellie and the boys are too young to understand entirely what's going on. I don't want them feeling like we don't love them just because we aren't together." She said. I listened to her. She was right.
"I know Kels. Fuck...well sit down and talk to her tomorrow?" I asked. She agreed and we soon hung up. I sat outside an apartment building going over what Kelsey and I just talked about. I don't want my kids feeling unloved because me and their mom aren't together at the moment. In the back of my mind I can't get over the fact that Kelsey has a damn boyfriend. Like nahhh, over my dead body.

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