Chapter 12:Cherry Bomb

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After the 40 minute ride from the party back to my apartment we was finally there.
"Have a great night sir" my driver said as he opened the door for us.
"You too Geoffrey" I said.
We walked down the long hall hand and hand until we reached my apartment. We walked in and went straight to my room. I went in my closet to grab me a t shirt and sweats and to grab Kelsey something more comfortable to change into. I felt her eyes on me so I turnt around.
"What wrong" I asked her.
"Nothing....can we cuddle." She nervously asked. I stopped what I was doing and grabbed her. We was now spooning.
"I love you" she whispered.
"I love you more" I replied while kissing gentle on her neck. I slowly turned her around. We just stared at each other, she played with my beard.
"I want you...all of you" she whispered while buring her face in my neck. She started kissing and sucking on my neck.
"Tell me...tell me what you want me to do?" I asked her. She smiled shyly.
"You said you love me right...and I love you too....I-I want you to make love to me" she shyly said while biting on her bottom lip. I didn't reply. I can't lie tho, she shocked the fuck out of me. I slowly sat up and turned her on her stomach. I unzipped her dressed and removed it. I unsnapped her bra and turned her around. She shyly covered up her breast.
"No don't hide from me" I told her. She moved her hands. She layed there watching me as I removed my shirt and took my pants off.
"You sure you ready" I asked her. She nodded and smiled. I dropped my boxers and I saw her eyes get wider. I laughed at her expression. I slide her lace thing off and gently laid on to of her. My Dick was rested in between her legs. I begging to gently suck on her chocolate nipples. That made her start to breath heavy. I kissed down her belly till I got to the top of her area. I planted kisses all over her area and on her tights.
"Uhhhh" she moaned. I licked my 2fingers and slid them into her. She let out a loud moan. I slid my fingers in and out of her. I than started to suck on her clit as I slid my fingers in and out of her. After and a minute she came all on my tongue and fingers. I wiped my mouth with the sheet.
"Lay down" Kelsey said while sitting up. I didn't question her I just did as she said. I figured she was bout to give me a handjob. Nahhhh nigga. I looked up and she was giving me head. What!! My lil innocent baby giving me head! I was shocked AF.
"Ahhh damn bae" I moaned while she sucked on the tip of my dick. Even tho it was her first time giving head I give her props. It wasn't the best but I loved it. I told her before I was bout to cum cause I didn't know if she wanted to me cum in her mouth.
"Fuck...damn bae.." I said to her while a came. She layed down and I got back on top of her. I grinded my dick again her opening. I watch at she made these lil funny faces. I lent up and guides the head of my dick to her opening. I had to give it a good push before it actually went in.
"Oww" she cried out.
"I'm sorry" I told her while kissing her lips. I gentle pushed my dick into her warm tunnel.
"Uhhh oh my god...uhhhh Quanell ow" she said. I continued until my dick was all the way in. Damn. She felt so fucking good, she was so tight. I'm surprised my dick ain't look blood circulation. I slowly pulled out and than back in. Out and in.
"Uhhh..Quanell it hurts so bad" she told me.
"You want me to stop" I asked while still gently going in and out. After a few minutes she started to relax.
"Mmmm baby that feels so good." She whispered. I kept going in and out and soon speed up my speed.
"Fuck" I yelled.
"Uhhh b-bbbaabyyyy.......oh my god.....Baby I-I think I have to pee!" She screamed. I laughed.
"No bae you don't have to go pee trust me." I said while giving her a few more pumps. Before I even new it she came.
"Ahhhhh ohhhhh mmmmm oh my god" she yelled while heavy breathing.
I came a few seconds after her.
"I love you" I whispered to her.
"I love you too" she said. We layed there for a few minutes until I got up and went to the bathroom. Once I got in the bathroom I noticed I forgot to use a condom.
"Fuck" I said in a whisper. I wasn't ready for a baby and I know Kelsey wasn't either. I grabbed a wet towel and went back to the room. Kelsey was knocked out. I laughed to myself. I quickly wiped her down and hopped in the shower. After I was done I put on fresh pair of boxers and cuddled next to my baby.

I woke up the next day with Quanell sleeping right next to me. I tried to move but was so sore down there. Ow! It was amazing. A little painful but amazing. I'm glad I gave my virginity to the man I loved. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I layed there just looking at him. Admiring every little feature of his. His pink lips, his beard, his mole on his cheek, he was a gift from God. I love my baby. His eyes opened.
"Why you being a creep" he said while laughing. I laughed to and kissed his lips.
"I'm not...I'm just looking" I said.
"Mmhmm whatever creep." He said while giggling and sitting up.
"How did you sleep" he asked while wiping his eyes.
"Goooood. I don't even remember falling asleep" I told him while sitting up. His eyes looked down. I looked down too and noticed I didn't have a bra or shirt on. I hurried up and grabbed the blanket covering my self. Quanell started laughing.
"Why you tryna hide, it's a lil to late for that. I already saw every inch of ya" he said while licking his lips and tugging at the blanket.
"Stoooppp" I whined while laughing. He stopped and smile. He leaned down a kissed me.
"I love you Mami" he said in the most sexies voice.
"I love you Papi" I replied. His face lit up.

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