Chapter 88:Seeing Double

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**Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error!! I didn't proofread!! ENJOY!!

9 months later.....
"Ok Kelsey I just need you to push" the doctor.
"I CAN'T IT FUCKING HURTS" I screamed as I balled my fist and punching the bed.
"AHHHHHH" I cried. Que stood by the nurses who was tryna deliver my babies. Yes babies. Que was getting on my last damn nerves. I know he was just tryna to get me to calm down and push but still. Fuck out my face, your the cause of all this.
"AHHHHHHHHH PLEASEE GET OUT" I screamed as I pushed.
"One more push Kelsey" the nurse says in her annoying ass voice. This bitch was irking me.
"SHUT UPPP!! AHHHHHH UHHHH OH MY GOSH!" I screamed as I felt something come out. I felt relieved. My baby boy was screaming his lungs out. I cried. I watch as Que began to cry as he cut the umbilical cord. I felt more pressure and knew it was time to push again.
"Ahhh AHHHHHHHH" I screamed. I pushed and pushed. And felt my other baby boy come out. I heard his cries and instantly broke out in more tears. Que cut his umbilical cord. They wrapped them up and handed one to me and one to Que. They was so tiny. Surprisingly I was able to carry them full term. They looked just like Que's ass when he was a baby. I giggled looking up at Que. Shit he was crying more than me.
"I love you" He said as he kissed my lips.
"I love you too...I'm sorry I hit you and yelled at you" I said feeling bad. He chuckle.
"It's ok. I forgive you. I would of did the same if I had to push them out something so tight." He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at him and giggled. Right now was not the right time to be talking about sex tf. We decided we didn't wanna do the "K" thing with them.

Jaeson & Jaedon😍😍

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Jaeson & Jaedon😍😍

Jaeson Quenall Hernandez was 5lbs 8oz 19inches long and was older by 2 minutes but the smallest. Jaedon Quanell Hernandez was 7lbs 2oz 21 inches long and the biggest. They was identical twins. I looked down at them and was still shocked that I just had twins. Que was so damn happy when he found out we was having twin BOYS. He damn near passed out in the doctors office. That night we made love we conceived them. He name Jaeson after Jay(Jayson) but just spelled it differently, he name Jaedon that name because he said if he ever had a son that would be his name. After my mom and sisters came in to see the twins. Que father had the girls and they was currently on his way. A knock at the door made us look up. In walk Josh with a big smile. Him and Que hugged each other and he greeted me.
"Congrats Kelsey. Y'all finally got y'all boys?" He said with a smile. Josh and Que stayed cool after Que told him what happened between him and Justin. He never told him why they got into it tho. Where's Justin? I have no idea and I honestly don't care. Last I heard was that they was somewhere in Texas. Don't know and don't care.
"MOMMMY" Kali and Kellie came running in. They was so excited to see there brothers. Que dad picked Kali up as Que picked Kellie up to see them. They little faces lit up when they saw their baby brothers.
"Awwww mommy. They so cute" Kali said.
"Mommy they look like Ashley. I hold them" Kellie said referring to her baby alive doll. Everyone laughed. The rest of the day we spent together. Everyone wanted to see the twins.

2 Months later.....
"Baeeee!!" I yelled from upstairs.
QUANELLLLLL!!" I yelled louder. He came in dressed in a tutu with pink lipstick on. I smirked. The girls must of forced him to play with them again.
"Shit ain't funny Kels" he said sitting on the bed. I laughed.
"It really is. It's cute. But can you run to the store real quick" I asked.
"Yea What you need?" He asked whipping the makeup off with a baby whip. I passed him a list. It was damn near two pages.
"Oh hell no. No no no no. Not again Kelsey. Hell no" he said passing the paper back.
"Whyyyyyyyyyy" I whined.
"Because Kels. Last time I went grocery shopping for your ass I took me Damn near 4 hours to find every damn thing" he said. I giggled.
"It's not even that much." I said hugging him. He sucked his teeth.
"Why don't we all just go. Cause I ain't going in that bitch by myself" he said.
"Que. I never took all the kids to the grocery store with me. You know how crazy they would be?" I asked looking at him serious. He laughed.
"It will be fun. I'll just sit in the car with the boys and you take the girls in with you so you won't be over whelmed ok fatty" He said. I rolled my eyes and stop hugging him. I hated when he called me that. He know I'm a little insecure about my weight since I had the boys.
"Kels I didn't mean it like-" I threw a bottle at him.
"Leave me alone" I cried rushing out the room. Since I gave birth to the twins I gained weigh. Not in my stomach. My stomach actually is flat. Just in my thighs and butt. I went from wearing a side 6 in jeans to wearing a damn 9. I was 135lbs before I had my boys but now I'm damn near 150. And Que don't make it no better all me fat.

   Thank god the damn bottle didn't open and spill on me again like before. The boys was sleeping in their bassinet in our room. I rushed after Kelsey. She was outside in the backyard crying.
"Kelsey you know I didn't mean it like that" I said sitting next to her.
"Shut up and leave me the fuck alone" she said turning her back to me.
"I said I didn't mean it damn. Why you being so rude" I said. She didn't say anything. I looked at her body in her Nike leggings and her red Calvin Klein sports bra. I grabbed her arm but she snatched away. I grabbed it again.
"Look your gonna stop acting like this. Ain't shirt wrong with you body Kels" I told her. She just looked at me. I grabbed her hand pulling her inside to the floor to ceiling mirror in the living room.
"What do you see?" I asked with my hands on her hips as I stood behind her. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.
"Que this isn't no damn movie" she said making me chuckle. I shook my head.
"Kelsey! Look in this dam mirror and tell me what you see? I asked her.
"I see me" she whispered.
"And who are you Kelsey" I asked her. She shrugged her shoulders and put her head down. I quickly lifted her head up.
"You wanna know what I see?" I asked her.
"What do you see Que?" She asked in a sarcastic voice. I chuckled.
"I see Kelsey. I see a beautiful woman. I see the mother of my 4 beautiful children" I said kissing her neck. She just looked at herself. I bent down and started pulling off her leggings.
"Que...the doctors said 6 weeks." She said.
"I know. I'm not bout to do nothing" I said. She was now in her matching red Calvin Klein bra and underwear. I pointed to the mirror. She looked at herself. And covered her lower half. I moved her hands.
"What do you see Kels." I whispered. She shrugged her shoulders.
"Kels, your beautiful in every way possible. Ain't nothing wrong with your body. Shit, I love it even more. You ain't fat, you just got thicker in places. You still in shape. Ass just got fatter, thighs got thicker. Shit I ain't complaining" I told her. She giggled.
"I'm sorry...for overreacting I guess. I just don't want to not be unattractive to me." She says. I kissed her lips.
"If anything this would make you more attractive. I love it. If I didn't trust me you would know. I love you fat chocolate ass" I said as I slapped her butt pulling her to me.
"You love me?" I asked her. She smiled.
"Yes I love you" She said as we shared a kiss.

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