Chapter 42:Why...

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"What you mean?" Jay asked while trying to pass me the blunt. I shook my head no.
"Nah man I'm on probation .....I got home and she wasn't there, her and Kali's stuff was gone." I said while running my hand down my face.
"Shit man. I don't know. Last time I saw her was about 3 months ago. She came over here pissed. She was telling Alyssa how she can't do this shit with you anymore and how she was done. But me being me I didn't think anything of it. " he said while shaking his head.
"I know man. I know we go through our little shit but she never would just up and leave and not without telling no one. And we got Kali now so now I'm just bugging out." I said. Jay shook his head. His phone started ringing and he ended it quick. His phone went off again and he ended it again. I side eyes him.
"Money calling?" I asked him with a smirk. He laughed. And ran his hand over his waves.
"A lil sum like that" he says with a chuckle. What the fuck was up with this nigga. He was so fidgety, acting all nervous and shit.
"You know where Kelsey is?" I asked him. He squinted his eyes at me and chuckled.
"Nah nigga. Why would I know where she is. I would of told you my nigga" he said. I nodded my head.
"True" I said with a head nod.
"But when you want me to start making those calls to the new connect" he asked. I waved my hand.
"Nah man I'm out." I said. I was done with selling. Being locked down for those 9 months made me realize I love my freedom and family more than money.
"W-what? What you mean. You taking a lil break or something like before?" He asked. I laughed.
"Nah man. I done. I'm out. I'm done for good. My family more important" I said. He slowly nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders.
"If you say so" he said. He started typing away at his phone.
"You heard from my pops" I asked. He instantly froze.
"Nahhh. Uh Why" he said. He was nervous.
"Just a question. I'll catch you later tho." I said before pounding his hand.
"Iight nigga" he said. I headed back up stairs and headed to the front door but bumped into Alyssa on the way.
"Oh shit my fault sis....aye have you heard from Kelsey." I asked her. She put her head down.
"Allyssa... have you heard from Kelsey. I just wanna see my daughter" I said to her again while walking up on her. She sighed. She looked back at the basement door than back at me. She pulled me by my arm outside the front door.
"The fuck is up?" I asked her.
"Jay. He's been hanging with your father. Kelsey came to me about 3 months ago telling me how your father and Jay came over to the house one night. S-she said they held a gun to her and Kali head. They came there looking for money." She said. She was in tears now.
"What!" I said in disbelief.
"She told me about the argument y'all got into when she visited you. That wasn't why she left tho. She left because she was scared for her and Kali's life. They threatened to kill them. She told me about it. And told me she was leaving out of state but she didn't tell me where. Call her mother. I'm sure she knows where they are. She texts me now and than telling me they're ok. I try to leave him but he threatened to kill me. I'm sorry Quanell." She said in tears. I hugged her.
"Thanks Alyssa. But you shouldn't be here. Get the fuck away from him." I said.
"I'm fine. I promise." She said through tears.
"No your not. Promise me y'all get the fuck out of here tonight. I'll come back for you. And don't worry bout Jay and My pops. They'll get there's real soon" I told her. She nodded her head and we hugged again.
"I'll see you later." I told her before walking to my car.
"Quanell." She called my name. I turned to her.
"If something bad happens to know who did it" she said before disappearing back into the house. I got into my car and pulled off.

I laid in my bed replaying everything that happened these last couple of months. Since me and Kali left NY I've been looking over my shoulder from time to time. A few weeks after I visited Quanell, Jay and Quanell father came to the house. They held me and my daughter at gun point asking for money. They wanted the $2.5 million that they heard Quanell had stashed. Their was only $100,000 in the house. The rest of it was hidden where only me and Quanell knew. They threatened to kill Kali and me if I didn't give them the rest by next week. So I packed me and Kali stuff, went and got the stash and left NY with out the knowledge of anyone. At that point I wasn't thinking about anyone but my daughters safety. I fled to California. The only person that knows I'm here is my mother. I know Quanell is probably looking for us. I know he probably blowing up my old number but I had to get rid of it. I wanted to tell him what was going on, I wanted to tell him we was leaving but was scared. Scared that they would somehow find us. I don't know how to get in contact with him. But I know sooner all later he will be calling my mom asking where was I. My phone started ringing and the caller ID  said "MOMMY" I smiled and picked it up quick.
"Hi mommy" I said into the phone.
"Kels..." a familiar voice said.

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