Chapter 1:The Accidental Meeting

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   If anyone has a problem with me using Clarencenyc as the main character in MY BOOK, don't read! It's that simple...I wrote this book way before Clarence was even KNOWN.


So let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Kelsey Murray. Everyone calls me Kels. How do I look? Well I honestly think I look good AF. But I'm brown skin/dark skin, 5ft 4inches. I have thick long curly hair but I prefer to wear it straightened most of the time. I have brown chinky eyes. People always assuming I'm "mixed" or not just black because of my hair but I really am just black. Oh and by the way I'm a certified virgin, but that's not anyone's business. I'm from Brooklyn, NY. Im 20 and about to start my first year of collage. I know y'all wondering why I'm staring college this late but I have my reasons. So today is the first day of my freshman year and I'm lowkey excited. My major is Phycology. I'm a very shy and quiet person, but please don't get it twisted.

I got up at 6:30am since my first class starts at 8:00am. I showers, did my hair, makeup, and got dressed. I'm wearing a grey sweatshirt and black nike leggings. Just to let y'all know I'm kind of a sneaker head. Once I was done it was 7:20am. I went to my kitchen grabbed my keys and was out. I arrived at school around 7:45am. I didn't want to be late so o grabbed my bag and headed Into the school. I made it to my first class which was chemistry. That class went by fast and than Ito my first class which was biology. After that lecture in biology I was on my way to my last class college mathematics. But as I was walking BOOM!! I hit the floor hard. I was in a daze and really didn't know what just happened until I saw blood dripping from my nose. "Shit are you ok?! I'm so sorry, damn I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going." Some guy said while standing me back up to my feet. I came face to face with the most beautiful human I have ever seen in my life. Tall, light skin, big brown eyes, and that beard...omg.

"Are you ok?! I'm sorry! Damn your bleeding." He said.
"I'm fine." I said slowly.
"No your not, your bleeding. Does it hurt?'' He ask while trying to whip my nose with a tissue.
I flenched and took the tissue from him. "Im fine". I said shyly with a small smile. He just stood in from of me and smiled. "I-I have to get to class." I said while walking away fast. "Ok, see you around, and sorry again". He said while flashing that smile. I just smiled and kept walking.

 I just smiled and kept walking

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I made my way down the hall to my college mathematics class. I was feeling guilty as fuck for accidentally bumping into that girl and making her nose bleed. Damn she was beautiful, I wonder what her name is. Who am I? Wud up, I'm Quanell Hernandez but everybody know me by Que. I'm 21 years old, 6ft 2 inches. I'm mixed with Puerto Rican and black. Lets just say I'm a sexy ass nigga. The bitches love them some Que! I just started my first year of college. Idk what I wanna major in, I guess I'm just test the water. But besides from this college shit I work for my pops construction company. And I do my dirt on the side. Oh and by dirt I mean I'm one of the top drug dealers in Brooklyn. As I made it to my class, I stopped in my tracks because it was her. The girl I accidentally dumbed into.

"Hey" I said while taking a set next to her. "Hey." She replied while giving me a small smile. She seemed nervous or something. I hope she know it was a accidentally and not on purpose. Maybe she's just shy idk. I kept glancing at her from the corner of my eye. I think she peeped it cause she kept looking at me and turning her body away from me. Why she acting like that tho? Class was finally over. She hurry up and got up to leave. Damn ma had ass tho. Not too big or too small just right. But what the fuck was this girls name.


All throughout class that boy who accidentally knocked me down kept starting at me. Wtf.  He was making me feel so uncomfortable. I knew his type and wanted nothing to do with him. Once class was over I hurried up and left. Ass I began to walk down the hall towards the exit I heard someone yelling. "Yo, excuse me?" I turned around to see HIM. "Yes". I said while playing with my hands. "What is your name?" He asked in the most sexiest voice ever. "My name? For what." I asked while still playing with my fingers. "Because I wanna know." He said while smirking. "My name is Kelsey." I said while looking up. "My name is Quanell but everyone calls me Que". He said. "Ok Quanell." I said. "Ok Kelsey, your name fits you. It's gorgeous. Have a great day." He said with a smile, than he walked away. Omg so he thinks I'm gorgeous?????? What! Me Kelsey gorgeous. I was so shocked that someone like him would even say I'm gorgeous. I thought guys like him only thought those foreigns girls or the mixed girls where gorgeous. I drove home smiling.

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