Chapter 109:I Do Not Know

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This chapter is kinda boring...

     We was currently at sky zone. I watched the kids jump around and do flips. I was jumping and playing with them for a while but a nigga got tired. I smoke too much to be jumping around like that. Just the sight of them laughing and having fun made me smile. It made all my pain go away. I wish I could be with them 24/7 because they the only thing that keeps me away from drugs. They take my mind away from that shit.
"Hey, So that's them?" Danielle asked as she kissed me. I invited her here.
"Yea that's them, I'll introduce y'all in s little" I told her. She smiled as she watched them. After they finished playing I helped them find their shoes and we headed over to where Danielle was sitting.
"I have someone I want y'all to meet" I told them.
"This is my umm girlfriend Danielle. Danielle these are my kids, this is Jaedon, Jaeson, Kellie, and Kali" I said. She waved and smiled. They all smiled and waved except for Kali, she just stared at Danielle.
"Kali, aren't you going to say hi?" I asked her. She just looked at me than Danielle than back at me.
"Daddy I'm hungry." She said ignoring my whole question. I just let her slide because I already know how Kali is. We went and ate pizza everyone was laughing talking except Kali, she just picked at her pizza.
"You ok Kali?" I asked her. She ignored her.
"Kali! You heard me ask you a question." I said growing annoyed. She looked at me.
"I wanna go home" she sounded like she was about to cry.
"We about to go home after everyone finish eating" I told her.
"Nooo! I wanna go to my home with mommy. I want my mommy" she cried. She got up and stormed out the pizza shop. I rushed after her.
"Kali!" I yelled. She sat on a bench outside the pizza shop with her head down and arms crossed. I sat next to her.
"What's wrong?" I asked her. She shook her head wiping her tears.
"Nothing. I just want mommy" she cried. I pulled out my phone and clicked on Kelsey name. It rung twice before she answered.
"Hello?" Kelsey said into the phone.
"Mommy..I wanna come home" Kali cried.
"What's wrong Kali? What happened?" Kelsey asked in a panic.
"Mommy please I just wanna come home" Kali begged. Shit broke my heart that she didn't wanna stay with me.
"Ok ok. Put your dad on the phone" Kelsey said. The phone was already on speaker.
"I'll drop her off" I said.
"What's wrong with her? What happened?" She asked. I sighed.
"I don't know." I said.
"Ok just call me when you on your way." She said. I agreed and hung up. I sat on the bench silent looking at my daughter. She swung her feet back and fault.
"I'm sorry Kali. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings by bringing Danielle around" I told her. She didn't say anything she just continued swinging her feet.
"Come on, I'll bring you to your moms ok." I told her. She nodded standing up. I grabbed her hugging and kissing her.
"I'm sorry. Daddy never meant to make you cry. Ok" I told her as I held her.
"Ok" she whispered.
"I love you" I told her.
"I love you too daddy" She told me. I smiled. We went back inside and got the boys and Kellie. I told Danielle to meet me at my house in an hour. We said our goodbyes and I headed to Kelsey house. Once we pulled up she was already standing on the porch waiting. She rushed to my car and opened the backseat. She caresses Kali face.
"You ok?" She asked Kali. She nodded and smiled. Kali got out the car.
"Y'all staying with me?" I asked them. The boys nodded they head yes and Kellie looked at Kali.
"Daddy, I wanna stay with Kali and mommy" she said. I nodded, I wasn't mad.
"Ok. Give me hug and kisses." I said. She jumped on me as I kissed and hugged her.
"I love you" I told her. I went over to Kali who was wrapped in Kelsey's arms.
"I love you ok" I told Kali. She nodded as she smiled and hugged me. After Kelsey hugged and kissed the boys we headed back to my house. I decided to tell Danielle I wanted to be alone because I just wanted to spend some time with just my boys.

       I sat in front of Kali as I painted her toenails. Kellie sat by the fan drying hers.
"Why you wanted to come home?" I asked Kali.
"We was at sky zone and daddy brought that girl there" she said.
"His girlfriend?" I questioned. She slowly nodded her head.
"You don't like her?" I asked her. She shook her head no quick. That made me laugh.
"Why? Why you don't like her? Is she mean to you?" I asked her giving her a serious look.
"No she's not mean, I just don't like her that's all" Kali said. I looked at her not believing this was coming out of a 10 year olds mouth. I giggled.
"Kali, me and daddy aren't together so he's allowed to have girlfriends. You don't have to like them but at least be nice" I said.
"Why can't you and daddy be together? I thought y'all loved each other" she said. I looked away than back at her.
"'s not that simple. I wish me and your daddy was still together but sometimes it just doesn't go as planned. We do love each other a lot but we think it's best if he we are not together. I don't really know how to fully explain this to you Kali." I told her.
"No it's ok, I understand" she said. I just left the subject alone after that. The rest of the day we watched some movies and after they helped me make spaghetti.

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