Chapter 67:Thin Air

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Kali(5 years old) and Kellie(1 and a half)

1 year later....
"Kali hurry before your bus comes" I yelled as I packed her lunch in her backpack. She came running full force into the kitchen with Kellie not too far behind.
"You ready?" I asked her as I fixed a piece of her hair. She nodded and smiled. I kissed her forehead and picked Kellie up. We walk Kali to the bus stop. After 5 minutes the bus pulled up. I waved bye to Kali as her bus drove off. My Kali is now 5 years old and just started kindergarten a couple months ago , it's crazy how time pass. I unlocked my front door and lock the door behind me.
"You hungry baby girl?" I ask Kellie. She nodded her head as I placed her in her chair. My baby girl is now 1 years old, well 1 and a half. They are growing too fast. I remember when they was only days old. I started laughing out loud than tears started to fall. I covered my face with my hands as I cried.
"Mommy cry" Kellie said. I looked up at her and giggled.
"Yea baby, mommy cry" I said to her as I sat her oatmeal down in front of her.
"No cry mommy" she said. I kissed her forehead.
"Mommy's not gonna cry no more ok" I told her.
"Ok mommy no cry" she said that made me cry happy tears. I always have these episodes when I just break down and cry. I haven't seen or heard from Que in a year, no one has. Everyday I wish Que was still here to see them. I'm still in disbelief about this whole shit. I've been going to therapy but that don't seem like it's helping. After a week went by and no sight of Que I went down to the precinct and filed a missing person report of him.

I sat in my car anticipating going in. Maybe he just need sometime alone. But he would of told me. He would never just up and leave like that with not no one knowing where he was. I opened my car door and headed towards the precinct. I walked in an watched as cops and detectives maneuvered throughout the precinct.
"Hello, How May I help you?" I heard someone say. A light skin older woman with long dreads gave me a weak smile. She was dressed in a police uniform.
"Is everything ok, how may I help you?" She repeated. I looked around the precinct nervously and walked closer to the counter.
"Um. I. I'll like to report someone missing." I told her. She looked at me for a while and slowly nodded her head. She pulled out her pin and started typing on her computer. She motioned for me to sit.
"Ok. How long has this person been missing. What is the persons name and relation to you that your reporting missing?" She asked. My hands was shaking.
"Um he's been missing for 7 days, almost 8. His name is Quanell Hernandez. He's-he's my fiancé." I said as tears came down my face. She handed me a tissue and kept typing.
"Was y'all going through anything? Fighting, arguments?" She asked. I shook my head.
"No. We was on good terms" I said.
"What happened the day you last saw him?" She asked.
"We woke up. He took a shower and got dressed. He said he was going to his club to check up on it. He owns it. I offered to come but he insisted I stay home. He-he said 2 hours. He said he'll be back in two hours. But 2 hours passed. Than a day passed, than 2,3 days passed. Now I'm sitting here." I said. She typed in her computer. I told her the car he was Drive and the license plate number.
"Was he going through anything? Does he take any medications or anything?" She asked. I looked up at her than down at my hands.
"We broke up a few months ago. He started doing drugs. Cocaine. He stopped." I said. I looked up at her. She just looked at me. I shook my head quick.
"NO!! NO he not strung out no where on drugs!" I yelled.
"You have to think of the possibilities." She said. I giggled and shook my head.
"No, there's no possibilities. He promised me that he was done with that shit! Something happened! I don't know what, and I don't know who! But something happened! He would never just up and leave! He has two daughters! He would never up and leave with out not one single person knowing." I said. She sighed and turned towards me.
"I'll put it in the system but most likely he's probably strung out. I'll send a detective out to his club and to ask around." She said. I looked at her in disbelief.
"So that's it? That's all your going to do?" I asked.
"There's nothing more I can do. He's a grown man. Sometimes people just up and leave. Maybe he just need time alone. I'll put a BOLO on his car." She said. I simple shook my head.
That was a year ago. I haven't received a call or anything from her or any detective. After a couple months passed I started to believe maybe he did leave, maybe he got caught up and now is strung out, or maybe worst. After damn near a year and no one has saw him or heard from him I'm starting to think he's dead, I think somebody did something to him. Kali always ask about him and I have to lie and say he went away, I hate that I have to lie to her but how do you tell a child her father is gone and never coming back. Just thinking about this whole situation makes me sick. Ques father Ace has hired a private investigator and a search team to look for Que but no luck. No sight of his car or nothing. It's as if he disappeared in thin air. Ace has been taking Que disappearance hard. He's been spending Quality time with the girls while I be at work. He's also been overseeing Ques club. After he disappeared we decided it would be best if he took ownership of it. I didn't wanna sell the club because I knew how much Que loved this club. That day he left I would of never thought in a million years that would be my last time seeing him. My phone rung bring me out my thoughts, it was Ace, Ques father.
"Hey Pops" I said. He's become a father figure to me. He was silence.
"Ace?" I said.
"Kelsey...come to 271 Feather Road and Long Beach. We found Ques car." My head hit the floor. Tears fell from my eyes.
"Ok. I'm coming now" I said before quickly hanging up and rushing out the door with Kellie in my arms.


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