Chapter 18:Regrets In Your Tears

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I woke up feeling like shit. I can't believe I cheated on Kelsey. This girl never did me wrong. All she did was love me and me there for me. I regret every second with that chick. She was a drinking mistake that should of never happened. This chick keeps blowing up my phone asking when can she see me. NEVER! Kelsey should be back tomorrow afternoon. I'm not gonna tell her. I love her too much to hurt her by telling her I cheated.
The next day......
Kelsey just called me and told me she'll be here in a half hour. I'm honestly happy to see my baby, but I still feel guilty. I brought Kelsey a bunch of clothes from Balmain, I guess it's a guilt present. After waiting around for her, she called me telling me to come down to help her with her suitcase. She noticed me walking up to her and she ran and jumped in my arms.
"Uhhh I missed you so much" she said while kissing and hugging me to death.
"I missed you too beautiful, how was it" I asked her while grabbing a suit case.
"It was good, the food was amazing" she said smiling. I laughed cause she do look like she gained a lil weight but all in the right areas.
"Yea I can tell you been eating good, look at your thighs, damn bae and that ass" I said while slapping her hard on her butt. She gasp and held her butt.
"Owe that hurt bae stop"she said while rubbing her butt. We made it up stairs to my apartment. Kelsey walked straight to my room and laid on the bed. I laid next to her and started kissing in her neck. I grabbed her ass.
"Mmm no bae...please not right now. I'm tired, I've been driving for 9long hours" she said while pushing me away.
"Ok...but when you wake up that ass is mine" I said while slapping her on the out and leaving the room. She was knocked in seconds.

I woke up at 11:00pm. Quanell was sleep right next to me. That drive from Virginia had me so tired. I got up and made me some cereal since I didn't feel like cooking anything this late. I finished and made my way back to the room. I got back and bed and laid down.
"You finally up" he asked with his eyes closed.
"Yea" I said while turning towards him.
He opened his eyes.
"I missed you, you was gone too long. Your never leaving me for that long again" he said while pulling me closer to him. We was now face to face, inches away. I kissed kiss lips. I missed them so much.
"I missed you. I missed your touch and your kisses" I told him while pecking his lips. I than licked his lips with my tongue. He laughed.
"Mmmhhmm you missed Papi that much huh" he asked I knobbed my head. He grabbed me me on top of me. I was now straddling him. I just looked down at him.
"I want you like this, bouncing on it. You wanna try" he asked me while licking his lips. We ain't never did this position before, we only did missionary. But I was willing to try anything with Quanell, he was always so gently and loving with me.
"Yea" I said while pecking his lips. We got undressed. He laid on his back. I stood up over top of him. He held my waist.
"It's probably gonna hurt a lil since you never tried being on top before." He said. I just nodded. He was already rock hard. He slowly placed me down onto his dick. I felt the tip of his penis enter me and I gasp. He slowly slid me down more while holding my waist.
"Uhhh oh my god" I lowly moaned while grabbing his arms. I felt so much pressure down there.

Kelsey lowly moaned as I slid deeper and deeper into her.
"Mmmmm uhhh b-baby" she moaned while grabbing my arms and and bitting her bottom lip. I was now all the way in her. Kelsey was breathing hard.
"Moved your hips like this, that go up and down like this" I told her. I moved her body showing her how to do it. She nodded. She slowly stared to move up than down, up than down.
"Mmhmm just like that bae" I told her. She kept doing it. She started to speed up her pace. Up than down, up than down. I grabbed her waist. She kept going. She suddenly stopped and looked at me.
"Whoa what's wrong, don't stop" I begged her.
"You forgot to put a condom on" she said while trying to get up. I grabbed her waisted and stopped her.
"Bae not right now please, how you just gonna interrupt this" I asked her while trying to move her hips up and down but she stopped me.
"Noo...we need a condom" she begged. I was getting pissed.
"Bae tryna give me blue balls right now? Come on, I'll pull out, I promise" I told her. I guess she agreed because she started going up and down on my dick. Damn she was really tryna stop just because I forgot to strap up again. She started to breath harder. She stared making those funny faces and I knew she was about to cum. So I grabbed her waist and started pumping in and out of her. My hips was now moving up and down, going in and out of her warm tunnel . She screamed as he came, I saw her creamy pie drip down my dick. I kept pumping in and out of her. Kelsey moaned became loaded, I came and let out a load noise. It felt too good. Kelsey layed on top of me, sweaty and breathing hard. My dick was still in her. I pulled it out. I guess condoms weren't made for us. Every time I nutted in her I prayed she didn't get pregnant. It's not like I don't want a baby with Kelsey, I just know we ain't ready. She needs to get on birth control or we need to be more responsible and use a condom. Damn. I'm surprised she ain't pregnant yet.

I woke up at around 1:00 in the afternoon. Quanell was still sleep. I got up and showered. I got dressed and started cooking. I was making tacos. I heard the showering turn on. After 20minutes, Quanell came out full dressed.
"Hey bae" he said while opening the fridge.
"Hey" I simply said. I was upset with Quanell. I've told him numerous times to wear a condom but he never listens. He doesn't even pull out either.
"We need to talk" I said.
"Talk? bout what" he asked while walking to where I was sitting.
"About last night, I told you to wear a condom, you don't listen. " I told him.
He rolled his eyes.
"Kels how you gonna start sum and want to interrupt it" he asked. We went back and forth about the whole situation. After basically arguing for like 20 minutes we finally agreed. I decided to get on birth control. I left Quanell's apartment and headed to the pharmacy. After I left the pharmacy I went straight to my apartment. I got the day after pill and took it. At least i didn't have to worry about that any more.

Me and Kelsey got into an arguing. She was bitching at me because I forgot to wear a condom again. She trying to put all the blame on me, but its both of our fault. After arguing for like a hour, she said she was just going to get on birth control. Shit it ain't like a mean to fuck her with out no condom, shit just happens. Anyway, tomorrow is my Nigga Jay 25th birthday. He's having his party at some club in Philly. We having a guys night out, you know. I told Kelsey about it and she wasn't too happy about me going. She worried about other females throwing themselves at me since she won't be there. But I assured her I wasn't going to pay them no mind.
The next day.....
Me and Kelsey said out goodbyes and I headed to Wayne's house to pick him up. We was riding to Philly together.
"Sup nigga" Wayne asked while getting into my car. We pounded and was on our way to Philly.

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