Chapter 83:Wishing

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Kali and Keli in picture(Yes these are Tiara from Bad Girl Club Daughters lol)

This chapter is ehhhh...Idk how old Kali and Kellie are suppose to be. I lost count. But if my guessing is correct they are 6 and 3🤷🏾‍♀️Shit, I lost count of how old Kelsey and Que are suppose to be, but if I'm correct They are 28 and 27...but enjoy. Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error!!

6 months later...
       "Daddy!! Daddy look at me" Kali yelled as she did a hand stand. I watched her.
"I see you baby. You've been practicing" I said smiling. She nodded her head.
"Daddy, I can do it too" Kellie said doing a hand stand. I acted fake shock.
"I see you baby" I smiled at the sight of them. Whenever I'm feeling sad or down I just think of them and I instantly grow happy. I haven't seen or had no contact with Kelsey and I don't plan on. The day after we fought I went to the doctors and I did indeed have Gonorrhea. I already knew I had to have it but I was still pissed the fuck of. I was cured after 2 damn weeks. Just think bout that shit pisses me off. I changed my number and everything, I tried to cut all ties but I really can't because we got two daughters together. But I still can't believe everything that happened. Her mom and my dad are the middle men in bringing the girls over or picking them up. I get the girls every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon since Kelsey works overnight that day. Today was Sunday so I had them from 3 more days.
"Daddy can we have pizza?" Kellie asked. I nodded.
"Go get your sneakers" I told them. They ran out my room and into theirs. I moved out and let Kelsey have the house. I wanted them to feel comfortable and safe so that was the best choice. I got my own 2 bedroom condo just 20 minutes away from them. I still pay all the bills because they still are my kids and need to be taking care of.
"Ok daddy we ready" Kali said. I smiled.
We pulled up to Pizza Hut and we sat down ordering what we want. They are their pizza and giggled. I smiled because they looked just like Kelsey's ass.
"What you want for your birthday Kali?" I asked her as she ate. Her birthday was in two weeks. I know Kelsey is probably throwing her a party. I most likely won't go tho, even tho I'm most likely not invited. She put her finger on her chin thinking. This girl.
"Ummmmm more barbies, and SHOPKINS!" She squilled. I nodded my head.
"But I also want something else." She asked.
"Ok what else you want?" I asked.
"Um. I want you to come home daddy...we have fun at home with mommy but not lots of fun like before. And I think it will make mommy happy" she said. I looked at her. She was too damn smart for her to be almost 6 years old.
"Kali, baby we talked about this before right. Me and mommy have to live at different houses now. I'm sure mommy is happy without me there" I said trying my best to explain everything to her.
"No daddy, mommy's really said. She always cry"
"What? Mommy be crying? Why she be crying?" I asked her. She shrugged her shoulders.
"I don't know. I peek in her room and I always see her crying. She hugs her pink and yellow bear and cries" she said. I bit my lip. I got her that bear for her birthday a few years ago.
"Ok. Don't peek on mommy no more ok. She wouldn't want you to see her cry ok" she nodded. After they finished I took them to bounce house and they played there for a good 3 hours. I damn near had to drag them out that bitch.

A few days later...
I applied concealers under my puffy eyes. I been crying all night, Well I cry basically every night. I didn't want Kali questioning why my eyes are puffy again. That lil girl notices everything. I swear. My bell rung and I ran down stairs.
"Hey! Come in" I told Que dad. He held both the girls. They was sleep. He brought them up to their rooms and I tucked them in.
"Thanks again. I really appreciate it." I said. He nodded.
"No problem. Your having a party for Kali?" He asked. I paused but nodded my head.
"Cool. Is he invited" he asked referring to Que. I stayed quiet. I having had no contact with Que since that day. I tried to call him but I guess he changed his number because it always say out of service so I just stopped after awhile.
"It's his daughters birthday, I have no right denying him from coming to her party" I told him.
"Ok so he's invited?" He questions. I shrug.
"Yea if he wants to come" I said. He smiled.
"Ok, well when I see him I'll let him know." He says.
"Ok. Thanks again" I said. We hugged and he left. I went up to the girls room and checked on them. They was peacefully sleep. I went outside and dug behind one of my plants. I pulled one out and lit it. Once the smoke hit my lungs I relaxed instantly. Smoking cigarettes is a bad ass habit I picked up since shit fell apart with me and Que. This shit just calms my nerves. I never smoke around the girls and I always do it whenever they are sleep or not here. I'm trying to quit but it's hard. I looked through google trying to get more ideas for Kali birthday. It was in 2 weeks and I still had a lot of shit to do. Her theme is Barbies and candy. It was her idea. I went to Instagram and looked through my photos. I left all pictures of me and Que on there. I laughed out loud of this picture of me and him in college when we first met. He looked so young. Shit I looked young. I saw another picture of us when he was in the hospital after Damn near dying. I laughed and my laughter grew louder. Than I saw the picture of me and him when he first proposed. He was licking my cheek and I was showing off my big ass rock. I still wear it to this day. I laughed louder and louder until I burst out in tears.
"I'm so sorry!" I whispered as I continued crying. I missed Que so much. His smile, his laugh, everything about him I missed. I wish I never did it. I wish none of this shit never happened.

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