Chapter 82:Broken Love

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar!! I didn't proofread!! Enjoy

I strolled up to the other texts between them. It was months and months of texts.
"The fuck" I mumbled.

I love you,
I love you more,
I can't believe we fucked in the bathroom on my birthday
I'm gonna leave him, I promise. I'll just be me, you, Kali and Kellie
I don't love him anymore

I kept reading and reading and reading. My hands was shaking and my blood was steaming. She cheated and with my own fucking cousin!!! Both of them smiled up in my face but the whole time they was fucking. And not only that but she caught a damn STD from that nigga. I most likely caught it. There fucking dead.
I looked up and she was staring at me than her phone.
"Give me my phone" she tried to grab for it but I moved it
"Que give me my phone" she said. I stood up and threw it across the room. It shattered.
"Are you fucking crazy!" She yelled. I don't know what triggered me. Her cheating, her saying she love him, her catching a std and most likely giving it to me, or her thinking she bout to take my kids and have another nigga playing daddy to them. I charged at her. Grabbing her by her neck and slamming her against the wall. I slammed her so hard that the family portrait of us fell and broke. Yup we was broke. Tears fell from her eyes and she looked scared.
"HOW COULD YOU!" I yelled with so much pain in my voice. He gasp for air and I let her go. She fell to the floor.
"Please...please let me explain" she cried. I walk to our closet and started packing her shit.
"Que...what the fuck are you doing?" She asked. I ignored her packing her stuff.
"No..stop" she tried to stop me but I pushed her and she fell. I didn't give a damn tho.
"Oww Que. stop please let me explain." She begged. I backed hand her in her face and she fell to the ground bursting out in tears.
"Get the fuck up" I says through gritted teeth. She just cried.
"GET THE FUCK UP AND GET YOUR SHIT" I said throwing her clothes at her. She cried.
"Nooo please. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it" she cried. I chuckled.
"You didn't mean it sure. You a low down dirty ass bitch. She should of knew from the begging you wasn't different. You was a hoe on the low! Get out Now!" I demanded. She just sat there crying.
"GET THE FUCK UP" I yelled trying to yank her up but she pulled away. I grabbed her by her shirt and started dragging her out the room.
"Ahhhhh owwww noooo!!! Nooooo" she screamed. I dragged her down the stairs and she screamed louder as her body hit every step.
"Owww your hurting me. I'm sorry. Get offf.." She cried. I picked her up so she was standing and pushed towards the front door.
"GET THE FUCK OUT!" I screamed. She covered her face with her hands.
"Please...please let me explain. It wasn't suppose to go this far" she cried. I ignore her opening the front door. She ran towards the back screaming I chased her and caught her.
"NOOOOO LET ME GO..I'M SORRY PLEASE QUANELL...I'M SORRY" she cried. I walked outside and tried to put her down but she had a grip of me.
"GER THE FUCK OFF!" I yelled trying to pry her hands off me.
"NOOOO PLEASE. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS." She cried with so much emotion.
"I'M SO SORRY" she cried. Deep down in my heart I felt her pain. I just wanted to tell her I forgave her but that would be a lie. I managed to get her off me and I went inside slamming the door in her face. She screamed and banged in the door begging me to let her in. I ignored her. I slowly slid to the floor and a tear fell. I guess this was Karma. I did Kelsey wrong so many times and she forgave me each time. But this shit cut me deep. She broke my heart. It ain't like she fucked a nigga I ain't know. She fucked my own damn cousin and caught an STD. What type of crazy shit is that. She soon stopped banging and I heard soft cried and than it went silent. I felt so bad. Hit her after I promised her I wouldn't. But if you was in my shoes how would you react. I'll admit I shouldn't have hit her and did her like that but my anger got the best of me. Her lip was busted and she had a bruise on her side from when I was dragging her down the stairs. I felt like shit. I just wanted to hug and hold her but I couldn't she was the only woman who I gave my heart to. I trusted her with my heart and she took it and broke it. I heard a horn beep. I looked out the window and she was getting into a Taxi. That was the last time I saw Kelsey.

     My head was pounding. All I could see was Que punching me. And beating me over and over again with his gun. I felt his timb crack my jaw as he stomped on my head over and over. It felt like my body went into shock. I tried to reason with him when he first approached me but he didn't wanna hear shit I had to say. He dragged me to his car and put me in his trunk. The ride felt like hours. He was going over so many bumps. The car came to a stop and I heard the engine cut off. He opened the trunk and pointed his gun at me. Blood clouded my eyes.
"My soul won't let me pull this motherfucking trigger. You ain't even worth it....get the fuck out my shit nigga" He said grabbing me and throwing me out his trunk. I laid helplessly on the ground.
"Stay the fuck away from me and mine. I catch your ass a round and I swear your dead nigga!! Try me" he said. He patted my back. I heard him speed off. I laid there and everything went black.
       I woke up in a hospital. I found out I been here for a month. They said a couple found me in the middle of nowhere unconscious. The doctors said I was out there for over 2 weeks. Both my arms was broke. My leg was broke in 3 different places, my neck was broke, my nose was broke and my jaw was broke. It was wired shut. Detectives asked me what happened but I said I just shrugged my shoulders even tho I knew what happened.

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