Chapter 46:U Know What's Up

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I sat on my bedroom balcony with my legs pulled to my chest. I guess I was kinda in shock. I've been emotionally ever since I found out about Alyssa. She was my best friend. She was there for me when I was at my lowest. A part of me blamed myself. I was the cause of everything. The balcony glass door opened. I wiped my remaining tears and in stepped Quanell. His hands was tucked in his pocket and he had a sorrow look on his face.
"How you feeling?" He asked while taking a seat next to me. I struggled my shoulders.
"I'm dealing with it" I said while wiping my eyes. Quanell pulled me into a hug.
"Don't blame yourself! Please don't." He said before kissing my lips. He caresses my cheek.
" plane leaves in 2 hours. I gotta be heading out soon" he said. I looked him in his eye.
"When are you coming back?" I asked. He sighed and pulled at his beard.
"I don't know Kels...I have to meet with my probation officer. Tomorrow there putting on my ankle bracelet...and I can't leave the state for 6 months. I would ask y'all to come back to New York with me, but I need to handle some shit before I'll feel safe with y'all being there." He said. Alyssa death and him leaving just broke me. He grabbed my face and wiped my tears.
"Don't cry....don't think I'm leaving y'all." He said while holding my face. He kissed my tears. I nodded my head.
"I know, I just don't want you too go. I'm just gonna miss you...I'm just an emotional reck" I said. He cracked a small smile while caressing my cheek.
"I know baby...I promise I'll come back for y'all." He assured me. I nodded as stood up. I left the balcony and went straight to my closet.
"Where you going?" Quanell asked me as he followed right behind me. I ignored him. I went to my safe in my closet and put the code in. It opened. Reveling a bunch of money and a gun. I moved to the side showing him. His eyes went from me and to the safe. He took out some of the money and looked at me.
"You still have some left?" he asked. I smirked and shook my head.
"You didn't think I really spent all of it did you? It's not the whole 2.5 million. I had to dip in it when we left New York" He looked at me confused.
"Wow...I honestly though you did. I was expecting you tho. I put that money away for y'all just in case something happened to me." He said. He put the money back in the safe and closed it.
"Keep it..ok. Just in case." He said before leaving the room.
"Just in case what?" I asked him. He picked up his duffle bag and walked out the room. I ran after him and grabbed his arm. He stoped and ran his hand down his face.
"Just in case what Quanell?" I asked on the verge of tears. He kissed my lips so passionately.
"Anything can happen. I love you." He whispered against my lips. Tears streamed down my face.
"I love you. I love you so much"
He kissed my lips again and held my hand as we entered the living room. Kali was playing. Quanell picked her up. He kissed her all over her face as she giggled.
"Daddy gotta go bye bye baby" he told her.
"No daddy" she said while hugging him tightly. That's broke my heart. I could see Quanell eyes getting watery.
"I'll be back ok...I promise I'll be back. Ok" he told her. She nodded her head and kissed his cheek.
"Daddy loves you ok." He told her.
"I love daddy too" she said. He giggled and kissed her again before putting her down. He stood and watched her play for a few seconds. He hugged my mother and they said there goodbyes. We heard a car horn. He picked up his duffle bag and stood in front of me.
"That's my know I love you right?" He asked. I smiled small with teary eyes. I nodded.
"I love you Kelsey....I'll be back. I promise you." He said. He hugged and kissed me. He turned around and headed to the door. Before he could walk out I called his name. He slowly turned around. I walked up to him.
"I love you...please be safe." I told him. He smiled and nodded as he walked out. My mom came from behind be and pulled me into a hug.
"He's going to be just fine" she assured me. I just hugged her tightly. I home she was right.

Once I got in the uber I silently cried. Here I was once again leaving my family. But I didn't want to be on the run and plus I had to make a surprise visit to my pops and Jay.
1 week later....
I just left my probation meeting. I had to meet with him every week. He put my ankle bracelet on me the day I got back to New York. I got in my all black Audi and pulled out of the parking lot. My phone rung.
"Yo" I said.
"You called!" My lawyer Barber asked.
" me at that new barber shop on 125th street in Brooklyn in an hour. I need a favor." I told him. He sighed.
"What kinda favor?" He asked. I chuckled.
"Nigga a favor, I got you. One hour" I said before hanging up. If y'all didn't know yes Barber is a dirty lawyer. Anthony "AZ" Barber. He was one of New York's biggest drug dealers when I was growing up. Him and my pops go way back. But than my pops fucked him over. Me and him always stayed cool, he was there for me when my moms passed and when my father wasn't being a father. We did our little dirt back in the day, I helped him when he was down and out. And he helped me when I was down and out. 40 minutes later I pulled up to the Barber shop. I spotted his cream colored BMW parked across the street. I got out my car and jogged across the street getting into the passenger side.
"What's going on?" He asked. I started pulling at my beard.
"Can you find out where someone live for me?" I asked while looking straight ahead. I felt him looking at me.
"Yea...who?" He asked. I finally looked at him.
"This nigga named Jayson Graham. They call him Jay....And my pops." I told him. He just stared at me for a few seconds. He started his car and took off. He already knew what was up.

*Sorry for any mistakes. I didn't reread.

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