Chapter 117:Shook

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread!! Enjoy!!!

I speak down the highway doing 90mph.
"Motherfucker!" I yelled as I punched my steering wheel over and over again. I picked up my phone.
"Yo where you at?" I said into the phone.
"Meet me at the club in 20 minutes, come strapped" I said before hanging up. I told myself to calm down as I eased my foot off the gas pedal. I pulled up to the club in 20 minutes. Ash was leaning against her car smoking a blunt.
"Yo you good?" She asked pounding my hand. I looked around at my surroundings.
"Nahhh strapped?" I asked her as she passed me the blunt. I took two pills and passed it back. I need a clear mind for this shit. She lifted her shirt displaying her gun.
"Come on, I'll tell you what's up on the way" she jumped in the passenger seat and I speed off.
"So what's up nigga?" She asked as she turned up the radio. Shook Ones By Mobb Deep started playing.
***START MUSIC***(Read along to the lyrics and the conversation)
"That nigga raped Kelsey?" I said. She looked at me. She took out her gun and cocked it.

"Yeah, to all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real niggas who ain't got no feelings"

"You my nigga, you already know I'm down for whatever, you know where that nigga at?" she said.

"Check it out now"

I looked at her and nodded my head. We both smirked as I turned up the music.

"I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got 'nough shots to share
For all of those who wanna profile and pose
Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin'
And keep them shook crews runnin', like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to
I can see it inside your face, you're in the wrong place
Cowards like you just get they whole body laced up
With bullet holes and such

It was 11pm and Que still wasn't home. I kept trying to call him but it just rung. But now when I call it just goes to voicemail. I'm praying he didn't go out and do nothing crazy. I already almost lost him too many times already I won't be able to deal with it if something happened on the count of me. I checked on the kids. They was all peacefully sleep, since they got home from school they been asking for Que. I tried to call him again but it just went to Voicemail.
"FUCK!!....answerrrrr" I said as I plopped on my bed. But he never answered. I kept calling and calling. Minutes passed, than hours. I laid in bed. The time said 4:22am. I called his phone again but still nothing. I sat my phone next to me and pulled the covers over my head as I quickly fell asleep. I woke up to my alarm. It was 7:30am. I jumped up looking next to me but no Que. I went to his room and it was empty. I sighed as I went to my room and checked my phone. No missed call no texts from him. I held my head as I sat in my bed. I dialed his number but it went straight to voicemail. Tears fell from my eyes. I wiped them and went to the girls room to get them dressed and ready for school. After I managed to get them dressed I dropped them off at school. All they did was ask me where they dad was and I lied saying he was at work. I drove by the club and the parking lot was empty so I didn't bother stopping by. I drove passed Whes house and it was no sight of his car. Once I got home I tried to call and text him again but nothing. I called his dad and he said he hasn't talk to Que since yesterday morning. I googled the morgue number and called them. I gave them a description of him but they didn't have no bodies matching his description, I sighed in relieve. I even called the jail but they said he wasn't arrested. It was going on 11am and still nothing. In another hour it'll be 24 hours that I haven't heard from him. I went to my room and just laid on my bed praying he was ok. My eyes started to get heavy and soon sleep took over me.

I took a puff of my blunt as we watched the liquid concrete turn to solid. I smirked. I forgot how good shit like this made me feel. The sun was just now rising so I assume it was almost 6am.
"Punkass nigga" Ask mumbled as she looked down at the now solid cement. We both chuckled.
"You ready? I know Kelsey ass going crazy" I said. We walked through the high wooded area and got in my car and pulled off. We kept our phones off because I didn't need it beaming off these cell phone towers. Leave no trace. That's one thing I've learned. After driving for 3 hours we was finally back in our hood. After burning our clothes I pulled back up to the club. We went into my office. I put my code in for the safe and pulled out 10 stacks.
"Here," I said as I started to throw each stack to her. She caught each one but just looked at.
"Take it as a thank you gift" I said as I closed my safe.
"Que, man I appreciate this but I can't take this. I'm down for you cause you my nigga. Not because of the money" she said. I looked at He.
"That's one of the realest shit I ever heard" I told her. She chuckled.
"Thanks Ash. But please take it. By you something nice" I said. She chuckled.
"It's hard to accept this but I guess I have no choice. If my girl call you cursing you out cause she think I'm trapping don't be mad." She said.
"You got a girl?" I asked her. She looked at me like duh.
"I ain't got no nigga. " she said. We both bussed out laughing.
"Yea I know that, but I just thought you was single since the bitches can't seem to stay off you" I said. She smirked.
"I can't help I have that affect on woman. But I'm trying to change my ways. My girl, her name Keisha. She been down for me for years. Never did me wrong. But I fucked up a lot but she always took me back" aah said. I looked at her and angered. I'm so many ways we was alike.
"Yea I know what you mean. I fucked Kelsey over too many times. I'm surprised she still dealing with me" I said I powered my phone back on and it started blinging like crazy. I have 291 missed calls from Kelsey, 91 text messages from her and a couple from my dad.
"Fuck....I should get going tho...look at this shit" I said as I showed Ash all the missed calls and texts. She covered her mouth and chuckled.
"Niggaaa...Damn I'm scared to power my phone on. I know Keisha blew my shot up too" she laughed. We talked for 10 more minutes before departing ways. I pulled up to the house and it was a little after 11am. Oh I know y'all wondering what happened to Rashad bitch ass.
Let's just say I made that nigga eat his dick since he don't know how to use it correctly. If your not getting what I mean. We cut that niggas dick off and feed it to him. After I beat his ass I finished his ass off. Didn't I have remorse? No...he didn't have remorse when he did that to Kels. When I asked him about it he laughed and said she got what she deserved. I can't wait to see that niggas face displayed on tv as MISSING. Missing my ass, He's gone and never coming back. Whenever they do find him I Hope they have fun digging his body up from underneath all that concrete.

To be continued....

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