Chapter 36:Not Guilty

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1 month later....
I woke up from loud as alarm. I turned in the bed and noticed Quanell wasn't.
"Baby?" I yelled.
"Quanell.." I yelled.
"I'm down stairs" he yelled. I got up and headed to the bathroom. I had this weird feeling in the pit of the stomach. It was like a scared feeling. It felt like the day I found out Quanell got shot. I closed my eyes tight and tried to get rid of that feeling.
"What you doing in here" Quanell came busting in the bathroom. I jumped because he scared me.
"N-nothing. You fucking scared me" I said while rolling my eyes. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into him.
"I'm sorry bae I didn't mean to scare you....Um, I'm bout to head out. I gotta go handle something...iight" he said while looking down at me. I blankly looked at him before rolling my eyes.
"Aye don't do that shit, I promise this week is still about us iight..Kali in Virginia with your moms and we gone spend time together. Just me and you like I promised. I promise nothing else will come between us this week...ok" He said.
A small smile escaped my lips. Quanell never breaks his promise.
"Ok. You promise" I said. He smiled and slowly kissed my lips.
"I promise...." those was the last words he said before our lives came tumbling down. I blinked my eyes and saw nothing but men with big guns and black uniforms that said SWAT and D.E.A.
My heart dropped. Me and Quanell did what they said and got on the floor. I had tears streaming from my eyes, my heart was beating out my chest. I looked up at Quanell and he just stared at me.
"I love you" he whispered to me. That just brought me to even more tears. They stood me up while he laid on the floor.
"Do you have any weapons or sharp items that would stick me?" A female officer asked. I shook my head no. She patted me down and than pulled out her handcuffs that's when I lost it, I broke down. Quanell just watched with anger in his eyes.
"You're not under arrest, I'm just placing these cuffs on you for my safety and everyone's else, ok?" The officer said. I shook my head. Three officers roughly grabbed Quanell up and started patting him down.
"Man I ain't got shit on me, why y'all even in my shit? Y'all ain't got shit on me" Quanell said. The officers laughed.
"We got enough evidence. Quanell Hernandez, your under arrest for the distribution of crack cocaine and heroin and for the murder of Pablo "Allah" Escobar". Was all he said before he started reading him his Miranda rights.
"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?"
"Kels call Jay, my pops and my lawyer. I swear. I swear on Kali life I didn't kill him, I fucking swear man.....I love you!" He told me before they bragged him out. I lost it.

Quanell (POV)
Everything happened so fast. I sat in the back of a police car with my head against the window. How did I get myself so deep in. How did they know I was selling? I thought I was careful. How did they know where I laid my head? Only a few people knew. Who the fuck killed Allah? I won't lie I've been look for that nigga but couldn't find him that motherfucker. I wanted his ass ever since he tried to have me milled. Who the fuck got to him before I could. And how do these pigs somehow have "evidence" on something I know for a fact I didn't do.

The next day....

"On the count of distribution of crack cocaine how do you plead?"
"Not Guilty"
"On the count of distribution of heroin how do you plead?"
"Not Guilty"
"On the count of drug trafficking in the first degree how do you plead?"
"Not Guilty"
"On the count of first degree do you plead?"
"Not Guilty"
"Judge Brown for the safety of the people in New York we recommend Mr. Hernandez be remanded to Rikers Island with no bail." The District Attorney said.
"Judge brown that is ridiculous, Mr.Hernandez has never been arrested before. This is his first charged which will be dropped, he sound be ROR. If not ROR than he should have a set bail." My lawyer Mr. Barber said.
"Judge Brown Mr. Hernandez is a flight risk. He should remain in Rikers Island until his trial-" the District attorney said.
"That is rediculous. Mr. Hernandez has no connects from outside the country. You can take away his passport. My client is not a flight risk. He has a loving fiancé and daughter at home who are waiting for him to come home." My lawyer said.
"Ok that's enough. Mr. Hernandez, seeing that this is your first arrest I would usually ROR the person. But looking at your chargers I'm shock and utterly uncomfortable. Quanell will remain in Rikers island until your trial. Bail is denied." The judge stated, she hit her hammer and stood and left. I sat there stuck. The officers guided me back to the room so I could talk to my lawyer.
"Don't worry Quanell I'm gonna get you out of here, I promise. I'll talk to the District Attorney and see if we can work out a deal-" he started to say.
"What! I don't wanna make no fucking deal on shit I ain't fucking do BARBER! What the fuck man! You said you could get me out. You said I would have bail man. What the fuck!" I said while pacing the room.
"Que are you sure you told me everything? They have evidence man" He said. I turned to him quick.
"Are you fucking serious Barber! You really asking me this shit! You know I didn't kill him! Yea it's true about the drugs and shit,
But I didn't kill Allah! I thought you knew me better than that. If I did kill him, trust one would of never found out.! Someone set me up. Damn" I said while running my hand down my face.
"Alright man calm down and please sit down. Tomorrow I meet with the District Attorneys and Judge Brown. We will be discussing the case and all the evidence they claim to have against you will be provided. I'm sorry, I should have never questioned if you did it or not. I watched you grow up and one thing I know about you is that you always clean up your mess." He said. I sat there taking on everything he said.
"Thanks man. Can you please call Kelsey for me. I need to hear her voice." I asked in a shaky voice.

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