Chapter 97:Bond

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"So She was in your office" I asked him as I held one of the boys.
"Yea...But we didn't fuck" He said lowly so the girls wouldn't hear him. I started laughed. This nigga is too hilarious.
"Riiiigghhhttt" i said nodding my head I was beyond pissed.
"Shut up Que! I'm not dealing with your shit right now. I can't even morn my mother's fucking death because of your bullshit" I said as I began to crying.
"Kelsey? I swear-"
"Leave...go, get out my face Que. Please." I cried. After Jaeson stopped crying Que put him in his bassinet and handed him a key ring toy.
"Kellie..Kali you wanna come with daddy to see grandpa?" He asked them. I just rolled my eyes. This nigga makes me sick. They jumped up and down.
"Ok go get y'all shoes." He told them as they went running to their room.
"It's cool if I take them right?" He questioned.
"They your kids too Que...Why you asking for permission?" I said not even looking at him.
"I got camera in my office. I'll get Twizz to get them for me so I can prove to you I didn't cheat with that hoe? She just mad cause I wouldn't fuck her Kels." He told me. Deep down I wanted to believe him I really did. But I just couldn't there was too many times he cheated and lied about it.
"Daddy we readyyyy" the girls said.
"Ok tell mommy y'all see her later." He said to them. They ran to me and I gave them both a kiss.
"Be good ok! I love you" I told my girls. Que leaned down trying to kiss me but I turn my head and he kissed my cheek.
"I love you ok... Love you boys" He said. He waited a few seconds I guess waiting for me to say it back but I didn't. He sighed as they left.

We pulled up to my dads house and the girls ran to the front door where he was waiting. My phone vibrated. I thought it was Twizz since I told him to pull the videos from my office and send them to me but It was a text from Kelsey.
"I LOVE YOU TOO" she wrote. I smiled sending her a heart. One I made it inside the girls was playing with my dad dog. He looked at me like he knew something was wrong. We went in the kitchen and he passed me a corona.
"Why you look like that?" He asked taking a swig from his beer.
"Like what?" I questioned sitting in a bar stool. He chuckled.
"Kelsey got a strong arm I see. What happened to your jaw?" He smirked sipping from his beer. I looked in my phone camera and indeed my face was a lil puffy and red. I sucked my teeth. He chuckled.
"It ain't funny" I said chuckling too.
"What I tell your ass. Woman are always right no matter what. What you do this time?" He smirked.
"Pops I swear I didn't do nothing" I said.
"Quanell, I know Kelsey and Kelsey ain't gonna put hands on you for no damn reason so what did you do?" He asked. I looked away.
"Some hoe came to the house" I said. He punched me in my arm hard.
"AHHHHH" I yelled.
"Nigga are you stupid! If I was Kelsey I would of did more damage to you! Who was the girl?" He asked. I sucked my teeth rubbing my arm.
"Just some hoes from the club. She did do more damage look! She fucking shot me." I said showing him my shoulder. He laughed.
"It ain't funny man. She did shoot shoot me but it graded me shit! She even let off to shots a the girls car after beating her ass" I told him. He was steady laughing like shit was funny.
"Damnnnn...I didn't know Kelsey got down like that. That's exactly what you get. How the fuck she even know where you live and how long you been fucking her?" He asked.
"That's the thing. I never fucked the hoes and I don't know how she know where I live." I said. He scrunched up his face.
"WHAT!" He said.
"I didn't fuck her. I swear but she told Kelsey I did fuck. I'll be honest tho, I took her to my office he took off her shirt and might of sat on my lap but I didn't touch her. I told her to get out and I guess that's why she was mad. Kelsey mad as fuck. I'm getting Twizz to send me the video from my office so I can show her I didn't fuck her but she still gonna be mad either way because that hoe had no right pulling up to my shit like that." I said. I dad just sat back shaking his head. The rest of the day we just chilled. After about 3 hours the girls started to get tired so we headed back home. Once we got there the girls was sleep so I had to carry both they asses in. When I went into our room Kelsey was sitting in the middle of our bed with both boys laying in front of her as she talked baby talk to them. They smiled and drooled. I watched her in awe.

Jaedon & Jaeson☝🏾

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Jaedon & Jaeson☝🏾

She noticed me. We held eye contact than she looked back at the boys.
"The girl sleep?" She asked. I walked to the closet removing my hoodie.
"Yea, they fell asleep as soon as we left my dads" I told her as I removed my jeans and out in some sweats.
"I'm about to kiss them goodnight. Watch them real quick" she said getting up. I nodded sitting on the bed as my boys smiled up at me. I smiled back and kissed them. Kelsey came back and sat back down as she continued playing with the boys. I turned on the tv and turned it to ESPN but I wasn't watching it, I was watching Kelsey interact with our sons. Some people say there's no greater bond like the bond between a mother and child and I believe that. My mind wondered to my mom. Ever since we moved to Cali I haven't visited my mothers grave like I would before. I needed to go visit her. I also wanted to go visit Wayne and Jay gravesite. I always wondered how they kids was doing. It's like when I left New York I wanted to leave everything and everyone I ever knew behind. I needed to go back to my old stomping grounds....Brooklyn New York.

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