Chapter 20:All Good Things Dont Last Forever

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I woke up to the sun peeking through my curtain. I turned over and he was asleep next to me. When did he even get here, I thought he was coming back later on today. I was happy to see him tho. He looked so peaceful sleep. How was I so lucky to end up with this perfect man. He was a gift from God. I loved this man to death. I rapped his arm around me and kissed his lips. He smirked. He opened his eyes and we just stared at each other.
"Hi" I softly said while placing another kiss in his pink ass lips.
"Hi beautiful" he said. He grabbed me on top of him and just hugged me. He must of missed me.
"I love you...I missed you so much" he said while squeezing me tighter. I giggled.
"Mmm you better had missed me" I told him while kissing him more deeper this time. His tongue slowly eased in my mouth, I bit his bottom lip and broke the kiss.
"When did you come back" I asked him. He rubbed my butt.
"Like 4 in the morning, I was bored and missed you" he told me. I smiled and kissed him. He claimed on top of me. I already knew what he was tryna do. So I stopped him to remind me.
"Condom" I told him with a smirk. He smirked back and lend over and grabbed a magnum from my night stand draw. He opened it up and slid it on. He slowly entered me. I wanted it badder than ever. Once he was all the way in me I felt so full. He gave me slow long strokes. I bit my lip. I looked up at him and he was just looking down at me. I started grinding my hips, and he sped up his pace, he looked surprised a lil. I let out low moans. It felt so good, I wanted it faster, harder, and deeper.
"Uhhhh baby fasterrr" I moaned. He looked at me like I was crazy. He was surprised. He sped up the pace but I wanted more. I let our low moans. He bent down and kissed my lips than he buried his head in my neck. He was moaning lowly.
"Uhhhh mmmm Babyy.....faster please uhh" I moaned. I didn't know what the fuck I was saying, it just felt so good. He sped up his pace. Now he was going full force. All you heard was skin slapping, and it sounded like someone was mixing Mac and cheese lol. We was no longer making love, he was now fucking me.
One week later......
      Me and Quanell have reservations at Armani's tonight. I showered, did my make and hair and got dressed. I was wearing a olive colored dress that had a deep v neck with caged designed. I looked in the mirror and admired myself, I have matured so much. My body was slowly changing. But I loved it.

Kelsey's Outfit👆🏾I walked into my bathroom where Quanell was

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Kelsey's Outfit👆🏾
I walked into my bathroom where Quanell was. He was being so extra, putting oil on his beard and shit. I laughed.
"Are you almost ready" I asked him while walking up to him. He nodded and turned towards me.
"Damn bae, you look yummy" he said while looking at. I blushed. And kissed him. We arrived at the restaurant and was seated. It was so fancy, everyone seemed so happy and in love. Quanell smiled as he watched me smile and look at other couples.
"May I take your orders" the waitressed asked. He was giving Quanell to much eye contact.
"Um yea I would like the stack, with mash potatoes with the side of broccoli"I told her. She acted like she could care less. She was more worried about Quanell.
"And you" she asked Quanell. He wasn't even paying her no mind.
"He'll have the same thing is Girlfriend is having" I rudely said. Quanell laughed and the waitressed looked pissed as she walked away.
"Damn bae, you mean" he said while laughing, I rolled my eyes and laughed too. Bitches was too thirsty. A new waiter came and served up our food.
We was laughing, talking, and having a great time. Quanell had to use the bathroom so he got up and left me at the table. His phone was on the table, it kept vibrating and flashing. I'm not the type to be noisey but it was becoming annoying so I grabbed it to see who was blowing up his phone. My mouth hit the floor. No.

A nigga had to piss so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I washed and dried my hands and headed back to our table. I noticed Kelsey looked pissed. I sat down and she gave me the most hateful look.
"What's wrong bae" I asked her while trying the grab her hand, she yanked it from me. What the fuck was her problem.
"What's wrong" I asked her again. She just ignored me.
"You ready to go" I asked her since she wanna act like this. She stood up and left out the restaurant. I paid out tab and followed after her. I tried to touch her but she yanked away from me. I didn't want to make a big deal in public so I waited until velvet brung my car. Kelsey got in and slammed my door. I got in and looked over at her.
"What the fuck is the attitude about Kels" I asked her while driving off. She didn't say shit. She just looked out the window.
"Hello, you deaf or something now...Kelsey!" I asked. I rubbed her thigh, she quickly pushed my hand away.
"Don't fucking touch me!" She said.
"Why? What the fuck did I do to you" I asked her. I honestly didn't know why she was mad. She just ignored me. My phone started vibrating. I took it out my pocket and before I can even see who it was Kelsey snacked it out my hand.
"Oh your lil bitch texting you again. " she said. Oh god! Please don't tell me.
I quickly smacked my phone back from her. I looked at my phone. It was Jasmine. FUCK! I looked over at Kelsey, she was looking out the window but I saw tears falling from her eyes.
"Kels it's not what it looks like" I calmly said.
"So what the fuck is it Quanell! Huh! You cheating on me. Really!!" She yelled with tears coming down her face. Damn.

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