Chapter 120:Crazy Love

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread! ENJOY.

     I walked through some clothing store that was by the hotel. I looked behind me rolling my eyes at Que. He's been on the phone since we left the hotel and it was really starting to irritate me. He said this was suppose to be a lil vacation for us but he rather be on the damn phone talking to who fucking knows. I picked up a bunch of clothes, sandals, and bath suits. I got to the registered and sat everything on it. Que walked up to me passing me his card and the few things he had. I snatched it out his hand as the cashier gave me a confused look. I smiled.
"Sorry about that" I said as she started ringing our things up.
"Don't worry about it, men" she said as she waved her hand. I giggled looking back at Que, he was sliding his phone in his pocket and heading my way. I rolled my eyes. She told me the total and I swiped his card.
"Thank you, and come back soon" she said. Que grabbed the bags as I walked ahead of him. His phone rung again. I rolled my eyes as I kept walking. It kept ringing.
"Oh you not gonna answer that? It might be important" I said with sarcasm as I looked both ways before crossing the street. The hotel was right across the street. I walked up the walk way into the hotel as cold air hit my hot skin.
"Kelsey it was business" he said.
"Oh right!!! I forgot business comes first." I said as I pressed the elevator button. He grabbed my arm.
"Stop fucking nagging! You know y'all always come first" He said. I looked around making sure his crazy ass didn't cause attention. I tried to snatch away from him as the elevator doors opened. He held a tight grip on my arm as he backed me up into the elevator. He punched our floor button as the doors closed. I yanked away, finally getting loose from his grip.
"That fucking hurt stupid ass!" I yelled as I examined my arm. If I was lighter it probably would have bruised. He just stood there as his jaw clinched watching the numbers on the elevator change. The elevator doors opened and I stormed off. I had to waited for him at the room door because I didn't have my keycard. He unlocked it and I forcefully pushed it opened.
"I can't stand your ass, you need to stop FUCKING GRABBING ME LIKE THAT" I yelled as I went into the bathroom. I splashed my face with water and dried it. I needed to calm down. I came out the bathroom and the bags looked like they was tossed on the floor. He was standing on the balcony with his back to me on his phone smoking a blunt. I stormed to the balcony and I slid the glass door open glaring at him. He looked back at me with the blunt in his mouth.
"I wanna go home" I said as I crossed my arms. His eyes looked me up and down.
"Kels, we not going home. Why can't you just relax and enjoy yourself. " he asked as he hung up his phone.
"No, I wanna go home now Que! You call this relaxing? How I'm suppose to enjoy myself when ever second we having some sort of fun your phone ring. I wanna go home" I said as I walked away. I grabbed my purse and phone and headed towards the door.
"Kelsey! Stop acting so dumb" Que yelled as he grabbed me by my waist.
"Get off of me!" I yelled as I felt myself about to cry. He pinned me against the wall. One of his hands was rested against the wall by my head as the other one was around my waist. He tried to kiss me but I turned my head. He kissed my neck making me tense up.
"Stoppp" I whined as I pushed him but he didn't budge.
"Why you acting like this? Huh?" He asked in a low voice. His eyes was a little low. I looked at him and shook my head.

I kissed her neck again and swirls my tongue as I gentle sucked on it. She let out a little whimper. I smirked.
"Oh I know why you acting like this. If you wanted me to fuck you, you should of said something" I said as I unbutton my jeans. She looked at me with a straight face. I kissed her lips and she kissed me back.
"I was talking to Ash about a big shipment. I didn't mean to make you feel like you wasn't important." I told her as I kissed her lips.
"I thought you said you was done with that drug shit" she said. I pecked her lips twice.
"I am...after this one I'm done. I promise. It's a lot of money that's about to come in and you know I couldn't pass that up" I said. She sighed and looked me in my eyes.
"You promise, you promise this is the last time...I can't loss you to this shit-" I cut her off as I connected my lips to her. I picked her up and gentle laid her on the bed. She looked up at me. I undressed her until she was fully naked. I removed my shirt and pants. Sliding into her warm tunnel she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to her as she kissed my lips. After we fucked for a good 2 hours we took a shower and got dressed and headed down to the pools.
       I sat in a beach chair with Kelsey laid in between my legs. Her ass didn't know how to swim so she wasn't trying to go no where near the water.
"Que?" She said in a low voice.
"Yea," I said as I looked down at her.
"You promise this is the last time? I be worried" she said. I leaned down tilting her head up so we was looking in each other eyes.
"Don't worry, your gonna drive yourself crazy doing that....I promise this is the last time...ok. Just trust me" I told her. She smiled nodding her head.
"Ok...I trust you." She said. I kissed her lips.
"You love me right?" I asked her already knowing the answer. She smiled big showing her white teeth.
"Of course of I love you" She said as we shared a passionate kiss.

To be continued...

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