Chapter 58:Tempted

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OMG!!! I didn't mean to turn Que into a unfaithful DOG!!! Lol

When I walked into my club it was packed. People was dancing. Quiet Storm was blasted through out the club.
"Blowin niggas with rusty ass German things
Keeping it thorough is our motherfuckin claim to fame
Throw on your wetsuit, when it rains, it pours and all
Hit em with the four
Don't even know him from a hole in the wall
Get at me, niggaz wanna clap me, snitches wanna rat me?
Put it right where they back me
Keep my Dunn's close to me, enemies even closer
Sendin kites with the Motorola's, yo"
Everyone was hype. That put a smile on my face. I headed to the back to my office. I heard a knock and the door cracked open.
"Sup nigga, congrats again" Mel said while pounding my hand.
"Thanks man, thanks again for watching over the club" I told him. He waved his hand.
"Nah you good. Aye, um that bartender girl. I think her name is Amy or Amanda or some shit like that. But she been asking for you. I don't know why tho" he said. I smirked at him and shook my head. He squinted his eyes at me.
"NIGGA!" He yelled while hopping up. I laughed.
"Nah nigga...we just chillin and shit" I honestly told him. He gave me that yea right nigga face. We both started busting out laughing. This is why me and Mel clicked. He was like the younger version of me. We talked a lil more than decided to go enjoy our selfs. It was only 11:22pm and shit was just getting lit. Tell Me What You Want by Mase was blasting I nodded my head to the music as I made my rounds.
Now Mase be the man wanna see you doing good
I don't wanna get rich, leave you in the hood
Girl in my eye You the baddest"
I saw Ari serving drinks. We held eye contact until she turned her head. I made my way towards bar where she was.
"The reason why I love you, you don't like me cause my status
I don't wanna see you with a cat rich living average
I wanna do my thing so we can be established"
"Sup" I said as I sat on a bar stool. She looked at me than sighed.
"Hey" She dryly said.
"And I don't want you rocking in Paris I will give you karats till I feel you a rabbit
Anything in your path if you want you can have"
"You mad at me or something?" I asked her. She just shook her head and continued serving drinks. I just shook my head at her and giggled. Females these days.
"Walk through the mall, if you like you can grab
Total it all up and put it on my tab
Then tell your friends all the fun you had"
She ignored me. I called another bartender over. I grabbed Ari arm. She yanked it away.
"Don't!" She said. I grabbed her arm and pulled her through the crowd until I reached my office. I unlocked it and she rushed in.
"What!" She said with an attitude. She crossed her arms over her chest.
"What's this attitude about" I asked her. She just looked down at her feet. I snapped my fingered at her.
"What's up? What's the fucking problem?" I asked her.
"You've been ignoring my call and texts. You expect me to be all jolly and happy?" She asked with an attitude. I ran my hand down my face.
"Ari...I honestly didn't think I was obligated to answer your text or calls. What's your problem? You acting like we fucking or something." I said. She sucked her teeth and sat down.
"I know we not fucking. But you acted like you wanted too. I thought we was feeling each other? Or was that just an act just to get in between my legs?" She said while getting up storming to the door. I blocked the door and looked down at her.
"Please move!" She whispered.
"My fault..I didn't mean to make you feel any type of way. I just had a daughter man. I've been busy. I have a family" I told her. She looked up at me with glossy eyes.
"If you got a family than why was you all in my please move." She said.
"You knew I had a family from jump, so don't act brand new." I told her. I moved her hair from her face and tilted her head up.
"Look...we can chill tonight...iight" I told her. I caressed her cheek and kissed her neck. She looked up at me and nodded her head.
"Ok" She lowly said. She went back out and I just stayed in my office going over paper work it was 12:30am. I decided to call Kelsey.
"Hey" She said. I heard Kellie crying.
"Why she crying?" I asked her.
"I'm giving her a bath, you know She dramatic" Kelsey said. I giggled.
"Yea just like you" I told her. She laughed.
"But you love it so that's all that matters....I'll call you back bae. Your daughter acting up" she said.
"Iight bae, give my two baby girls kisses. I love you" I told her.
"I love you too papi" She giggles before hanging up. That brought a smile to my face. She haven't called me Papi in years. I haven't called her Mami in years too. I looked at a picture of Kali, Kelsey, and Kellie on my lock screen. I love this pic. I looked at Kali and she's the spitting image of me and her mother. But when I look at Kellie, I don't see me in her. I hope I'm bugging but I'm not blind. She's too light, and she had none of my features. Yea she has my mothers eye color but still. Since I was in jail for 9 months than had to go to New York for probation, I'm wondering if Kels fucked around on me and got pregnant. Is that why she waited so long to tell me she was pregnant. I'm tearing shit up if she ever cheated and Kellie isn't mine. Kelsey ain't that type of female but people change. I slammed my fist on the table getting mad just thinking bout it. I never been the type of deny my baby but I just have my doubts. I don't think Kellie is mine.

***sorry for any mistakes or misspelling. I didn't proofread!! Enjoy!!!

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